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Terrarium Garden Kit
Terrarium Garden Kit
Terrarium Garden Kit Cultivating plants in a terrarium is a rewarding and relaxing hobby that many around the country enjoy. People who take up terrariums as a hobby say the connection with nature makes them feel calmer. Growing these miniature plants adds organic texture to your home and helps cleanse the air of impurities. However, some people have difficulty deciding what to grow in their miniature gardens. Fortunately, TN Nursery can help you get started with a Terrarium Garden Kit that will give you several must-have elements. Our kit is unlike any that you’ll find elsewhere. Terrarium Garden Kit care and maintenance The difference between our terrarium garden kit and others is that we collect all the materials fresh from the wild–from the fertile hills of Tennessee. Because the content of the kit is hand-collected, no two pieces are exactly alike. Our daughter Bailey harvests the healthiest, most vibrant forest plants she can find from the hills surrounding our central Tennessee nursery. Some might find and include , lichen, mosses, mushrooms or other fungi, or partridgeberry plants. So you see, each kit is unique because it depends on what Bailey locates that day. What a delightful surprise! After collecting the best plants for the terrarium garden kit, she supplies you with ultra-rich worm castings to nourish your plants and keep them lush and green. We limit these sales because that careful selection process is very time-intensive. Bailey helps us fulfill these orders each evening after work, so she can only harvest the content for about three terrarium garden kits daily. The product images show a few actual kits–each of which Bailey assembled for past customers. Yours may vary from these pictures, but we are confident you will be delighted! PLEASE NOTE- The glass container is not included, it is just a picture of the possibility of what your kit could look like.  Start Your Indoor Terrarium Garden Today If you are eager to start your miniature garden, you can (and should!) start today. Along with many other plants suitable for your indoor garden, TN Nursery can assemble a terrarium garden kit and ship it to you. All we need is your order! Terrarium garden kits are available online at TN Nursery
Mood Moss Bowl $32.99 For Sale | Tn Nursery
Mood Moss Bowl
Real Mood Moss Bowl - Moss Bowl Included This is only a kit Only - You must assemble This Real mood moss bowl is a tabletop Centerpiece Display and can make a Great Gift. Because it houses plants that are nature-inspired and universally loved. Everyone loves being outside and being surrounded by nature, which is why it makes the perfect decoration for any occasion and space. This tabletop centerpiece bowl is a great gift because it changes a room's ambiance by filling it with positive energy. In addition, it helps improve air circulation in a room, which translates into a better working and living environment. This tabletop centerpiece moss display bowl can also be used in formal and informal settings and still provide a magnificent aura of peace. Real Mood Moss Bowl - Moss Bowl Included Designing Your Own Mood Moss Centerpiece If you're feeling especially creative, then you can create your one-of-a-kind mood moss tabletop centerpiece display bowl. To start the process, you need to have a glass container and some dye. But, first, fill the container with water and make sure it's as close as possible to the height of the moss container. Next, add a few drops of food coloring to the water and set it aside to allow the color to soak in. Once you're happy with the color, place a layer on top of a paper towel and submerge it in the coloring until saturated. Finally, pour out the colored water before adding fresh water to rinse off excess dye that may have been left behind. This process will turn any vase into an incredible display for your centerpiece. You can also use some colored flowers in the bowl to create different color combinations. From your color selection, you can mix and match until you find the perfect one for your specific taste. Choose from red, pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange, green, brown, white, or black flowers. You have the liberty to choose the exact colors you want to make your bowl as interesting as possible. It is a great gift for any occasion. From birthdays to holidays, your gift recipient will know that you care. Plus, it's easy to design your centerpiece to suit the mood or theme of the space you want to have it in. To order, you can browse our gallery for different looks and colors. Or you can contact us directly to work with our design team to create your perfect custom display bowl gift. The sky's the limit when it comes to giving gifts that make people feel special! This is freshly harvested and it comes in a glass bowl for instant display. The bowl color is white. 1- Silver Rimmed White Bowl (12 ounce) comes with your plant (hard plastic) exact image attached to the listing PLEASE ALLOW 10-12 DAYS TO SHIP THIS PRODUCT. WE HARVEST OUR plants fresh AND IT'S VERY LIMITED IN THE WINTER SEASON. It's never too late to order a thoughtful gift for your loved friends and family. This is the #1 Home decor craze of 2022! The image of the bowl with the plant isn't the bowl we send. We send a nice bowl (the image of the bowl with no plants in it is the one we send) Buy Real Mood Moss Bowl - Moss Bowl Included online at Tn Nursery
Reindeer Live Moss Bowl (With Moss)
Reindeer Live Moss Bowl - Moss & Bowl Kit Included This is only a kit Only - You must assemble This Reindeer Live Moss Bowl is a beautiful decoration that goes great with any flower or garden arrangement. We've made it easy for you by pre-designing a gorgeous centerpiece, complete with our high-quality white porcelain bowl. You don't have to trim, shape, or do anything else besides shop online, have our centerpiece delivered to you, and put it in any home area you'd like! If you're wondering about the many benefits of our reindeer moss centerpiece and why you should shop online at TN nursery, the internet's number 1 voted online nursery, read on below to find out more! Another name for this plant is the fungi species "lichen," which hails from the cold tundra of the northern hemisphere. It is a beautiful variety that has intricate branches resembling small webs. Its branches can grow almost 8cm tall, and every single web that makes up the branch holds its shape incredibly well. It allows the plant to be sturdy and gives it a variety of uses, including as the main attraction for your next centerpiece. If you're purchasing our centerpiece, it is available in vibrant green and can brighten up any space! Imagine this centerpiece displayed in your foyer, kitchen, or dining room. Other reindeer moss can range in color from light green to white, gray, and brown. Reindeer Live Moss Bowl - Centerpiece Display Moss and Bowl Included - Own and Display this Rare and Beautiful Greenery Reindeer Live Moss Bowl is a beautiful variety treasured due to its relatively slow-growing time. Reindeer moss takes time to harvest. It grows at only around 0.12 to 0.2 inches per year! However, it is valued for its beauty and medicinal healing properties or decoration once cultivated. We use only the freshest and take pride in cultivating and using only the best and healthiest plants for our centerpieces. Don't get stuck with a centerpiece that looks dead, drab, or dried out; order from TN Nursery instead. Our centerpiece can be displayed in a variety of areas, including: Individual tables for an event Your main dining room table In your foyer On your living room coffee table On your patio for a sophisticated ambiance On your vanity in your bathroom Our white porcelain bowl and our beautiful plant make it easy to decorate around this centerpiece or use it as the main attraction! Display Centerpiece We harvest and sell only the freshest live plants and our beautiful bowls. Shop online for our centerpiece today and enjoy its beauty up close! We send a nice bowl (the image of the bowl with no moss is the one we send). It is the most significant centerpiece in farmhouse decorations for the year 2022. We have a limited supply of these, which are highly sought after, but they won't last long. Reindeer Live Moss Bowl is available at Tn Nursery PLEASE ALLOW 10-12 DAYS TO SHIP THIS PRODUCT. WE HARVEST OUR MOSS FRESH, AND IT'S VERY LIMITED IN THE WINTER SEASON