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Button Bush Live Stakes - Package of 25
Button Bush Live Stakes Button Bush Live Stakes: Cephalanthus occidentals, or buttonbush, is a North American native deciduous shrub. It grows well in mixed sun and shade in the moderately warm USDA plant hardiness zones. They are graceful and lovely shrubs with irregular, gently twisted, multi-stemmed trunks. In nature, they occur in consistently high-moisture soil or up to three feet of standing water. They are a common sight along partially shaded riverbanks, streams, swamps, or near small lakes. They need at least six hours of daily sunshine to produce their lovely white pom-pom flowers. They are relatively undemanding shrubs if you meet their water and sunlight demands. What Are Button Bush Live Stakes? Live staking is a process that allows an arborist or horticulturist to create new plants from cuttings. The horticulturist will use a sterile, sharp blade to cut a small stem--or live stake--from a healthy specimen. They quickly transplant those cuttings by sticking them directly into the ground, usually in a high-moisture environment. Once transplanted into that permanent location, they will develop roots and begin to grow. This process makes planting buttonbush plants very affordable when compared to purchasing seedlings. Button Bush Live Stakes Will Grow Into Lovely Shrubs With White Pom-Pom Flowers It can be hard to imagine when you look at the little button bush live stakes, but they will eventually grow into a lovely, almost twenty-foot-tall shrub. The green whorled leaves will grow in an opposing arrangement on the red-brown stems. They will be dark green and oval-shaped with a softly rounded tip. The leaves will grow as large as six inches long and two inches wide. The flowers will look like white pincushions--large, white, and pleasantly rounded. They will have petite, tubular-shaped petals and a wonderful fragrance. These lovely blossoms attract butterflies, bees, and birds. Order Your Button Bush Live Stakes From TN Nursery Today The horticulturist at TN Nursery has the experience and knowledge to precisely and healthily harvest button bush live stakes--order yours today with total confidence in our know-how.
Black Willow Stakes For Sale | Tn Nursery
Black Willow Stakes - Package of 25
Black Willow Live Stakes Black Willow Live Stakes: Salix nigra, the lovely black willow tree, is part of a larger family of deciduous shrubs and trees. This species grows fast, a hardy tree that will thrive in almost every USDA zone. This tree grows well from Maine south and west to Texas. Like most trees in its genus, the black willow prefers the full sun and consistently moist and fertile soils of bogs, swamps, marshes, ponds, river banks, and other wetter locations. Plant your black willow live stakes in a site that duplicates this environment. TN Nursery recommends the black willow live stakes for continuously wet soil customers, particularly with water erosion issues. It provides an effective remedy for eroding soil due to the sprawling and robust root system that helps stabilize soil in the most challenging conditions. What Is a Black Willow Live Stake? Live staking is a technique landscape professionals, and gardeners use to reforest, particularly along river edges. Live stakes are tree branches harvested by horticulturists during a dormant period and then planted into the soil immediately. They quickly start to sprout roots and grow into new trees. This technique usually happens in the late winter or early spring--but tree dormancy varies based on local weather conditions. The general rule of thumb is to place your black willow live stake in the exact spot you want to grow it as soon as the ground defrosts in the late winter or early spring. Your Black Willow Live Stakes Will Grow Into a Lovely Tree The name of the black willow refers to the tree's bark color--a deep brown that appears black. As the black willow live stake grows, it will develop a rough texture with well-defined grooves and scales. The branches will grow long, slim, and somewhat droopy. The tree's crown will become full, forming an attractive, slightly asymmetrical shape. Order Your Black Willow Live Stakes From TN Nursery Today Black willow live stakes are perfect for reforesting along a creek bed or around a pond. Place your order with TN Nursery today.
Hydrangea Arborescence Live Stakes - Package of 25
Hydrangea arborescens Live Stakes  Hydrangea aborescens Live Stakes: TN Nursery offers Hydrangea arborescens live stakes, an affordable way to add mass plantings of this lovely shrub to your garden.  Hydrangea arborescens enjoys wild popularity for its stunning snowy white flowers, hardiness, and ability to flourish in partially sunny locations.  Hydrangea arborescens live stakes are hardy, a North American native species originating in the east coast's wet woodlands.  What Is a Hydrangea arborescens Live Stake?  Live staking refers to a planting or reforestation method horticulturists use for planting large numbers of trees or shrubs.  The process starts when a horticulturist harvests shrub branches during a dormancy phase. Then, they immediately plant the cuttings (stakes) they gathered in the desired location, allowing the roots to take hold.  This procedure most often occurs in the late winter or early spring. However, shrub dormancy times change based on the local climate. A good rule of thumb is to install your Hydrangea arborescens live stakes as soon as the ground defrosts in the early spring.  The Graceful Good Looks of the Hydrangea arborescens Shrub  The Hydrangea arborescens is a coveted garden shrub due to its gorgeous, snow-white flowers.  Your Hydrangea arborescens live stakes look small now, but imagine the future appearance. Your live stakes will become a shrub; it grows tall and erect, reaching six feet tall and wide without pruning. Its leaves are dark green, glossy, and oval-shaped. The foliage provides the perfect backdrop for the summertime show of substantial white flowers.  The stems will be light brown and slim but sturdy enough to support the prominent pom-pom flower. The flowers will be impressive and measure about eight inches across. Those stunning blossoms will last for weeks, emitting a sweet floral scent and beautifying your garden.  Order Your Hydrangea arborescens From TN Nursery Today  Hydrangea arborescens is famous for its gorgeous flowers and adaptability across challenging growing conditions. Order your Hydrangea arborescens live stakes from TN Nursery today.
River Birch Live Stakes - Package of 25
River Birch Live Stakes River Birch Live Stakes: Betula nigra, or the familiar river birch, is a multi-trunked, medium-sized, lovely tree that is an Amerian native species from the eastern, central, and southern United States. These river birch live stakes flourish across the warmer USDA growing zones. They thrive in a hot, humid climate during the summertime and continuously moist soil. They will also bounce back from short dry spells regardless of that preference. If you experience a drought, you can assist your river birch tree by running a soaker hose to moisten the soil. In the wild, river birches flourish along river beds and flood plains. Consider those preferences when you plant your river birch live stakes. Find a partially sunny spot and amend the soil with peat moss, mulch, or compost to help promote health. River birch live stakes are ideal if you have a property with a pond, water garden, stream, or creek. What Is a River Birch Live Stake? Live staking is a technique utilized in managing reforestation and planting, especially along river banks. Live stakes are tree branches harvested during a dormant period and planted into the soil directly. They develop roots and grow into new trees. The process occurs in the late winter or early spring--but tree dormancy varies depending on local climate conditions. The best rule of thumb is to place your river birch live stake--precisely in the spot you want it to grow--as soon as the ground thaws after the winter. River Birch Live Stakes Grow Into a Graceful and Attractive Tree It is hard to imagine it when you see river birch live stakes, but they grow into graceful, multi-branched, elegant trees. The bark of the river birch tree is a lovely deep silvery color to light brown. River birch leaves are approximately two to four inches long and up to three inches wide. They alternate along the stems, with an oval shape and a distinct point. The river birch tree will produce light green, three-inch, cylindrical flowers during the early spring. Order Your River Birch Live Stakes From TN Nursery TN Nursery proudly cultivates the most robust river birch live stakes. We pack each plant fresh and ship quickly. Please place your order with us today.
Roughleaf Dogwood Live Stakes - Package of 25
Rough Dogwood Live Stakes  Rough Dogwood Live Stakes: Cornus drummondii live stakes, common name rough dogwood, are an ideal way to fill in high moisture, slow-draining landscapes with an attractive water-loving flowering shrub. TN Nursery recommends rough dogwood live stakes to help avoid soil erosion in any area that experiences water erosion resulting from occasional flooding. Additionally, rough dogwood live stakes are fantastic near a pond or water garden. Besides minimizing soil erosion, rough dogwood live stakes will grow into lovely shrubs with snowy clusters of white flowers in the spring and produce small berries for birds.  Rough dogwoods are a North American native species from the woodland streams and swampy regions of the eastern and central United States. They are drought-tolerant, heat-tolerant, disease-resistant, pest-resistant, and compaction-tolerant. They strongly prefer a blend of full sun and shade. What Are Rough Dogwood Live Stakes?  Live stakes refer to the cuttings of a shrub or tree that you plant directly in the ground. Here's how this process works.  An arborist or horticulturist will use a sterile tool to select branches from a shrub or tree, generally during dormancy. The cutting, aka the stake, goes directly into the ground in its permanent location. It develops roots over time, strengthens, and grows into a lovely flowering shrub.  For many plants, this planting process occurs during the early spring before buds emerge. But some, like rough dogwood live stakes, are adaptable and tolerate it almost any time of the year.  Rough Dogwood Live Stakes Grow Into an Easy-Care Flowering Shrub  Rough dogwood seedlings will produce charming flowering shrubs. It will reach a full-grown height of around twelve to fifteen feet and a broad canopy of about equal size.  As the small live stakes become shrubs, the leaves are approximately three inches long and form an opposing pattern along the stems. The leaves will be rich and glossy green.  The flowers will light up springtime with their snowy white blooms, combining multiple tiny, four-petaled flowers into impressive clusters. Order Your Rough Dogwood Live Stakes From TN Nursery Today  TN Nursery has a team of nursery experts who can cut the healthiest rough dogwood live stakes for your pond or rain garden. Order from us today.   
Red Maple Live Stakes - Package of 25
Red Maple Live Stakes Red Maple Live Stakes offer TN Nursery customers an exceptionally affordable way to cultivate Acer rubrum or red maple trees. The species is an American native deciduous tree species that will flourish in almost every USDA zone. What Are Red Maple Live Stakes? The term live stake refers to a horticulture technique often used by professionals and home gardeners to reforest or plant larger quantities of trees. Live staking starts when a horticultural expert harvests tree branches during a dormancy period. Then, they immediately plant the stakes they gathered in a permanent location, allowing the roots to establish. This process typically happens in the late winter or early spring; however, tree dormancy times vary based on local weather. Generally, you would plant your red maple live stakes as soon as possible after the ground defrosts in the early spring. Where to Plant Your Red Maple Live Stakes Red maple live stakes are relatively easy to care for. Find a full-sun or partially sunny site with at least six hours unfiltered daylight. Your red maple live stakes need soil well-amended with organic material. Work mulch, peat moss, organic compost, or shredded leaves into the planting area. Keep mulch around the red maple live stakes. After the roots strengthen, the red maple live stakes need about an inch of water weekly, especially during the summer. Once it grows into a seedling, the plant becomes drought-resistant and demands less care. Your Red Maple Live Stakes Will Become an Impressively Large Tree It might be challenging to visualize how enormous your red maple tree seedlings will become. Red maple trees can reach as high as 120 feet tall and have a 50-foot broad crown. Even the trunk can grow to a whopping six-foot diameter at maturity. Once mature, the early days of spring will produce impressive clusters of scarlet flowers with a pleasant fragrance. The earliest leaves will open--soft green--then deepen in hue to dark, rich green. Leaves will become three-lobed and large. In late summer, the foliage will change from green to a vibrant red tone, giving your red maple tree live stakes their name. Order Your Red Maple Tree Seedlings From TN Nursery Today Red maple live stakes will mature into impeccable specimens at maturity. Order your live stakes from TN Nursery today.
Silver Maple Live Stakes - Package of 25
Silver Maple Live Stakes  Silver Maple Live Stakes, Acer saccharinum, or the silver maple live stakes, are a deciduous American native tree that grows in almost every USDA growing zone. TN Nursery offers silver maple live stakes as an alternative for customers who invest in large-scale landscape or reforestation efforts.  Landscapers, conservationists, and gardeners all love the silver maple tree for its rapid growth, stately size, and abundant foliage and shade. It thrives in either a full or partially sunny site.  Silver maple live stakes mature into a resilient native tree. They are compaction-tolerant, cold-tolerant, heat-tolerant, drought-tolerant, disease-resistant, and pest-resistant. They love high-moisture soil, even wet clay, that can hinder the development of less hardy trees.  What Are Silver Maple Live Stakes?  Live stakes refer to a propagation technique in which a horticulturist or arborist removes a tree branch during winter dormancy. These cuttings are the silver maple live stakes. After the spring thaw, the stake must go into its permanent new home as soon as possible. The live stakes will sprout roots there, strengthening and growing into a tree.  Silver Maple Live Stakes Require Very Little Care  Silver maple live stakes demand heavy moisture but dislike having wet feet. In the native forest, this species grows best next to marshes, alongside riverbeds, and in flood zones. Despite a penchant for moisture, this resilient tree will become drought-tolerant as it matures.  Silver maple live stakes have a second need--a generous helping of woody organic materials upon planting. Please give them a big scoop of peat moss, woody mulch, or another nitrogen-rich fertilizer or compost.  Besides these two requests, your silver maple live stakes need little else from you.  Silver Maple Live Stakes Will Become a Stunning Tree  Silver maple live stakes can grow up to six feet per growing season. Although it's challenging to envision, let's look at the future of your life's stakes. Those silver maple live stakes can eventually reach around eighty feet and feature a dense, round canopy that provides plentiful shade. After you grow your silver maple live stakes, you'll also see where it gets its common name from--the silvery white underside of the emerald green, five-lobed leaves. Order Your Silver Maple Live Stakes From TN Nursery Today  TN Nursery staff will send your silver maple lives stakes fresh to ensure the best results. Please place your order today.