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Terrarium Plant Kit

Terrarium Plant Kit

Our Terrarium Plant Kit has a large assortment of fresh turkey tails, rocks, lichens, mosses, and plants you can not buy elsewhere online, and we guarantee it. These hills and mountains are a rich land full of exotic things you can not go out and buy, like lichens, mosses, fossils, odd rocks, and things that Bailey knows would make an excellent addition to any terrarium. She collects each kit, especially for the order placed with items that will do well even in ecospheres. These are terrarium plants only, the kit does not come with the container Jars. Often, it contains lichens, fresh live moss, turkey tail, rocks, Mitchella repens, and running cedar. The items are wild-collected by Bailey, and she takes great pride in her horticultural skills, containing only the highest-quality plants for the kit. Our kit is the price of one item in stores, and we guarantee you won't like it; you will love it! What's impressive is that Bailey chooses each kit by hand. Bailey studied plant science in school and knows what's hot and what's not! We've never had one complaint about our terrarium plant packages other than someone unable to order ten at a time. Container Not Included Plants Only Please do not order over five kits because she works in the warehouse and spends her evenings and weekends collecting rare treasures for these kits. We always have limited quantities of these plants. It is plants only, no container. In today's fast-paced and urbanized world, finding tranquility and peaceful relaxation with nature can be challenging. However, TN Nursery's terrarium garden kit offers a unique opportunity to create a serene oasis right at home, thanks to the assortment of freshly dug plants from the hills of Tennessee. Investing in terraria can bring ty of the outdoor world into your home. Each is designed to be a miniature world you can prune, hone, and shape into whatever you want. After filling the container with the soil, rocks, and moss included in your set, you can add the greenery and ornamental items you love. Over time, you can gradually change your selections to create a more unique space. Create Your Ecosystem With Terrarium Plant Kit This type of set is designed to be its ecosystem. The glass has a sealed cover, so water and air remain inside the container. When you buy it, you can create it so it is completely sealed or open to the elements. Popular Terrarium Plant Kit Options Many different items can be placed in it. Often, people like to include moss, ferns, baby tears, bark, rocks, pinecones, ground pine, and turkey berries. In addition to adding unique greenery, you can customize your glass container by picking specific stones, statues, and decorative items to place inside. For example, many people like to put amethyst, turquoise, and other stones into their own. Place Your Terrarium Plant Kit Container Indoors and Outdoors When most people think of Terrarium Plant Kit, they think of a large glass jar on their coffee table. While these containers are typically placed inside your house, you don’t have to limit yourself to an interior location. If you put the container outside, you can leave it open to the elements so it doesn’t overheat during the day. Your Terrarium Plant Kit can be unique. While specific decorative items, rocks, soil, and greenery are included in each set, you are not required to use the items your set comes with. Instead, you can get creative. Many people customize them by using items they find on their daily walks. If you are hiking in the woods, you can pick up unique types of moss or precious stones. Once you find a particular item you want to include, you can always rearrange your container to place it inside.

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Miracle Grow Single Packs - Enhance Growth and Vibrance 400%

Miracle Grow Single Packs - Enhance Growth and Vibrance 400%

1 Pack Will Fertilize one tree or shrub.1 Pack Will Fertilize Upto 3 Perennials, Vines or 2 Ferns. Miracle-Gro Watering Can Singles is a product that mixes with water to make plant feeding easy and convenient. Here are some key features and benefits of this product: Convenient, Pre-Measured Packets: The product comes in pre-measured packets, which means you don't need to measure the right amount of plant food each time you want to feed your plants. This convenience eliminates the mess associated with traditional plant feeding methods. Enhance Vibrance & Growth By 400% With Miracle Grow Quick, No-Mess Way to Feed: The pre-measured packets dissolve quickly in water, providing a no-mess way to feed your plants. This is particularly useful for indoor and outdoor gardening to avoid spillage or over-feeding. Feed Every 1-2 Weeks: The product is formulated for regular feeding, typically recommended every 1-2 weeks. Miracle Grow Gives The Perfect Amount Every Time This consistent feeding schedule ensures that your plants receive a steady supply of essential nutrients to support their growth. Promotes Growth: Miracle-Gro Watering Can Singles contain crucial nutrients that start working instantly when applied to your plants. This rapid action promotes quick and healthy plant growth, helping them thrive. Grows Plants Twice to 3 times as Big With Miracle Grow According to the product description, when used as directed, Miracle-Gro Watering Can Singles can result in plants growing twice as big compared to unfed plants. This suggests that the nutrient-rich formula can significantly impact the size and health of your plants. In summary, this product offers a convenient and effective way to nourish your plants, with the added benefit of promoting robust growth. It's suitable for any plant and popular among gardeners looking for an easy-to-use plant food solution.

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Live moss decor is the ultimate plant for the gardener who wants to bring the outside in. Whether you live in an apartment or just can't get enough plants, this low-maintenance solution will fit practically any space. The moss bundles from TN Nursery have been carefully selected for the best possible growing experience. Offering long-lasting growth, beautiful color, and disease-resistant qualities, they're an excellent choice for first-time gardeners and experienced growers alike.

Have you heard the word about moss for your home? It's not just about its visual appeal. This incredibly versatile plant adapts to various situations for art, vivariums, or air purification. Gardeners have fallen in love with moss because it lends itself well to indoor planting. It's incredibly forgiving in various situations, even if you're an unconfident gardener.

Utilizing Live Moss Decor

Moss looks beautiful in terrariums and other enclosed growing mediums. With proper care and maintenance, some terrariums last decades. It's a stellar option for newer gardeners. Have you never cared for an indoor plant before? You should start your journey with moss. Live moss bundles from TN Nursery come with multiple mosses to test your skills. We handpick a selection of our best and brightest cultivars and then ship them to your home as quickly as possible.

Live Moss Decor Species to Use 

There are more than 12,000 species of moss worldwide, dozens of which we stock at TN Nursery.

Here are a few favorites you might find in your decor bundle:

  • Carpet moss: This beautiful, almost velvety plant thrives in damp environments. It looks great in pots or low-rise bowls, where its unique texture can really flourish.
  • Mood moss: Another velvety species known for its mounding qualities, it looks beautiful in glass vivariums. You may want to add a few rocks or stones to create some visual interest and texture.
  • Cushion moss: Cushion moss looks precisely the way its name implies. It's also well-known for its air purification qualities, making it the perfect fit for any room.

Are you worried your moss will not grow? With TN Nursery, you don't have to be. All your moss purchases come with a 100% growing warranty, which means we will refund your plant if it fails to thrive.

Shop Live Moss Decor From TN Nursery

Who said indoor plants had to be complicated? You can upgrade your space in minutes with live moss bundles from TN Nursery.