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Shade Ferns are perfect in those areas where little else will grow

Shade Ferns offers a stunning collection of plants that bring natural beauty and a touch of tranquility to your indoor and outdoor spaces. Our plants provide a refreshing ambiance and a sense of serenity with their lush foliage and graceful fronds. Whether you want to revitalize your living room, create an enchanting garden, or add a soothing touch to your...

Shade Ferns are perfect in those areas where little else will grow

Shade Ferns offers a stunning collection of plants that bring natural beauty and a touch of tranquility to your indoor and outdoor spaces. Our plants provide a refreshing ambiance and a sense of serenity with their lush foliage and graceful fronds. Whether you want to revitalize your living room, create an enchanting garden, or add a soothing touch to your office, These plants have the perfect variety to meet your needs. Let's explore the wonderful world of Ferns and discover why they are the ideal choice for any plant enthusiast.

1. Superior Quality and Variety:
We source our plants from trusted nurseries and growers, ensuring each plant is healthy, vibrant, and ready to thrive in its new environment. Our collection boasts various ferns, from classic favorites to unique and rare specimens. From the famous Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata) to the delicate Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum), we offer a diverse selection that caters to every plant lover's preferences.

The beauty of Shade Ferns lies in their exquisite aesthetics

2. Exquisite Aesthetics:

Our plants add elegance to any setting with their feathery fronds and vibrant green hues. Whether you're aiming for a tropical paradise, a serene Zen garden, or a modern minimalist interior, our ferns effortlessly blend in and elevate the overall visual appeal. Their graceful arching leaves and delicate textures create an eye-catching display, capturing the essence of natural beauty in a way few other plants can.

3. Versatile Indoor and Outdoor Plants:
They are highly adaptable, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. These plants thrive in low-light conditions in indoor settings, making them ideal for spaces with limited access to direct sunlight. Whether it's a shady corner in your living room, a well-lit bathroom, or a cozy office space, our ferns will flourish and bring life to your interior decor. Outdoor plants are excellent for shaded areas such as covered patios, balconies, or gardens under trees. They provide a lush backdrop and can be used to create enchanting woodland gardens or as accents in larger landscaping projects.

One of the most significant advantages of Shade Ferns is their low maintenance requirements

4. Low Maintenance:
They are generally hardy and resilient plants that can thrive with minimal care. They are well-suited for busy individuals or those new to gardening. Our plants will reward you with the right conditions and care with their enduring beauty. Regular watering, adequate humidity, and indirect light are all necessary to keep your ferns healthy and thriving. Our team of experts is available to provide comprehensive care guides and answer any questions to ensure your plants receive the best care possible.

5. Health Benefits:
Besides their aesthetic appeal, these Ferns offer several health benefits. Like other houseplants, these perennials purify the air by filtering out toxins and releasing oxygen. They help improve indoor air quality by reducing pollutants and increasing humidity, which can alleviate respiratory issues and create a more comfortable living or working environment. They have also been associated with stress reduction and a sense of well-being, making them perfect for creating a tranquil sanctuary in your home or office.

6. Unique Gift Ideas:
They make excellent gifts for plant enthusiasts and nature lovers. Whether you're celebrating a housewarming, a birthday, or a special occasion, our ferns are thoughtful presents that will be appreciated for years.

10 Benefits of This Plant: Enhancing Your Space with Natural Elegance and Health

1. Air Purification: Like other houseplants, they purify the air by filtering out toxins and releasing oxygen. They help remove harmful pollutants and improve indoor air quality, creating a healthier living or working environment.

2. Humidity Regulation: They are natural humidifiers. They release moisture through their leaves, increasing humidity in dry indoor spaces. It can be particularly beneficial during the winter or in arid climates, as it helps prevent dry skin and respiratory discomfort and even reduces the likelihood of static electricity.

3. Stress Reduction: The presence of plants has been linked to stress reduction and improved mental well-being. Studies have shown that being around greenery and connecting with nature can help lower blood pressure, reduce stress levels, and enhance overall mood and productivity. Incorporating ferns into your living or workspace can create a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

4. Natural Décor Element: With their lush foliage and graceful fronds, Shade Ferns add a touch of natural elegance to any space. Whether you place them in your living room, bedroom, office, or patio, their vibrant green hues and delicate textures create a visually appealing and soothing ambiance. Ferns blend well with various interior design styles, from modern to bohemian, adding a touch of freshness and beauty to your surroundings.

5. Versatile Placement: They thrive in low-light conditions, making them ideal for spaces with limited access to direct sunlight. They are well-suited for indoor areas such as hallways, bathrooms, or corners away from windows. Outdoor plants flourish in shaded areas such as covered patios, balconies, or gardens under trees. Their adaptability allows you to incorporate them into various locations, expanding your greenery and plant placement options.

6. Low Maintenance: These perennials are generally low-maintenance plants, requiring minimal care. They are forgiving and can tolerate occasional neglect. These plants will thrive and maintain beauty with proper watering, adequate humidity, and indirect light. It makes them suitable for busy individuals or those new to gardening, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of indoor or outdoor greenery without the stress of high maintenance.

7. Natural Sound Absorption: These plants' dense foliage and layered fronds act as natural sound absorbers, helping to reduce noise levels in your space. Whether the hustle and bustle of a busy office or the street sound outside your home, ferns create a quieter and more peaceful atmosphere, allowing you to focus, relax, or unwind.

8. Enhanced Privacy: The lush and voluminous growth of Shade Ferns can serve as natural screens or privacy barriers in your outdoor space. By strategically placing ferns along a fence, balcony, or patio, you can create a secluded and intimate area, shielding yourself from prying eyes or undesirable views. Enjoy the tranquility and seclusion that ferns provide while adding a touch of greenery to your surroundings.

9. Educational and Interactive: This plant offers a unique opportunity for educational experiences and interaction, particularly for families with children or for educational institutions. Observing ferns' growth and life cycle can be a fascinating learning experience, teaching children about nature, botany, and the importance of caring for living things. Engaging with ferns and participating in their care can foster a sense of responsibility and appreciation for the environment.

10. Longevity: These plants are known for longevity, making them a wise investment for long-term enjoyment. They can thrive and remain a beautiful part of your space with proper care for many years.

Dominant Tips to Maintain This Plant: Ensuring Longevity and Beauty for Years to Come

They are not only visually stunning but also relatively low-maintenance plants. Here are some valuable tips to help you maintain your Shade Ferns and enjoy their beauty for years:

1. Light Requirements:
These plants prefer indirect or filtered light. While they can tolerate low light conditions, providing them with brightness is essential. Place your plant in areas that receive dappled or filtered sunlight, such as near east-facing or north-facing windows. If growing outdoors, choose shaded spots like covered patios, balconies, or under trees.

2. Adequate Watering:
Generally, water your fern when the top inch of the soil feels slightly dry.

3. Humidity Considerations:
They thrive in humid environments, mimicking their natural habitat. Increasing humidity around your ferns can help maintain their health and vibrant appearance. Alternatively, you can use a humidifier or regularly mist the foliage with room-temperature water to provide the necessary moisture.

4. Temperature and Environment:
Avoid exposing them to extreme temperature fluctuations, drafts, or hot/cold air vents. They are sensitive to temperature changes, and sudden shifts can cause stress or damage to the foliage.

5. Soil and Potting:
Choosing suitable soil and potting containers is essential for the overall health of your plants. Ferns prefer well-draining soil that retains some moisture without becoming waterlogged. A high-quality potting mix explicitly formulated for ferns or a blend of peat moss, perlite, and organic matter (such as compost) works well.

6. Fertilization:
These perennial plants benefit from regular fertilization to ensure proper growth and foliage development. Use a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer designed for ferns or general-purpose houseplant fertilizer. Reduce or suspend fertilization during winter when the fern's growth slows down.

7. Pruning and Grooming:
Pruning and grooming your plant promotes a tidy appearance and encourages new growth. Remove any yellow or brown fronds regularly, as they can drain energy from the plant. Trim away damaged or diseased foliage using clean, sharp scissors or pruning shears. Gently dust the leaves periodically to keep them clean and free from dust particles that can hinder photosynthesis.

These plants thrive in fully shaded areas.  These plants are famous for use in a shade garden and well-suited for full or partially shady locations. While most of these plants work best in the shade, others can tolerate some filtered sun. The key to success is recognizing the difference and selecting the species that will thrive in your USDA plant hardiness zone and the light conditions of your yard.

TN Nursery offers a great variety of ferns for shade and partial shade. While you shop on our website, we help you by automatically suggesting the species that will flourish in your growing zone. 

What Are the Best Ferns for Shade?

TN Nursery offers the following species for your shade garden:

  • Walking fern: This plant is a beautiful, hardy species with glossy, thin leaves with lovely crimped edges. They are best in planting zones 4 through 9.
  • Wood fern: Also called the leatherwood fern, this species grows in full or partial shade. It has long, thin leaves with a unique blue-green color. The leaves have a leathery-looking texture. Grow this in USDA zones 3 through 8.
  • Maidenhair fern: This shade or partial-shade plant does best in growing zones 3 through 8. It has smaller, thin, and dainty-looking leaves that look hair-like.
  • Lady fern: This delicate, soft green plant has a delicate look, but looks are deceptive. It's incredibly hardy and can withstand either full shade or partially shady conditions in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 through 8.
  • Hay-scented fern: This plant is on the smaller side and emits a heavenly fresh hay fragrance if you break open its leaves and release its essential oil. It is a new, lovely spring green. It can thrive in partial to full shady conditions in planting zones 3 through 8.
  • Bracken fern: Most people can quickly identify this plant by its foliage--large, triangular fronds grow in a plume that can reach four feet high. They perform best in shady or partial-shade conditions in planting zones 3 to 11--the wide temperature range makes it one of the most commonly spotted ferns for shade in the United States.

TN Nursery Sells a Wide Variety of the Best Ferns for Shade

TN Nursery is a leading provider of the healthiest bare-root plants. We have seventy years of industry experience--shop with complete confidence in our knowledge. As you browse, feel free to connect if you have additional questions.

TN Nursery has shade ferns for all zones. Our prices are affordable, and shipping is too. We ship our native ferns out fast. Are you looking to create more Shade in the garden in your home or office? Because these plants are relatively easy to take care of, they are a great choice to help you create plenty of Shade in your garden at home.

Ferns For Shade: Best Sellers:

1. Walking Fern

2. Leatherwood Fern

3. Maidenhair Fern

4..Hay Scented Fern