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Running Bamboo

Running Bamboo

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Bamboo Arundinaria Gigantea - Running Bamboo

Bamboo Arundinaria Gigantea a versatile and fast-growing plant, offers many benefits when incorporated into landscaping projects. It's unique characteristics and practical attributes make it popular for enhancing outdoor spaces with aesthetic and functional advantages.

One of the primary benefits of using it in landscaping is its distinctive and elegant appearance. The tall, slender stalks and graceful foliage create a sense of verticality and structure in the landscape. Its variety of species, each with its unique growth pattern and coloration, allows for creative design possibilities that range from tropical and exotic to modern and minimalist.

Bamboo Arundinaria Gigantea is valued for its fast growth rate, which can provide quick screening and privacy solutions.

Taller species can quickly form dense and lush barriers, shielding outdoor areas from neighbors, noise, or unsightly views. This growth rate makes bamboo an efficient option for establishing green screens or windbreaks in a relatively short period.

Moreover, it is recognized for its versatility in various landscaping applications. It can be used as ornamental focal points, natural dividers, or to create calming, rustling sound effects when planted en masse. Its hollow stems can be employed creatively, such as crafting outdoor furniture, decorative structures, or wind chimes.

It's adaptability to different growing conditions, including soil types and sun exposure, makes it suitable for various landscapes. Suitable species selection and management are crucial to integrate seamlessly into the landscape.

Furthermore, it has ecological benefits, such as providing a habitat for birds and insects and contributing to carbon sequestration due to its prompt growth and dense biomass.

In conclusion, it brings numerous benefits to landscaping projects. Its elegant appearance, rapid growth for privacy screens, versatile applications, adaptability, and ecological contributions make it a valuable addition to outdoor spaces. Incorporating it into landscaping designs can achieve aesthetic enhancement, functional solutions, and an eco-friendly approach to outdoor living environments.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
John Irle
Personal delivery schedule

I have ordered from TN Nursery several times. I was not going to be home when this last order was to be delivered. I asked them to delay shipping for a couple of weeks.
The plants arrived yesterday allowing me to plant them immediately. I appreciate the personal service.
Also on small plants there are usually “extra” plants shipped.
Great folks to deal with!

Kathryn Ramos

Arrived in good condition and packed well

John Kraft

Planted but have not turned green

Chintelle Gillett

I bought my bamboo from TN Nursery . They are great people to deal with if you have any questions or concerns. I have my bamboo planted, now I am waiting for it to take off. I will give an update later. 😁

Domingo Alvarez
Bamboo Plant

Great customer service and fast delivery. The plants came in exactly as describe in the website.