We freshly dig all bare root plants and bring in our warehouse. We full cattle feeder troughs with water and terrasorb gel to pre soak the roots for a safe and moist transit. After the roots soak for 2-4 hours we package in worm castings and surround the roots with plastic and then put in corrugated boxes and ship to your fresh. Worm castings is superior over anything we've ever used to package plants in, It not only gives them a major growth boost but it also protects the roots and seals in the terrasorb root gel to last 7 days in transit in case they get rerouted without even needing water. Once you receive your plants, soak them in water for 2 hours and plant immediately. If you can not plant them immediately open the package and wet the roots well daily until you can plant. Keep above freezing and below 60 degrees, preferably in potting soil (roots) until you can plant and water daily.