Pink Spirea Shrub 3-4'

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Pink Spirea

Pink spirea is a deciduous ornamental shrub beloved for its lovely shape, reasonable size, and TN Nursery customers' favorite pink flowers that provide a long blooming season in the spring. After the blooms fade, the green leaves provide lovely color in the flower bed.

This flowering shrub is an Asian native of Korea, Japan, and eastern China. However, it enjoys widespread use in American gardening and is well-suited for most USDA plant hardiness zones.

This flowering shrub requires a full-sun location or a partially sunny spot that gives it up to six hours of filtered sun each day. It is a hardy species, experiencing few problems with pests or disease, is cold-hardy, and can tolerate short dry spells with minimal help from the gardener.

When you plant pink spirea, add organic wood material--hardwood mulch or shredded leaves. It would be best to layer on about an inch or more of mulch every fall to protect the shrub's roots and replenish the soil with the nutrients it will need the following season. Other than that, the spirea shrub needs only an occasional trimming.

Pink Spirea Flowers Attract Springtime Pollinators

The springtime blossoms attract some early-season pollinators, which will help support garden health. Bees and butterflies will find the bright pink flowers practically irresistible. Besides those pollinator insects, small birds will enjoy the shade of the emerging green leaves--tracking pollen as they hop from branch to branch.

Cheerful Pink Spirea Flowers Will Steal Your Heart

Pink spirea grows upright and has multiple arching branches. The bark is light brown, somewhat smooth, and semi-glossy. It develops small oval leaves, dark green with finely toothed edges and an oval shape. Leaves are under three inches long and one or two inches wide. In the fall, they will likely turn russet or amber.

The flowers emerge in the spring in a stunning shade of true pink. Each flower is multiple-petaled and dainty; however, they join other blooms in large, show-off clusters that give the appearance of one large flower. The effect is breathtaking and worthy of serving as a focal point in a springtime garden.

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