California Privet



March April



California Privet

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California Privet



March April


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California Privet Ligustrum ovalifolium

California Privet: Ligustrum ovalifolium, or California privet, is a hardy evergreen shrub with bright green foliage made up of broad, oval leaves. TN Nursery recommends this plant for people in moderate USDA planting ones in need of a beautiful, easily managed hedge.

The California privet is a native Japanese species. However, it is beloved by gardeners in the United States and widely used in warmer locales, such as California and the Gulf Coast region, from east Texas to North Florida. It loves these areas' warm, humid conditions and is drought-tolerant in areas with water restrictions.

Wonderful Uses for California Privets in the Landscape

California privet requires full or partial sun, fast-draining soil, and fertile soil. If you meet those demands, you will have an easy-care plant that you can use in many applications. Here are how some TN Nursery customers use this species in their landscape designs:

  • Privacy hedge: The California privet can reach up to fifteen feet at maturity. This height is excellent for protecting your privacy. Some use this around a deck, hot tub, or pool.
  • Urban garden: Because the California privet can serve as a taller hedge, it can also help buffer street noise. Many install it around urban gardens or multi-family dwellings to help with improving noisy conditions.
  • Boundary-marking hedge: Mark your property with a low California privet hedge. You can trim back the greenery to four or five feet with no problem--the privet doesn't mind.
  • Border planting: Use California privet in your garden border, snipping it back to your desired height.

The Lovely and Lush Look of California Privet

California privet is lovely, with dense, bright green evergreen leaves. Most grow this shrub for its year-round color. Its leaves are opposing on the sturdy brown stems and oval. The privet bounces back and fills in beautifully after you prune or shape it.

Order Your California Privet From TN Nursery Today

TN Nursery recommends the California privet for gardeners who need an evergreen hedge that will be beautiful and drought-tolerant. Please place your order with us today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Privet Plants

Ordered 4 of two different kinds of Privet - all 8 were tied together with one label "Privet" so I have no idea which is which. They look like healthy bare-root canes - just hope there will be some variation in the foilage prior to planting so I know which ones are going where (wanted some taller, some shorter). Fast shipment and still had ice in the bag.

Shipping and delivery

Good service and good condition of the bare root shrubs. The fifth star depends on how well it does in the spring.

Maddie Irving
Wonderful privacy hedge

Wonderful privacy hedge around my yard it keeps out wild animals and it’s very safe around children no splinters

Lisa St George
Privet Plant

Too early to tell - just planted them. Came in good condition though. Disappointed that I paid double the price of what they now sell for though/

Brian Bigsby
Privet Plants

These look great out in front of the house.