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Green Giant Arborvitae
Green Giant Arborvitae  Thuja Green Giant is perfect if you want a fast-growing evergreen privacy hedge. These little beauties grow up to 3 feet per year and can be planted in various outdoor environments. They also come with 25% off already low grower prices. Give your garden privacy with these beautiful, fast-growing evergreens that also make an excellent windscreen. Shop now and get free shipping to your door! The Thuja Green Giant offers a fast-growing, evergreen privacy hedge or windscreen for your yard Thuja Green Giant can be trimmed to fit any space up to 12' wide and up to 10' tall. It's perfect for an evergreen hedge or windscreen, making it an excellent choice for privacy around fences, pools, and decks. Thuja Green Giant has grown in areas across the US for nearly 50 years and is one of the most popular evergreens in American gardens. It has excellent looks, and it's easy to grow! Don't delay! Give your home the beauty and privacy of a Thuja Green Giant today. It's the perfect way to add color to a shady garden and is exceptionally hardy, tolerant of drought and pollution, and deer resistant. Growing Thuja Green Giant means you'll have privacy in your yard or partial shade while still having enough light on your property.  And with a shrubby growth pattern--perfect for filling in open spaces--you'll be able to create a windscreen or privacy hedge that suits your needs! Thuja Green Giants are designed for the needs of homeowners and professionals alike. This shrubby evergreen provides complete sun protection for one's property and is also attractive, easy to grow, and drought tolerant! Use Thuja Green Giants to get the privacy you want and need. With this perfect evergreen, you will get an excellent privacy hedge or windscreen. TN Nursery has the most extensive stock of Thuja Green Giants - it's the perfect evergreen to fill in gaps in your hedge row. We offer low grower prices and fast shipping: Buy a Thuja Green Giant from TN Nursery and create a quick privacy hedge in just a few weeks! Get it at our low grower price and get it shipped to your door affordably. Buy the Thuja Green Giant now! Thuja Green Giant is the perfect privacy hedge for you. Want a fast-growing privacy hedge? Thuja Green Giant is a perfect choice. These little beauties grow up to 3 feet per year and can be planted in various outdoor environments. They also come with 25% off already low grower prices. Give your garden privacy with these beautiful, fast-growing evergreens that also make an excellent windscreen. Shop now and get free shipping to your door! Buy Thuja Green Giant arborvitaes online at TN Nursery and get the best deal on quality plants that are shipped quickly to your door! Thinking of adding a privacy hedge to your yard? Thuja Green Giant is the perfect fast-growing evergreen, providing year-round color and privacy in a compact shape. With its lush green leaves and delicious scent, Green Giant can quickly provide the p
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Wintergreen Boxwood
Wintergreen Boxwood   If you need a hedge, then Wintergreen Boxwood is the one for you! Choose from a wide selection of Boxwood shrubs and get it fast. Confident in your purchase with our low grower prices and fast shipping. Buy your Boxwoods online at TN Nursery and save when you buy in bulk! Order now with our bestseller, wintergreen Boxwoods, and save. Evergreen hedge or a low-growing border? Wintergreen Boxwood, with its dark green leaves, is a perfect choice. Buy your Wintergreen Boxwoods from TN Nursery and get low grower prices and fast shipping to your door.  Wintergreen Boxwoods are excellent for a living fence, ground cover, or hedge. Give yourself or someone you love the gift of a lifetime — a beautiful, evergreen shrub in their backyard!   Wintergreen Boxwood hedge plants are a great way to add green privacy to your yard. Does your home or business need more privacy? TN Nursery is the source for you. Order wintergreen boxwoods from us, and we'll deliver them all across the nation for you for free.  TN Nursery's selection of Wintergreen Boxwood plants will give your home that perfect touch of greenery.  If you're looking for an evergreen hedge plant, TN Nursery has just what you need! Wintergreen Boxwoods are ideal for growing in areas where space is limited like condos, balconies, and yards where the property is tightly packed. They are evergreen and produce small leaves all year long. We offer varieties of this shrub that come in various sizes including 5-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 14-inch. We have almost every height you could want to fit your needs! Order wintergreen boxwood today and save Wintergreen Boxwoods are a hedge that can stand on their own or be planted in a border to create an amazing-looking screen. They also make the ideal screen and can be used as an enclosure for privacy purposes.  
Wax Leaf Privet For Sale | Tn Nursery Wax Leaf Privet
Wax Leaf Privet
Wax Leaf Privet (Ligustrum japonicum)  Wax Leaf Privet: Ligustrum japonicum, or the wax leaf privet, is a cold-hardy, fast-growing evergreen shrub that enjoys wide popularity across most USDA-growing regions in the United States. Wax leaf privet grows in sun or partial shade. It prefers fertile and consistently moist soil. They are a Japanese native species; however, they are one of the most widely used hedge plants in the United States. Gardeners love them for their year-long greenery, two to feet of growth per season, and relative lack of care. People who love the classic looks of precision-trimmed shrubs or hedges tend to adore this species. After a thorough pruning, it recovers quickly and looks fresh, full, and lovely faster than most can imagine.  Ligustrum japonicum Has Several Common Names  Depending on what region in the United States you live in, you might know the Ligustrum japonicum the other common names, such as the following:  Curly Leaf Ligustrum Japanese Privet Privet Wax-leaf Privet The Evergreen Good Looks of Wax Leaf Privet  Wax leaf privet can reach a mature height of up to twelve feet tall with a six-foot width. Bright to dark green, glossy leaves oppose each other on brown stems. The leaf shape is a broad oval that grows up to four inches long.  During the spring, the wax leaf privet displays cross-shaped, white or cream flowers with four or five petals each. They are small in size--under an inch across--but abundant and lovely.  The flowers produce tiny flat berries that measure under a quarter inch. While they are not valuable for humans, your local wildlife, including birds and squirrels, will happily clean them as they drop. They provide excellent nutrition for wildlife, and you will enjoy watching your backyard visitors enjoy their windfall.  Order Your Wax Leaf Privet From TN Nursery Today  TN Nursery suggests wax leaf privet when a customer expresses a need for an evergreen shrub that will grow fast. Please place your order with us today. 
Northern Privet Northern Privet For Sale | Tn Nursery
Northern Privet
Northern Privet (Ligustrum ibolium) Northern Privet: Ligustrum ibolium, or the northern privet, is a flowering evergreen shrub that provides even colder climates with year-long green foliage. TN Nursery suggests the northern privet (or north privet) for any gardener who needs a hedge that grows fast--two to three feet per growing season--and in almost any USDA plant hardiness zone. This species thrives in either full sun or partial sunny conditions. The northern privet is a cold-hardy species. It can withstand the cold temperatures of the upper midwest, New England, and the Great Lakes regions. Even in these frigid climates, gardeners can trim off any ice damage that could occur, and the shrub will fill back in without any problem. How TN Customers Use Northern Privets in Their Yards Northern privet generally reaches a mature height between twelve to fifteen feet and a width of eight to ten feet. Although they can grow high, they are also highly forgiving of trimmings to keep them shaped into a lower profile. Here are three reasons why TN Nursery customers order the northern privet: Border planting: Install the northern privet as a garden border. Let it grow tall in the back row, or trim it back for the middle row. Foundation planting: Many gardeners use northern privet along their homes' foundation, especially on a west- or south-facing sunny side where less tolerant plants might wither. It will accept trimming below window eight and look full and plush again in record time. Privacy hedge: Homeowners who want to shield a deck, patio, pool, or hot tub from prying eyes will let their northern privet hedge grow unchecked. Northern Privet Has a Vibrant, Fresh Look This evergreen shrub is beautiful, with bright green leaves that will be a welcome color even in the dreariness of winter. The leaves are glossy and oval with a well-defined tip. Leaves grow toward the ends of sturdy brown stems. The plant has small, creamy white flowers with small petals that blossom in attractive clusters. The soft floral scent attracts bees in the early season. Order your Northern Privet From TN Nursery Today Northern privet is a classic evergreen hedge appropriate in many USDA growing zones. Please place your order with TN Nursery today.
Buxus Green Mountain Buxus Green Mountain Boxwood
Green Mountain Boxwood
Buxus Green Moutain Boxwood  Green mountain boxwood: The Buxus 'Green Mountain" is a woody, broadleaf, evergreen shrub that grows throughout most of the North American continent. It naturally grows into a softly-rounded pyramid shape with a broad bottom and pronounced top. However, despite its naturally lovely shape, it is also highly tolerant of pruning and shaping. As a result, gardeners who practice the ancient art of topiary, or crafting elaborate shapes from trees and shrubs, often choose this plant as their "canvas."  The boxwood is an ancient shrub species, dating back to Asia over 4000 years ago and then across trade routes to northern Europe. It made its way to North America with early settlers. It is well-suited to the American climate and widespread across the country. It's a deer-resistant, disease-resistant species that can tolerate hot weather.  Green Mountain Boxwood Adds Charm to Your Garden  Buxus 'Green Mountain' is a charming low-growing shrub with dense foliage. It stays under a seven-foot maximum height at maturity but usually averages about five feet. They can stand alone as lovely specimens, but most gardeners group them to form a hedge on their property lines or to create a privacy screen. The elliptical, dark, and glossy green leaves grow tightly in a tight formation, creating a lush "wall" of green that will keep prying eyes away from you.  Some plant the Green Mountain boxwood as a foundation planting, filling in shady parts around the home with this shrub. Because it is so forgiving about trimming, keeping it cut back below the windows without causing any damage is almost effortless. Order Your Green Mountain Boxwood From TN Nursery Today  Green Mountain Boxwood is a good-natured and attractive evergreen shrub. It's perfectly sized for many uses in your yard and tolerant of pruning. Order your plants from TN Nursery for the healthiest plants you can imagine.
green velvet boxwood Green Velvet Boxwood
Green Velvet Boxwood
Green Velvet Boxwood (Buxus 'Green Velvet)  Green Velvet Boxwood: The Buxus 'Green Velvet' is a North American native species originating in Canada. It's an evergreen that performs well in a wide range of temperature zones--USDA plant hardiness zones four through nine. It's low-growing and rarely grows above five feet. This low-growth habit makes it perfect for many uses in your landscape design. It is also a species with a forgiving nature. It's deer-resistant, rabbit-resistant, and disease-resistant. It loves partial shade to partial sunshine and fertile, moist soil. While it likes the water, it does not like wet feet, so good drainage is a must. Once you establish those ideal growing conditions, the Green Velvet boxwood is a low-care species. Where to Use Green Velvet Boxwood in Your Gardens  Buxus Green Velvet is a petite shrub that can add gorgeous year-round color to even the most compact spaces. TN Nursery customers order this to use in a variety of ways. Here are a few:  In pots or containers: This small shrub is stunning when you let it flank your walkway or front door. Formal gardens: The species has a classic look, and you can shape it into a more structured shape. Foundation planting: Consider this shrub for any partially shaded parts around your home's foundation. Because it's so petite, you won't need to worry about it covering most windows. Border garden: This works beautifully in the middle to back of a garden border. A better definition of garden spaces: Plant a short hedge to define your landscape better. Shade garden: It's perfect for any filtered sunspots within your shade garden.  The Green Velvet Boxwood Is Small in Stature but Large in Style  This shrub is an ever-popular formal garden classic. People adore the small but densely-packed oval leaves. When the rest of your garden goes to "sleep" for the winter, this beauty will continue to provide color to your yard.  Order Green Velvet Boxwood from TN Nursery Today  TN Nursery lovingly hand-selects each order--you can be confident that you will receive quality plants from us. Please place your order today.
privet plant Northern Privet
Hills Privet
Hills Privet Plant Hills Privet Plant: With its lovely, evergreen color and classic good looks, it is no wonder it is the number one best-selling privacy hedge at TN Nursery and around the United States. These beautiful Hills privet shrubs are hardy, with full green foliage consisting of broad, flat, oval leaves. It grows best in gardens in moderately warm USDA plant hardiness zones, from California to Gulf Coast and across the southeastern states. The privet plant is a Japanese native species. However, American gardeners adopted its use long ago, and it is now in widespread use. It is easy to manage, drought-resistant, disease-resistant, and pest-resistant. TN Nursery often suggests this hedge for any gardener who lives in a community with frequent watering restrictions. Beautiful Ways to Put  California Privet Plants to Use in Your Landscape The privet plant requires partial or complete sunshine and fertile, quickly draining soil. Once you meet these few growing conditions, you'll have an easy-to-love shrub that you can use throughout your yard. Here are a few gorgeous ways you can use this shrub all around your gardens: Privacy hedge: The privet plant can reach up to fifteen feet once full-grown. This height is ideal for privacy protection. Install this shrub around a deck, hot tub, or pool. Urban garden: Because the shrub can grow into a relatively tall hedge, it can also assist with buffering the distraction of street noise. Some use it in urban gardens or multi-family dwellings to decrease the noisy conditions. Boundary-marking hedge: Delineate your property with a lovely, low hedge. You can trim this evergreen to four or five feet without damaging it. Border planting: Use this wonderful evergreen in your garden border, trimming it to the perfect height.  The Hills Privet Plant Brings Year-Round Beauty to Your Yard The privet is lovely, with thick and bright emerald evergreen leaves. Most gardeners covet this shrub for its lovely, year-long color. Its leaves are opposing on its sturdy brown stems and a pretty oval shape. Order Your Hills Privet Plant From TN Nursery Today We recommend the privet plant for anyone who needs an evergreen hedge that is both beautiful and drought-tolerant. Please place your order with the TN Nursery team today.
California Privet california privet
California Privet
California Privet Ligustrum ovalifolium California Privet: Ligustrum ovalifolium, or California privet, is a hardy evergreen shrub with bright green foliage made up of broad, oval leaves. TN Nursery recommends this plant for people in moderate USDA planting ones in need of a beautiful, easily managed hedge. The California privet is a native Japanese species. However, it is beloved by gardeners in the United States and widely used in warmer locales, such as California and the Gulf Coast region, from east Texas to North Florida. It loves these areas' warm, humid conditions and is drought-tolerant in areas with water restrictions. Wonderful Uses for California Privets in the Landscape California privet requires full or partial sun, fast-draining soil, and fertile soil. If you meet those demands, you will have an easy-care plant that you can use in many applications. Here are how some TN Nursery customers use this species in their landscape designs: Privacy hedge: The California privet can reach up to fifteen feet at maturity. This height is excellent for protecting your privacy. Some use this around a deck, hot tub, or pool. Urban garden: Because the California privet can serve as a taller hedge, it can also help buffer street noise. Many install it around urban gardens or multi-family dwellings to help with improving noisy conditions. Boundary-marking hedge: Mark your property with a low California privet hedge. You can trim back the greenery to four or five feet with no problem--the privet doesn't mind. Border planting: Use California privet in your garden border, snipping it back to your desired height. The Lovely and Lush Look of California Privet California privet is lovely, with dense, bright green evergreen leaves. Most grow this shrub for its year-round color. Its leaves are opposing on the sturdy brown stems and oval. The privet bounces back and fills in beautifully after you prune or shape it. Order Your California Privet From TN Nursery Today TN Nursery recommends the California privet for gardeners who need an evergreen hedge that will be beautiful and drought-tolerant. Please place your order with us today.
Pan and Plank Bird Feeder Kit - Guaranteed To Attract 5x's More Birds Pan and Plank Bird Feeder Kit - Guaranteed To Attract 5x's More Birds
Pan and Plank Bird Feeder Kit - Guaranteed To Attract 5x's More Birds
Pan & Plank Bird Feeder Kit Includes: 1 Plank 36" In Length 1 Pan 1 Gallon of Bird Seed Mix (You Choose What Type of Birds You Want To Feed) 4 Screws (use 2 to attach the plank to your railing and 2 to attach pan to end of plank) Assembly is super easy... It's also advised to drill a few small holes in the bottom of the feeder pan so the pan will drain when it rains or snows. * We sell about 40 of these per day. All wood is derived from yellow pine tree logs right on our nursery farm and cut from our sawmill and are made to order. Shipping will be 3-6 days after we receive your order. ************************************************************************************* If you want birds unlike anything you've ever seen, forget bird feeders that are difficult for birds to feast from. At TN Nursery, we have a pan and plank combo you can place on the fence or rail of your porch and watch the birds flock to it. We have a video attached with the pan on our front deck,  and we get to watch all types of birds flock to this simple pan and plank method that enables bird lovers to view them right off their deck or porch railing.  Our Bird Feeder Is Well Made, Engineered By Hand, and Will Last For Many Years We guarantee you that you will be amazed and never before will you see so many red cardinals,  wrens, finches, and other types of birds as you are about to experience them. Pan and Plank Feeder Was Invented By a Lynchburg Tennessee 86-Year-Old Man Living In The Heart Of Jack Daniels Area This idea came from an elderly 86-year-old retired law officer living in Lynchburg, TN. He is an avid bird watcher, and we visited his home and were amazed at the red birds flocking to his pan and plank feeder.  The Resilience of The Feeder Pan Each pan is made from (weather-proof) galvanized steel with low sides, so homeowners can attach this to their decks or porch railings and see a bountiful supply of birds. The Plank Is Cut From Pine Tree Logs On Site The plank is made from yellow pine wood 1x4"x36". It is long enough to put on the railing so the birds will not spill seeds on your deck. Dennis saws each one of these planks by hand. It's not some plastic piece that will break off quickly; this is hand sawed from pine logs.   SEE OUR VIDEO OF BIRDS FLOCKING TO THIS FEEDER KIT