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10 Hummingbird Plants Package
10 Hummingbird Plants Package
Hummingbird Plant Package (10 Plants)  Hummingbird Plant Package: Do you love to watch busy little hummingbirds when they visit your garden? The TN Nursery Hummingbird Plant Package can help you provide an even better ecosystem for your tiny feathered friends.  When you order the Hummingbird Plant Package from TN Nursery, you will receive ten hand-selected perennials that will thrive in your area. Our packages are highly customized, hand-selected upon order, and will include ONLY plants that will flourish in your USDA hardiness zone.  Typical Selections for the Hummingbird Plant Package  Each Hummingbird Plant Package includes ten plants with showy and bright flowers that hummingbirds cannot resist. No two packages are alike, and your selections might vary from these examples. However, we want to illustrate some typical examples.  Daylily: Hummingbirds love daylily flowers for their elongated shape--perfect for drawing nectar! You might receive cheerful yellow Stella De Oro or ruby-colored Red Baja daylily selections. Trumpet Vine: This fast-growing vine is excellent on a trellis or arbor. It's an ideal way to add height to your hummingbird garden. Besides the attractive orange-colored flowers and sweet nectar, the trumpet vine grows dense foliage to give hummingbirds a way to escape predators. Butterfly Bush: Don't let the name fool you--hummingbirds find the mauve, lavender, or purple flowering butterfly bush highly attractive. It grows in many USDA zones and is drought-tolerant. Butterfly Weed: Because of their long but slender beaks, hummingbirds love slim, elongated flowers like tubular flowers. This plant is a customer favorite--the best-seller at TN Nursery. Jewelweed: We like to include the jewelweed because it's hardy in most American growing zones, blossoming until the first frost. These late blooms provide nectar for hummingbirds later into the season.  Order Your Hummingbird Plant Package From TN Nursery Today  Growing a hummingbird garden is easier than you think. The TN Nursery Hummingbird Plant Package provides ten easy-care plants that attract these tiny creatures to your backyard. You'll feed your local flock natural nectar instead of sugar water to ensure their health. Order yours today.
10 Real Acorns
10 Real Acorns
Acorns - Package of 10  Acorns are the fruit or nuts from several species of the oak tree family. Are you crafty or an avid home decorator? Then you will understand how versatile acorns are in crafting and home decorating. They have a lovely, organic feel that warms up your interior decorating projects. While most associate them with autumn, they are appropriate year-round.  Why TN Nursery Customers Cannot Get Enough of Our Beautiful Acorns  Our customers come back and order TN Nursery acorns over and over again. Here's why:  They enjoy the warm tonal quality of our acorns. We ship acorns in pleasing hues of gold, amber, light brown, or deep brown. Our team will only include the most beautiful colors in your package. We curate the acorns by hand, inspecting each for quality as we fulfill your order. Our staffers will personally look for acorns of a generous size. However, they will also reject nuts with cracks, broken caps, or splits. If they do not meet our exacting standards, we do not send them to our customers.  How to Use Acorns in Home Decorating and Crafting  Here are four gorgeous ways to decorate or make crafts featuring the natural beauty of acorns:  Put a large vase of acorns on display: Fill a tall vase with acorns and make them a central focal point. This display will look charming in front of a mirror or on a shelf on an accent table. Create a year-round wreath: Make a year-round, seasonless wreath by hot gluing greenery and acorns to a wreath form. You can wire in accents of seasonal flowers for color and change them out during the year. Craft an acorn tabletop piece: Glue acorns around small diameter candle form. You can use any greenery and just a few acorns for accents. Or you can add many, packed tightly, to make them the main focal point of the piece. Tuck a candle in the middle and display it on your dining table. Create acorn ornaments for holiday gift-giving: Thread the caps acorns with an upholstery needle and thin, clear fishing line. Then dip the acorns into clear craft glue, rolling them in metallic or colorful glitter. After shaking off the excess glitter, drop them into tissue paper and a tiny gift bag for an affordable, adorable gift.  Order Your Pack of 10 Acorns From TN Nursery Today Acorns are perfect for crafting or home decorating projects during any season. Order your set of ten from TN Nursery and squeeze those creative juices. 
10 Water Garden Plants
Water Garden Package of 10 Water-Loving Plants Water Garden Package: TN Nursery is pleased to present a water garden package, complete with ten healthy, water-loving plants, to our customers. If you have a water garden or koi pond on your property, you know this unique feature is worth your time and attention. Adding the best water garden plants for your growing zone adds value and charm; it also adds value to the mini-ecosystem your pond creates. But what plants are necessary? You might ask yourself that question. TN Nursery takes the guesswork out of the equation. Our experienced horticulturists will custom assemble--just for you--a water garden package with ten plants that will flourish in your particular area. When you order, we take note of your USDA growing zone, which helps us decide which species we will select for your water garden package. Please place your order with complete confidence in our experience. We will take care of the rest. Water Garden Package Might Include Here are a few plants that might come in your water garden package--remember these are representative, but your particular selection may vary. Water Lily Pads: Lily pads are a charming, classic addition to a pond or water garden. They camouflage your fish, protecting them from predators, and have lovely flowers that add a vibrant touch of color. Water Willow: This lovely plant has colorful flowers that bloom in the shallow waters of your pond or along the banks. Bulrush: This aquatic plant grows in dense colonies in low waters. It often serves as a habitat for herons, egrets, or other water-loving birds. Cattails: Tall and classic, the cattail is easily identifiable for its lovely, large plumes that rise out of the water. Remember, your water garden package contains ten healthy plants, hand-selected to suit your local growing conditions. Our experts know what you need. Water Garden Package (10 Plants) is available today at TN Nursery Are you ready to enhance your pond with the best water garden plants? Place your order with TN Nursery today.
100 Elderberry Seedlings 1-2' - 85% Off
Elderberry Shrub  Elderberry , a deciduous, multi-stemmed, small tree, is a native species to the United States. Elderberry shrub is a hardy tree that flourishes across almost all contiguous 48 states. TN Nursery recommends this shrub to customers who want a species that is drought-tolerant, cold-tolerant, heat-tolerant, and agreeable. Elderberry produces edible fruits that some people harvest for personal use. However, many other gardeners leave the plump berries for the birds and wildlife to enjoy.  Besides "elderberry," the following are a few other common names that refer to this species:  American elder American elderberry Common elderberry Elder tree  The Elderberry Shrub Is Super Easy to Grow  This species grows in nature with no human intervention. You see them along ditch banks, on the south- or west-facing edges of woods, along light or utility lines, or in open fields. These spots represent their preference for full sunshine or a partially sunny location. When you plant your elderberry shrub, find a spot with the appropriate sunlight and recreate the woody material the species enjoys in the woods. Add a good handful of hardwood mulch, peat moss, compost, or leaf litter--it craves these woody materials. A young elderberry tree requires about one inch of water each week.  After strengthening and growing a little bit, your elderberry tree will become relatively carefree. It will demand nothing of you except water during an extended drought.  The Rustic Good Looks of the Elderberry Shrub  Elderberry shrubs are shrub-like and rounded in shape. They grow as high as twelve feet tall and might grow as wide.  Opposing, bright green compound leaves grow in clusters of seven to eleven leaflets. They are oval-shaped with a narrow tip, light to bright green, and up to six inches long. They have sharply serrated edges. In autumn, the leaves usually turn bright yellow to deep amber. They blossom profusely in late spring or early summer--many quarter-inch cream-colored flowers that occur in clusters produce fat, round, purple to black berries.  Order Your Elderberry Shrub From TN Nursery  If you want an easy-care plant that provides abundant berries for yourself or your feathered friends, TN Nursery suggests the elderberry shrub--order yours today. 
100 Sargent Crabapple 6-12" - 85% Off
Crabapple Tree Crabapple Tree: A TN Nursery favorite for its gorgeous blossoms in the middle of spring, the crabapple tree is a deciduous native tree growing in most USDA growing zones.  The size of a crabapple tree is ideal for a smaller yard, as it stays between twenty to thirty feet at maturity. The crabapple tree creates an attractive ornamental feature for a shade garden without overshadowing an entire yard.  Besides using the beautiful crabapple tree to establish a shade garden, many property owners plant several to line a driveway or define a property line. The uses for this tree are almost limitless.  The Crabapple Tree Requires Little Care  A crabapple tree is an easy-care option. It is a native of the American east coast's forested areas. It grows naturally in sunny clearings and meadows along the south- and west-facing wood lines near hardwood forests. It needs at least six hours of direct sunshine daily to flourish.  Consider those factors when you select a planting spot. You need lots of sunshine, quick drainage, and soil amended with generous amounts of organic woody materials. Once you give it those favorable growing conditions, your crabapple tree will thrive.  Besides that, you will do only routine care, including an inch of water weekly during hot or dry spells, occasional pruning to keep it shaped attractively, and feeding it some compost at least twice yearly. These few plant care steps will pay off in a few years as a vigorous tree with profuse, fragrant blossoms. The Crabapple Tree Is Enchanting in the Spring  The crabapple tree wakes up from the winter in the early to middle weeks of spring and begins the work of generating new growth. Fresh buds emerge to show off for the world by mid to late spring.  The star-shaped five-petal flowers measure just under two inches across. Although they are on the smallish size, they occur in abundance, lighting up the entire tree with color. Blossoms generally present as bright pink, but a few trees produce lighter, blush-pink flowers--both are stunning! Bees, butterflies, and other pollinators will alight on your tree--they find these bright flowers a valuable nectar source.  The tree trunk and brown are light brown, attractive, with a lightly scaled texture. The foliage forms an open crown shape, with light green, oval leaves with toothy edges and a pale green underside. Towards the end of summer, the tree bears crabapple fruits. Many people leave the fruit on the trees for local wildlife to enjoy during the cold winter months ahead.  Order Your Crabapple Tree From TN Nursery Today  The crabapple tree is a springtime beauty, but it also serves as shade for your yard in the summer heat and bears fruit to nourish birds, squirrels, and other forest friends. Please place your order with TN Nursery today. 
100 White Oak Seedlings 12-24" - 89% Off
White Oak Seedlings White Oak Seedling: Quercus alba, or the white oak seedlings, are a hardy, hardwood native species originating in the eastern United States. It grows well in most of the USDA growing zones.  White oak seedlings require careful consideration when planting. They need full sunshine or a partially-sunny spot. You must amend the soil with a generous amount of woody organic materials--it will thrive in planting mediums like shredded leaves, hardwood mulch, peat moss, or compost. Once it has a robust root system, it becomes drought-tolerant, heat-tolerant, and cold-tolerant.  Your White Oak Seedlings Will Grow to an Impressive Height When you look at your white oak seedlings, it can be hard to imagine, but your tree will grow enormous. They generally mature at approximately seventy to a hundred feet. However, the tallest white oak on record is a skyscraping 135 feet. The beautiful green canopy may spread as much as eighty feet across.  Your tree may enjoy an incredibly long life of three hundred years. Imagine what your white oak seedlings will look like when grown. The trunk will be light gray and have slight scaling. The bark will have shallow, attractive furrows once mature. It will produce its first acorns at around fifty years old.  Leaves will grow large as four inches in width and nine inches in length. Each glossy, bright green leaf will have a lighter underside, oval to an elliptical shape, even lobes, and a wedge-shaped base. Each autumn will bring a stunning amber, russet, and purple display.  Your White Oak Seedlings Will Become a Wildlife Refuge When Mature  When your white oak seedlings grow into a tree, they will play a vital role in your local system. The acorns will nourish chipmunks and squirrels. The leafy branches will provide a shady haven for birds to nest and raise their young. Bees, insects, and other pollinators will enjoy the shade on hot summer days.  Order Your White Oak Seedlings From TN Nursery Today  TN Nursery cultivates the healthiest white oak seedling you will find--order yours today.
5 Real Pinecones
Buy Fresh Harvested Real Pine Cones Today The holidays are coming, and we know you're looking for Christmas decor and other decorative items to prepare your home or office for the holidays. We have what you need at TN Nursery! Pine Cones Goes With all Holiday Decor Do you live in the North? This time of year, give your home a fresh, natural look with pine cones. Love a real natural Christmas? Consider adding pine cones to your family Christmas tree or tabletop decor. Whatever your needs are for the holiday season, we have just what you need here at TN Nursery! Need pine cones but don't have the time or know where to get them yourself? No problem! We offer a complete line of Tennessee Hills-harvested pine cones that we ship directly to your door. Trust TN Nursery to offer only the best pine cones, plants, and gardening supplies. Need Christmas decor? TN Nursery offers fresh pine cones, and we ship fast. Purchase pine cones from TN Nursery, and you'll get a quality product shipped to your door. Get your pine cones from TN Nursery, and you'll never have authentic yuletide Decor For Years To come. Order pine cones for your holiday tabletop and Christmas decor now! TN Nursery is here for all your holiday decor needs! TN Nursery is committed to providing only the best quality products for your pine cones and Christmas trees. We've supplied thousands of customers with premium products for over sixty years, and you can rest assured that our product will meet or exceed your expectations. Our product range includes live Christmas trees, fresh pine cones, Christmas Mistletoe topiaries, mosses, and more. Our products are of the highest quality and come shipped directly to you from the fields of Tennessee. Start shopping at TN Nursery to find a wide variety of premium products! We offer different price ranges so you can find what's best for your budget. Visit TN Nursery now to find your perfect holiday decor!
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6 Flowering Shrubs
$89.99 $149.00
6 Flowering Shrubs TN Nursery proudly presents our fantastic package of 6 flowering shrubs for an excellent value price. When you order this offer, we will hand-curate our expert selection The value does not stem only from the low price for the six flowering shrubs but also from the care and loves that you will receive in the selections. Our horticultural experts carefully hand-pick the plants to include in this package. Our specialist will custom-tailor a collection to grow in your USDA growing zone. When you order the package, the horticulturists will note your growing zone and get to work. They will include a variety that performs well in your local growing conditions, attract numerous pollinators to your garden, and stagger the bloom times for maximum impact. Consider TN Nursery as your plant shopper! What Selections We Might Include in the Flowering Shrubs Package TN Nursery cultivates over a hundred species at our central Tennessee facility. This package includes six flowering shrubs. Your package will suit your specific growing zone, but here are five species we love: ● Crepe Myrtle: Available in many colors, including pink, white, purple, and red, crepe myrtle grows well and in challenging conditions. This hardiness makes it one of our best-sellers. ● Hibiscus Syriacus: Beautiful shades of hibiscus include purple, pink, red, and white--we love adding this to packages for customers in warmer climates. ● Witch Hazel: This late-season bloomer adds showy splashes of yellow flowers--a welcome sight in the dreary days of late autumn. ● Lilac: Those in the appropriate growing zones may receive a lilac, a beautiful, fragrant, middle to late-spring bloomer that everyone loves. ● Butterfly Bush: The butterfly bush is a summertime classic, attracting excellent pollinators that benefit your garden. Expect to see butterflies, moths, bees, and hummingbirds if you receive this plant in your flowering shrubs package. Order Your Flowering Shrubs Package From TN Nursery Today The flowering shrubs package is an excellent opportunity to have a horticultural expert work as your shopper. We will pick your plants with the utmost care. Place your order with TN Nursery today.
Acorns - 25
Acorns - Package of 25 Acorns are the nut or fruit borne by many species of the oak tree family. Do you love to decorate your home with earthy decor and warm colors? Then you will enjoy decorating your entire home for the fall and winter seasons with the generously sized, richly colored acorns provided by TN Nursery. Why Do TN Nursery Customers Love to Decorate With Our Seasonal Acorns? Our customers purchase our acorns repeatedly for two reasons: They love the warm tones of our acorns. We ship acorns that are amber, gold, warm light brown, or rich brown in hue. We only include lovely items in your package. We select the acorns by hand, inspecting them as we fill your order. Our team will personally look for acorns with generous size. But they will also watch out for cracks, broken caps, and splits--rejecting any nuts that do not meet our high standards. If we would not use the acorns ourselves, we do not send them out. Four Fun Home and Craft Ideas Using Acorns Here are some inspiring ideas for decorating your house and crafting with the natural beauty of acorns: Add acorns to a decorative potpourri bowl: Who says potpourri should only include flowers and leaves? Drop in a few acorns to give your potpourri a fresh, fun fall look. Craft a wreath: Welcome visitors to your home for any season using seasonally-appropriate leaves and flowers but dress them up with the rich colors of acorns. Make an acorn candle ring for your tabletop: Glue acorns around a candle ring for a lovely organic element. You can use any greenery and just one or two acorns as accents. Or, you can "go nuts" and pack them close together, making them the main feature. Create acorn Christmas tree ornaments: Most associate acorns with autumn. But they actually drop from those tall oak trees into the early days of winter! Thread the caps carefully using an upholstery needle, dip the acorns in craft glue, roll them in metallic or colorful glitter, and shake off the excess. They are adorable and affordable to give to all your friends. Order Your Pack of 25 Acorns From TN Nursery Today Acorns are lovely for crafting or home decor at any time of the year. Order your set of 25 from TN Nursery and get those creative projects going.
Ajuga Reptans
Ajuga reptans (Bugleweed) Make your summer garden bloom with ajuga reptans! The ajuga reptans plant is an evergreen perennial with dark green leaves and deep blue flowers. This vibrant, eye-catching flower can thrive in any warm climate without much maintenance and makes a great addition to any garden.  No matter your gardening experience, you can easily add this beautiful flower to your home. The ajuga reptans plant will bring color to even the dullest gardens, adding depth and texture to your outdoor space. It's an ideal choice for those looking to spruce up their garden with minimal effort! Choose the ajuga reptans plant today – it'll make your garden bloom! Bugleweed: Do you need a fast-spreading groundcover plant for natural weed control? This plant is amazing with purple blooms in spring and summer. Ajuga reptans is a native plant to western Asia and Europe. Ajuga reptans will display a show of color in the mid-spring. That's when you will see tall spikes of vibrant purple flowers that will pop against your landscaping. The plant's flowers are tubular, with two unequal lips. Flowers are clustered along the stems and may reach eight or ten inches tall. As the flowers fade in the heat, the foliage becomes more prominent. Though its flowers are attractive, the foliage is the real star. During the warm days of the early to mid-spring, Ajuga reptans plants develop rich, dark green foliage. The greenery creates a mat of leaves, often forming attractive whorls. Later in the season, the leaves show off bronze and burgundy tones in autumn. Ajuga reptans Will Cover Your Ground Quickly Ajuga reptans perennials spread quickly. Each plant can extend as far as eighteen inches wide. The spread of bugleweed is similar to grass--it sends out several small stems that take root nearby and grow new plants. The significant and rapid growth of these new groundcover plants means you can quickly fill in a gardening bed. Once the bugleweed takes over, your weeds will be a distant memory. Although Ajuga reptans prefers shady to semi-shade growing conditions, it is a vigorous and resilient plant that can adapt to sunshine in most growing zones. This plant is also relatively maintenance-free if you plant it in a spot with reasonably good drainage. The plant might require minimal care, such as cutting back runners two or three times a year and cutting the flower spikes after they finish their show of blooms. This groundcover plant tolerates moist to moderately dry soil and has a centralized root system. Bugleweed is unfussy and grows in most soil conditions without much help from the gardener--this makes Ajuga reptans an ideal garden solution for anyone who wants a plant that will take over, choke out weeds, and remain carefree and beautiful for a long season. Ajuga reptans is available online at TN Nursery  Order your Ajuga reptans from TN Nursery--you will be on your way to spending less time weeding.