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All shrubs like the  Natchez White Crepe Myrtle is a beautiful flowering plant that exhibits lovely white blooms for you to enjoy from June through to September. A truly spectacular tree with striking clusters of flowers, many other attractive features are worth mentioning. The glossy, dark green foliage, which is a dramatic contrast to the delicate white blooms of summer, changes to a reddish-orange shade in the fall. When the delicate clusters of flowers have said their farewells to summer, they also change, yielding to an earthy, brown-toned fruit Even the bark is showy, and it peels off in layers very similar to the layers of birch trees..

Originally from Asia, this extraordinary tree is now naturalized in the southeastern part of the United States. More than any other type of crepe myrtle, however, this one is also highly resistant to powdery mildew and aphids. That is good news for professional gardeners but also those just starting. It is challenging to treat most diseases caused by powdery mildew successfully.

Another positive selling point of this tree is that it is naturally resistant to breakage. As a result, it requires very little pruning to encourage the growth of a sturdy structure. If you prune in late winter or early spring before new summer growth. It is much easier to see the tree's natural shape then and which branches need removing. Even though this particular myrtle prefers rich, moist soil, it is very adaptable, and it accepts clay and alkaline soils very well. It looks impressive in a large area, but it can grow in limited soil spaces.

That makes it an excellent choice for adding drama and beauty to urban areas, parking lots, and other small pavement cutouts .In short, if you want a tree that is showy all summer long, hardy against diseases and aphids, resistant to breakage, easy to tend, and drought-tolerant, then this plant is an excellent choice. 

Bald Cypress Shrubs and Its Traits:

Bald Cypress is thought to be more of a swampy bog tree, contrary to that is the ability of this tree to withstand drought conditions. This deciduous conifer makes a perfect home for many wildlife species in its massive size. The flowers that exist on this plant is a faded brownish color, not complimenting the diverse leaves of the large tree. You can see this pyramidal-shaped tree making its landscape placement perfect for privacy rows or barrier screens. The speed of growth that this tree possesses at nearly two and a half feet a year will provide that screen in record time, making this plant an excellent landscape choice for those wanting fast results.

Bald Cypress Shrubs Landscaping Potential

That being a solid and durable species of trees, it has the great potential to help rehabilitate and refurbish many areas around lakes and streams. It has also been known to help serve those needing mosquito control as added shading and a living canopy. The ornamental potential for this tree that was only considered a swamp tree is tremendous. Its unique leaf or needle appearance makes a beautiful accent for any landscaping design.

Bald Cypress Trees Ever Growing Adaptability

Since it has been found for centuries in swampy areas, this tree has begun to make its way into the Northern United States in locations such as Milwaukee, proving once again that it can adapt well to different climates and soil conditions.

Bald Cypress Trees and Its Fun Facts

These trees loses its needles in the fall, opposite the average deciduous conifer family of trees. As those feathery-like needles prepare to fall from the tree, they turn an excellent orange shade of color. This tree has made such impressions on the past that poetry and prose have been composed, listing its many attributes and majestic qualities.

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