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Evergreen Vines

Evergreen Vines

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Wild ginger prefers acidic, humus-rich, well-drained yet moist soil for lush plants.Wild Ginger 2 For $11.99 For Sale | Tn Nursery
Sale price$5.49
Planting Zones 4-8
Fan Clubmoss 10 For $19.99 For Sale | Tn NurseryFan Clubmoss
Sale price$19.98
Planting Zones 4-9
European Ginger 3 For $11.99 For Sale | Tn NurseryEuropean Ginger Plant
Sale price$4.99
Planting Zones 4-8
Vinca Minor 5 For $14.99 For Sale | Tn NurseryVinca Minor
Sale price$5.39
Planting Zones 4-9
English IvyEnglish Ivy
Sale price$4.69
Planting Zones 4-8
Fan ClubmossFan Clubmoss
Sale price$4.99
Planting Zones 4-9
Spotted WintergreenSpotted Wintergreen
Sale price$4.79
Planting Zones 3-8
Ajuga ReptansAjuga Reptans 5 For $13.99 For Sale | Tn Nursery
Sale priceFrom $3.99
Planting Zones 3-9
PeriwinklePeriwinkle 5 For $14.99 For Sale | Tn Nursery
Sale price$4.89
Planting Zones 4-8
Wintercreeper Euonymuswintercreeper
Sale price$5.99
Planting Zones 3-9
Wintergreen PlantWintergreen Plant 3 For $12.99 For Sale | Tn Nursery
Sale price$5.19
Planting Zones 3-7
mitchella repensPartridgeberry Mitchella Repens
Sale price$5.99
Planting Zones 3-9

Evergreen Vines Provide Enchanting Color All Year Long

TN Nursery offers evergreen vines that can help keep your garden looking fresh and lively, even when the rest of your plants go into winter dormancy. Layering in evergreens with your perennials and annuals is a key to a lovely look throughout the year.

TN Nursery is your best source for evergreen vines. Our seventy years of nursery experience make us an industry leader. Our team has extensive knowledge of the science of growing plants.

Why Order Bare Root Evergreen Vines

When you order evergreen vines from us, you will; receive bare root plants. We do this for three primary reasons: saving on shipping costs, eliminating plastic waste, and ensuring plant health.

This technique is a game-changer for the consumer, as it creates tremendous savings on shipping costs.

The bare root evergreen vines will arrive at your doorstep without dirt--which weighs a lot and adds so much to shipping fees. They will be dormant, with no foliage. However, if you give the base of the plant a gentle scrape, it will reveal a vibrant green hue--proof of life.

Besides that, the vines will not arrive in a plastic pot. While many gardeners save these containers for later use, they usually forget about them and eventually toss them in the trash. On the other hand, bare-root plants do not require that container.

Finally, shipping bare-root evergreen vines help to prevent an improbable event--the interstate transmission of soil-borne diseases. While this is a rare occurrence, it is a best practice that many horticulturists now recognize.

Meet Our Best Selling Evergreen Vine: Mitchella Repens (Partridge Berry)

The partridge berry (Latin: Mitchelle repens) is TN Nursery's number-one seller for customers who want evergreen vines.

It is a low-growing species that trails lazily along the ground. It has rich and dark green leaves and beautiful, bright red berries that give it its name. Mitchella repens grows in USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 9 and loves the shade.

TN Nursery Is the Most Reliable Source for Evergreen Vines

TN Nursery practices ethical, sustainable horticulture, which is why we ship bare-root plants. This method includes perennials, mosses, shrubs, trees, grasses, and evergreen vines.

When you shop with us, you will be pleased with the health of the plants you receive. In fact, our customers return to us for most of their needs because they love how we do business. We're confident that you will, too! Please reach out if you have any questions as you browse our site.

Fast & Affordable Shipping, Nationwide

TN Nursery is proud to offer fast and affordable shipping nationwide. We understand that getting your products quickly is important, so we offer 3-4 day shipping on all orders. Our experienced team of professionals ensures that all orders are shipped safely and securely, so you can rest assured that your purchases will arrive in perfect condition.

B2B Wholesale Sales?

With our low wholesale prices, you can get all the plants you need without breaking the bank. We have a wide selection of plants from all over the world, so you can find exactly what you are looking for. Plus, we offer discounts on bulk orders to ensure your budget goes further. If you like to get a free quote, don't hesitate to email us at today

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TN Nursery is pleased to offer our customers a variety of payment methods. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Bank Wires for your convenience. Our secure payment system ensures that your transactions are safe and secure. With our easy-to-use payment options for hassle free shopping.