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Carpet Moss - 5 Square Feet - TN Nursery
Carpet Moss - 5 Square Feet
Carpet Moss - Hypnum curvifolium Carpet moss, also known as sheet moss or hypnum moss, is a versatile and popular plant used in landscaping for its unique characteristics and aesthetic appeal. Its low-growing habit, dense mat-like structure, and vibrant green color make it a desirable choice for various applications. Here are some popular uses of carpet moss in landscaping: Groundcover: Carpet moss is an excellent groundcover option due to the moss being able to form a thick, lush mat over the soil. It effectively fills in gaps between stones, pavers, and pathways, providing an attractive and natural look. Its dense growth also helps to suppress weed growth and prevent soil erosion. Carpet Moss makes an excellent groundcover Rock Gardens: Carpet moss is well-suited for rock gardens and stone walls. Its ability to cling to vertical surfaces and grow in crevices enhances the overall aesthetic of these structures. It softens the hard lines of rocks and creates a harmonious blend between the natural and built elements of the garden. Carpet Moss is Used in Topiaries, Rock Gardens, and More Moss Gardens: Carpet moss is a critical component of gardens designed to showcase various moss species. Its bright green color and dense growth pattern add depth and texture to these gardens. When combined with other moss varieties, carpet moss creates a visually appealing mosaic-like effect. Terrariums: Carpet moss is a popular choice for terrariums and miniature landscapes because it can thrive in humid environments. It's compact size and vibrant color create a lush, forest-like ambiance within the enclosed glass containers. It aids in maintaining moisture levels and provides a natural habitat for small animals or reptiles. Green Roofs: Carpet moss is increasingly used in green roof installations due to its tolerance for drought and extreme temperatures. It helps to retain moisture, reduce stormwater runoff, and insulate buildings. It's a super low-maintenance moss that makes it an ideal choice for extensive green roof systems. Accent Plant: Carpet moss is often used as an accent plant in flower beds, borders, and garden features. Its rich green color contrasts colorful flowers and other plants, adding visual interest to the landscape design. It can also be used as a backdrop for showcasing sculptures or focal points. Japanese Gardens: Carpet moss is a staple in Japanese garden design, known for its simplicity and serenity. It is used to create "moss gardens" or "moss lawns," which are meticulously maintained areas covered entirely by moss. The lush green carpet of carpet moss adds tranquility and a sense of harmony to these gardens. Erosion Control: Due to its dense growth habit and ability to hold soil in place, carpet moss is used for erosion control on slopes and embankments. Its heavy root system helps stabilize the soil, reducing the risk of landslides and runoff. It is used with other erosion control measures, such as geotextiles and retaining walls. Indoor Landscaping: Carpet moss is increasingly incorporated into interior landscaping projects. Its ability to thrive in low-light conditions and tolerate varying humidity levels makes it suitable for use in offices, malls, hotels, and other indoor spaces. It adds a touch of nature and helps improve indoor air quality by absorbing pollutants. Artistic Installations: Carpet moss is used by artists and designers to create living art installations. It can be shaped into intricate patterns or used as a medium filler for other decorative elements. Moss walls, moss graffiti, and moss sculptures are examples of artistic applications that showcase carpet moss's unique beauty and texture. In conclusion, carpet moss offers a wide range of uses in landscaping, including groundcover, rock gardens, terrariums, green roofs, accent plants, erosion control, Japanese gardens, indoor landscaping, and artistic installations. It can thrive in various conditions, has low maintenance requirements, and is easy to grow. Carpet Moss: Hypnum curvifolium, or carpet moss, holds a spot as one of the top-selling plants at TN Nursery. It enjoys wide popularity with our customers with excellent reason. Carpet moss is an evergreen plant that grows in various climates and seasons and thrives in all USDA zones and seasons. It is a member of the Hypnum genus, which has approximately eighty species worldwide. Of these, about twenty species are native to North America. On a hike, carpet moss grows naturally in stream beds and forests yearly. How You Can Use Garden Moss Gardeners use carpet moss to beautify landscapes. Its decorative properties are beneficial as a ground cover or shade garden. It is a shade-loving moss that will increase even when nothing else grows due to low sunlight.    This ground cover moss will quickly fill those bare spots that don't receive sufficient sunshine or hold too much moisture. Hypnum curvifolium allows you to bring those areas back to life.  People who love arts and crafts cultivate it to later dry and use in wreath-making. It has a plush, full texture that adds visual interest to floral arrangements. Others bring it indoors and lay it in houseplant pots to help lock in the moisture, so they require less frequent watering. Still, others use it to craft terrariums.  > Carpet moss is beautiful and disease resistant, making it an excellent choice for gardeners.  Carpet Moss Hypnum curvifolium has a Rich, Emerald Green Appearance You will not feel disappointed by the striking beauty of carpet moss. It forms a thick mat that feels good under the foot, almost like a cushion. Unlike mossy plants, carpet moss is resilient after foot traffic; if it sustains damage, it quickly fills in again.   The color of healthy carpet moss is unapologetically bold, emerald, and green. It covers the ground beautifully and quickly, bringing life to previously empty areas in the backyard.   Order Your Carpet Moss from TN Nursery  TN Nursery provides its customers with the healthiest plants, harvesting each plant right before shipment. You can order with confidence that you will receive fresh, ready-to-plant carpet moss. Carpet moss (Hypnum curvifolium) is low maintenance and beautiful addition to any landscape
Cushion Moss - 5 Square Feet - TN Nursery
Cushion Moss - 5 Square Feet
Cushion Moss, Leucobryum glaucum Pin Cushion Moss, Cushion Moss (Leucobrym glaucum) Cushion Moss: Leucobrym glaucum is a dense clumping plant that grows in a loosely formed ball shape. It earns its name from its appearance, which resembles a cushion. You might also hear other gardeners call it to pin cushion moss. Cushion Moss Has a Mild and Earthy Aroma  Cushion Moss Adds Interesting Color and Texture to Any Garden Cushion moss can grow more extensively than most other moss species. In nature, it grows in shady valleys and around the edges of swamps, where moisture collects quickly and drains slowly. It prefers densely packed soil or rocks, a lot of moisture, and partial to heavy shade, but it can also tolerate partially sunny locations. Leucobrym glaucum foliage is attractive cushion moss, and it grows in dense clumps. The tufts of moss stay low to the ground.  grows outward to cover the ground instead of reaching upward. A mature plant reaches a height of about three feet and can spread relatively wide, usually giving it a shorter, more rounded appearance. This expansive growth makes it the perfect ground cover for any shade garden. The color of cushion moss is a gentle green, with definite gray to silvery tones that will lend an air of casual elegance to any garden. Where to Plant Leucobrym glaucum Understanding that cushion moss occurs in nature in wet woodlands and swamps helps you pick the best place to plant it. It requires ample water and shade to survive. You can grow it in your garden or on a rock wall--it does not care about soil quality. So, if you have a shaded, compacted, and bare area in your yard that collects water and requires a long time to drain after a rain shower, then cushion moss might provide you with the solution to that issue. This low-maintenance, shade-loving plant can be the accent piece that revives this otherwise desolate spot in your garden. Order Pin Cushion Moss From TN Nursery Order your cushion moss from TN Nursery today. We will send you fresh, viable moss to fill your shady spot with silvery green color. Cushion Moss Leucobryum Glaucum is Also Called Pin Cushion Moss Online Plant Nursery Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Garden Plants Nursery Wholesale Nursery Cushion Moss
Lawn Moss - 5 Square Feet
Lawn Moss Lawn Moss: If grass fails to thrive in your yard, lawn moss might present the ideal solution to that problem. Turfgrasses can be persnickety--they require just the right fertilizer, sunshine, and water. On top of that, turfgrass demands weekly caretaking. Think of the time spent on mowing, edging, and other time-demanding tasks. On the other hand, using lawn moss as a ground cover offers a time-saving and carefree solution. Lawn Moss Is a Time Saver Lawn moss is a bryophyte plant with no roots or veins. Instead of receiving nutrients and moisture through a root system and transporting them via veins, they absorb everything they need from the air. Their independent nature relieves you of the time fertilizing and watering. You also need not mow or otherwise tend to it every weekend. Imagine not spending every Saturday afternoon cutting the grass. Lawn Moss Is Kinder to the Environment Than Turfgrasses In addition to saving you time, lawn moss is eco-friendlier than lawn grasses. For starters, lawn moss requires only minimal watering. Remember, it's drawing in moisture in the air. Unless you live in an arid climate, it does not need your help. Second, we mentioned how you do not need to cut or trim lawn moss weekly. This timesaver also means you save on energy costs. Whether you have a gas-powered or electric mower, you will not consume that energy source in caring for your yard. Lawn Moss Prospers in the Most Challenging Growing Circumstances Your yard might not support turfgrass because of dense shade, a lack of natural nutrients, or a texture that fussy grass does not like. In any of these circumstances, lawn moss can give you the look of a green lawn without having the perfect growing conditions for grass. It requires part-shade to full shade and prefers a humid area. It can grow in arid parts of the United States with regular watering. Lawn moss can thrive in acidic soil conditions, out of rocks, on the side of dead trees, and out of logs without assistance from a gardener. Can you imagine a plush, thick, green carpet of lawn moss filling in all the dead spots in your backyard? Buy Your Lawn Moss From TN Nursery Today TN Nursery digs moss fresh with each order, ensuring you have the best experience. You can order yours today with complete confidence in our decades of experience. Lawn Moss is available at TN Nursery for An Affordable Price
Mood Moss - 5 Square Feet
Mood Moss Dicranum scoparium Mood Moss (Dicranum scoparium) Mood moss (Dicranum scoparium) is a plant you might know by several common names. TN Nursery might call it mood moss, but some gardeners refer to it by these: Windswept moss Broom moss Broomfork moss Mood Moss Has a Lush Green Appearance This moss has distinctive, airy-looking leaves shaped like delicate spearheads. It's also a good host in the garden, serving as an excellent habitat for small creatures. It also provides food for some insects. Dicranium scoparium grows to a mature height of three to four inches. This plant grows on a variety of surfaces, including damp soil. Its shallow root structure makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. It grows naturally on moist forest floors and rocks in shaded areas. However,  mood moss can also grow on wood, gravel, cement, and other substrates, providing good drainage and moisture. How TN Nursery Customers Use Mood Moss. Here are some ways TN Nursery customers put mood moss to use in their gardens. Gardeners cultivate this moss for hard-to-grow spots in the garden or to cover unsightly rocks, concrete, or bricks in old buildings. It also makes a classic addition to a shade garden, especially if you might have challenges growing other plants. It is a lush, dark green ground cover that spreads across a garden quickly. Besides the toothy-looking leave appearing so attractive, the prolific spread also means that mood moss can help prevent soil erosion. Other customers order Dicranum scoparium to add to a terrarium, reptile tank, or fish tank. Why Choose Dicranum scoparium? This gorgeous moss prefers a moist environment and a cooler climate. On the other hand, it adapts to droughts easily, making it worry-free for gardeners across many USDA growing zones. Mood moss is easy to grow and requires little maintenance. It has a delicate root system and will absorb nutrients easily. It grows well in moist conditions and is drought-tolerant. It can be preserved and used as interior wall art. Mood moss can be easily divided and used anywhere you need a touch of greenery. Many crafters grow it for making decorative crafts, such as moss wreaths. Mood moss is a very versatile plant! Order yours today; the TN Nursery team is ready to assist. Buy Mood Moss (Dicranum scoparium) Online At Tn Nursery With Fast Shipping
Fern Moss - 5 Square Feet
Fern Moss (Thuidium delicatulum) is a Ground Covering Plant with a Fern-like Appearance Fern Moss (Thuidium delecatulum) Fern Moss: The fern moss plant, Thuidium delecatulum, is a ground cover plant that happily grows in almost any shade or semi-shaded spot in your garden. You may find others calling it delicate fern moss or common fern moss, but all refer to Thuidium delecatulum. This North American native species is widespread in the United States and Europe. Its native habitat is shady woods and wetlands. It grows on rocks, logs, and stumps and in swampy areas--it is unfussy about having good soil quality. It needs a little attention for the first few months after planting, especially if you experience a hot season or drought. But it becomes almost maintenance-free after it takes hold and starts to spread. Fern moss is a terrific ground cover plant, even in slow-draining or acidic soils around juniper or pine trees. Fern Moss Is an Enchanting Ornamental Moss Fern moss takes its name from its appearance. This moss has delicate, velvety frond-like leaves that look like tiny ferns. Upon closer inspection, the leaf texture has a peach fuzz coating that resembles tiny hairs. Although the fronds can grow up to four inches long, they lay over under their weight. That draping effect creates a lovely, dense mat that adds a pure earthy green to your garden bed. Unlike some mossy species, fern moss also tolerates foot traffic. Fern Moss Is a Very Tolerant Species Once you plant fern moss, it requires very little care from you. Although it prefers moist to boggy living conditions, it can conversely tolerate short hot spells and drought. If you have a location with poor drainage and heavy shade, fern moss would be an excellent plant to consider. While some plants don't like "wet feet," fern moss is just the opposite; it will happily grow in the wettest, shadiest yards. How to Use Fern Moss in Your Garden Success with fern moss is all about plant site selection--it wants a moist, shady location. If you give it the placement it requires, your work will be over. Fern Moss thrives in moist, partial shade, and acidic soils. It also requires protection from prevailing winds. It is an excellent ground cover for moss gardens, shade gardens, mossy rock walls, and concrete or stone steps. It also adds a nice touch of green when you use it in hanging baskets and potted plants. Order Fern Moss from TN Nursery Please order your fern moss today if you have a heavily shaded, slow-draining spot in your yard. It will make a world of difference! Fern Moss (Thuidium delicatulum) Will Act as Living Mulch For Your Water Happy Ferns
Sheet Moss - 5 Square Feet
Sheet Moss Hypnum curvifolium Sheet moss, also known as carpet moss or rock cap moss, is a versatile plant commonly used in landscaping for various purposes. Here are some common uses of sheet moss in landscaping: Groundcover: Sheet moss is often used in shady areas where grass struggles to grow. It forms a dense, low-growing mat that helps suppress weed growth and adds a lush, green carpet-like appearance to the landscape. Rock gardens: Sheet moss is an excellent choice as it can be easily draped over rocks and boulders, softening their appearance and creating a natural, organic look. It also helps retain moisture around the stones, which benefits the surrounding plants. Sheet Moss works well in Shaded areas, Rock Gardens, Topiaries, and Erosion Control Projects Erosion control: Due to its ability to hold moisture and prevent soil erosion, sheet moss is frequently used on slopes and embankments. Its dense growth helps stabilize the soil, reducing the risk of decay caused by rain or wind. Terrariums and indoor gardens: Sheet moss is a popular choice for terrariums and indoor gardens. Its vibrant green color and compact growth make it an attractive addition to these enclosed environments. It can be used as a base to cover the soil surface, providing a natural and visually appealing appearance. Decorative accents: Sheet moss can creatively enhance landscape features. It can be draped over logs, stumps, or other natural elements to create an organic woodland aesthetic. It also covers the soil in flower pots or hanging baskets, providing an honest and appealing look. Floral arrangements: Florists commonly use sheet moss as a decorative element in flower arrangements and wreaths. Its lushness of texture and vibrant green color makes it an excellent complement to various flowers and foliage. Notably, sheet moss prefers moist and shady environments, so it may not thrive in areas with intense sunlight or arid conditions. However, it can be successfully cultivated and utilized in appropriate settings to enhance the beauty and functionality of the landscape. Sheet MossTN Nursery supplies its customers with the most luxurious sheet moss you could wish for. Sheet Moss, or Hypnum curvifolium, is a species of moss that grows naturally in a carpet-like pattern on dead trees and wood. Despite its woodsy heritage, gardeners use sheet moss to complete lawns or stone walkways that need a fuller appearance, especially on forested or densely wooded properties. It is perfect! This moss performs best in a moist, shaded area or semi-shaded location, out of direct sunlight. You might also hear some gardeners call it by the other common names: Log moss Brocade moss Feather moss Carpet moss Fern moss Each of those describes the same plant--Hypnum curvifolium Depending on environmental factors, this moss appears yellow-green to bright-green, slightly fuzzy. It looks like a plush green carpet once it matures. ; Hypnum curvifolium Looks Lavish in Your Landscaping. Consider adding sheet moss if you have a sparse lawn due to a lack of sunshine or a stone or brick walkway that needs some greenery between each step. curvifolium has a classic charm that adds the perfect finishing touch to your landscaping projects. Besides giving you're finished look a charming look, adding moss to bare spots in your yard can help decrease soil erosion and help retain the soil's nutrients. How Else Can You Use Anywhere While some apply sheet moss to their landscaping projects, it is also a helpful houseplant and is relatively easy to propagate. Many people grow sheet moss in a terrarium, providing a soft texture and emitting a mild, spring-like fragrance. It is easy to grow, making it an excellent choice for beginners who want to add character to their terrarium project. Just be sure to provide this moss species with plenty of airflows to keep it healthy and maintain its vibrant appearance. Sheet Moss Is a Carefree Plant Once you choose a shaded to a partially-shaded location in your yard and plant your sheet moss, it will take over from there. If you have a hot spell, it requires minimal care other than a long drink of water. Order Hypnumcurvifolium From TN Nursery TN Nursery takes pride in shipping fresh-dug, healthy specimens to our customers. Order your sheet moss with confidence. Sheet Moss (Hypnum curvifolium) For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping
Tree Moss - 5 Square Feet
Tree Moss Climacium dendroides Tree Moss: Climacium dendroides, is a lovely, dark green color. Most people purchase it from TN Nursery to use as a ground cover plant to beautify spots in the yard where they cannot grow grass. You might hear gardeners refer to this moss by several names, but tree moss is the carpet-like moss that creeps up trees and it beautiful. Regardless of the name, it is worthy of consideration in your garden. This moss grows naturally throughout North America and Europe, thriving on rocks, boulders, and logs. Tree Moss Can Serve Many Purposes in Your Landscape Most people use mosses to fill in bare patches of lawn. However, you can use your imagination; put it to use in almost any shady or semi-shady spot. Some gardeners use tree moss to accent their rock gardens or shade gardens. Others use it to seal the moisture in container gardens or houseplants. It is also an excellent companion plant for other plants, as it helps draw and retain excess water. Climacium dendroides tree moss is also an excellent plant for moss lawns, but it works best in areas where it will receive very little foot traffic. Wreath-makers cultivate rock cap moss to harvest to make beautiful wreaths and floral arrangements. Tree Moss Is Decorative Anywhere You Grow It Tree moss displays long, narrow leaves with a glossy, bright green surface. The leaves have softly toothed ridges that add an intriguing textural element to the landscape. This species is known for its dark green color, spreading quickly with minimal care from you. All it might need is a little water on dry or hot days, especially after you first plant it. It does not have a specific soil preference--and can even grow on rock ledges in shady canyons--but it will do best in a shaded to semi-shaded location. Order your tree moss from TN Nursery. TN Nursery proudly digs their plants only upon order, ensuring fresh, healthy plants arrive at your door. Order your rock cap moss from us today. Tree Moss Polytrichum commune is for sale online at TN Nursery
Sphagnum Moss - 5 Square Feet
Sphagnum Moss (Spagnum centrale) Sphagnum Moss: You might better recognize spaghnum moss by its more widely known name, peat moss. This mossy plant is beloved by gardeners who cultivate this moss to add nutrients and retain moisture in their soil.  Gardeners in drought-prone areas benefit from using sphagnum moss as a ground cover plant to minimize their need for water. Sphagnum moss is especially helpful for people who grow herb gardens, vegetables, berry plants, or flower gardens in locations that require a lot of sunshine that parches the earth. Amending the soil with dead sphagnum moss can help increase the garden's moisture retention, absorbing water not allowing to go in the ground. Besides being fantastic for adding nutrients and locking in water, sphagnum moss provides lovely green foliage that spreads relatively quickly. It's a beautiful addition to any shade garden. Sphagnum Moss Contributes to a Healthy Ecosystem Some call sphagnum moss an environment manipulator. As it grows, it can change the makeup of the ecosystem. Sphagnum absorbs minerals like magnesium and calcium and then releases hydrogen ions acidifying the environment. This process makes growing Sphagnum centrale an ideal way to acidify more alkaline soils naturally without using harsh chemical treatments.  Some plants that benefit from this acidification process include berries, orchids, tomatoes, and other fruits.  Sphagnum Moss Retains Water Like Nobody's Business You might call sphagnum moss a moisture magnet. This mossy plant has a cell structure that retains significant amounts of moisture. The plant has a barrel shape with tiny, sponge-like openings that pull in a surprisingly large amount of water.  After it collects the humidity, sphagnum moss expels the water into the surrounding area. As the peat moss continues reproducing and expanding its footprint, it creates puddles around it that grow in size with the expansion of the spread of the moss. As older sphagnum dies, it adds nutrients to the soil and will decompose slowly, becoming an excellent, moisture-rich compost and potting mix. Sphagnum moss should be part of your plan to grow a more resilient, self-sufficient garden. Order Your Sphagnum centrale from TN Nursery Today Sphagnum centrale is an excellent groundcover and companion planting that replaces moisture in your soil. Order your peat moss from TN Nursery today.  Sphagnum Moss Is For Sale Online At TN Nursery
Broom Forkmoss - 5 Square Feet
Broom Forkmoss (Dicranumscoparium) Broom fork moss is good for a shaded patch or two where grass fails to thrive. Shady yards can be tricky to "green up," but broom fork moss can help you solve that problem. Where to Plant Broom Forkmoss Broom fork moss is best suited to gardens in filtered sunlight. Indeed, it does not require much light at all for optimal growth. You can also grow this mossy plant in relatively moist areas, perfect for a yard that drains a little bit slower. Conversely, this resilient moss is also drought tolerant. Broom fork moss is a reasonably common species found throughout the lower 48 states and in many parts of the Pacific Northwest region of Canada. In addition to forming extensive turfs in forests, this species often grows on rocks, boulders, and decayed wood. It spreads pretty quickly in the cooler seasons of spring and fall, making it an excellent ground cover plant. Any shaded garden that needs a touch of emerald, green to awaken it with color is the perfect spot for broom fork moss. Broom Forkmoss Has a Lovely Appearance The delicate grass-like texture of broom fork moss, and its vibrant green hues, are sure to add interest to any garden. It can grow up to three feet tall and eight feet wide. Gardeners prize broom fork moss for its lively green color and the textural element it adds to the garden. Broom fork moss forms a delicate white trunk. It grows generous tufts of velvety, plush-looking foliage from its trunk. These clusters form an intriguing arch shape across the top; they tend to sweep to one side of the stem. The way it grows creates a "rolling landscape" look that makes a strong visual impact. Looking closer at the leaves, they are asymmetrical, with the midrib extending to the tip and four ridges along the back. They are lance-shaped and strongly toothed. The leaf shape can help to distinguish broom fork moss from other mossy species. During high humidity, the leaves appear to be fluffy and colorful. Broom forkmoss is available at TN Nursery if you have a shady yard and need to fill in bare patches. We will be pleased to fill your order.
Terrarium Garden Kit
Terrarium Garden Kit Cultivating plants in a terrarium is a rewarding and relaxing hobby that many around the country enjoy. People who take up terrariums as a hobby say the connection with nature makes them feel calmer. Growing these miniature plants adds organic texture to your home and helps cleanse the air of impurities. However, some people have difficulty deciding what to grow in their miniature gardens. Fortunately, TN Nursery can help you get started with a Terrarium Garden Kit that will give you several must-have elements. Our kit is unlike any that you’ll find elsewhere. Terrarium Garden Kit care and maintenance The difference between our terrarium garden kit and others is that we collect all the materials fresh from the wild–from the fertile hills of Tennessee. Because the content of the kit is hand-collected, no two pieces are exactly alike. Our daughter Bailey harvests the healthiest, most vibrant forest plants she can find from the hills surrounding our central Tennessee nursery. Some might find and include, lichen, mosses, mushrooms or other fungi, or partridgeberry plants. So, you see, each kit is unique because it depends on what Bailey locates that day. What a delightful surprise! After collecting the best plants for the Terrarium Moss , she supplies you with ultra-rich worm castings to nourish your plants and keep them lush and green. We limit these sales because that careful selection process is very time intensive. Bailey helps us fulfill these orders each evening after work, so she can only harvest the content for about three terrarium garden kits daily. The product images show a few actual kits–each of which Bailey assembled for past customers. Yours may vary from these pictures, but we are confident you will be delighted! PLEASE NOTE- The glass container is not included; it is just a picture of the possibility of what your kit could look like.  Start Your Indoor Terrarium Garden Today If you are eager to start your miniature garden, you can (and should!) start today. Along with many other plants suitable for your indoor garden, TN Nursery can assemble a terrarium garden kit and ship it to you. All we need is your order! Terrarium garden kits are available online at TN Nursery
Hedwigia Ciliate Moss - 5 Square Feet
Hedwigia Ciliate Moss  Hedwigia Moss (Hedwigia ciliata)  TN Nursery cultivates some of the hardiest Hedwigia Moss (Hedwigia Ciliata) you can find anywhere.   Hedwigia Ciliate Moss thrives across many climates, making it easy to grow even for beginner gardeners. From a shady yard to partial sunshine, it makes a lovely ground cover in any spot where it's tough to grow other plants.   It grows well throughout most of the United States, from zones 4 to 9.  Hedwigia Ciliate Moss Can Prosper Almost Anywhere Hedwigia Ciliate is a rock-dwelling moss, making it perfect in a rock garden or anywhere you need to add some low-care greenery. If you have a steep, rocky hill or other sloped or difficult-to-maintain section in your yard, this groundcover moss can turn the spot from drab to fab.  It's also a fantastic option for a rooftop garden or an urban garden setting. That's because it does not require much soil or watering, which helps minimize the weight the building's structure must bear.  Hedwigia ciliata Makes a Stylish Statement.  However, a carefree nature does not mean you will sacrifice beauty.   The color of Hedwigia Moss is a vibrant green. The color of the leaves varies according to the humidity level--moisture turns the leaves greener, and they fade to a silvery shade of green during dry spells. Its leaves are oblong or oval, spirally branched, and have a sharply pointed and triangular tip.  The lovely green foliage stands erect and grows to a total height of just a couple of inches tall. Despite standing upright, it works as a ground cover because it stays relatively low to the ground, spreading relatively quickly in most soil conditions. The texture looks almost feathery, but the moss is hardy and more challenging against the elements than it appears at first glance. Its adaptability is second to none.   Order Hedgwigia Moss From TN Nursery Do you need to add color and texture to a bare spot in your yard? Hegwigia Moss could be an ideal option. Order from TN Nursery today; we are pleased to ship your order.  Hedwigia Ciliate Moss Is For Sale Online At Tn Nursery
Reindeer Moss - 5 Square Feet
Reindeer Moss (Cladonia ringiferina) Reindeer Moss Cladonia ringiferina is a species native to northern and eastern North America. Gardeners love this unique moss for its interesting texture and almost airy appearance. But more importantly, gardeners love how this resilient species can make itself comfortable in virtually any soil and climate. How resilient is Reindeer Moss? If you traveled to Alaska, you could even spot it on the Arctic Tundra, where water is too saline for most plants and frozen most of the year. Conversely, it grows through USDA growing zone 9 to the warmer temperatures in the driest parts of the south.  TN Nursery recommends this species for those who live in dry climates with limited access to water. Reindeer Moss Is Ideal for Arid Environments Do you live in an area with frequent water restrictions? If you love the look of moss but have limited ability to water it, Reindeer Moss may provide just the solution you need. Most mosses prefer a cool and moist climate. But Reindeer Moss is a xerophytic species. What does that mean? Xerophytic plants prefer arid climates and prefer a low-humidity environment. In fact, Cladonia ringiferina's density is best on dry sites, and its abundance decreases with increased moisture. Live in a Challenging Growing Environment? Try Cladonia rangiferina Reindeer moss grows in unexpected places, such as: From rocky outcroppings In dead moss From woody debris or dead trees Arid, desert regions Deep boreal forests. Reindeer Moss Has a Lovely Appearance and an Alluring Texture Reindeer Moss has an otherworldy appearance, with branching filaments resembling a reindeer's horns. Let's not stop the reindeer metaphor there. The colorful green stems give way to creamy white branches, giving those reindeer horn branches a snow-tipped look. As the rootless plant develops, the branches' weight will appear like a mat that sprawls lazily across the ground. This beautiful species can grow to about four inches in height and reach a diameter of about two feet. Order Reindeer Moss From TN Nursery If you want to conserve water but want a beautiful groundcover plant, order today, TN Nursery is here to help! Buy Reindeer Moss Cladonia rangiferina online at Tn Nursery
Haircap Moss - 5 Square Feet
Haircap Moss Polytrichum commune  Haircap moss: Polytrichum commune, which most people know best as haircap moss, is a plant that grows in large colonies worldwide. Polytrichum commune naturally grows in damp, boggy soils throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.  Its habitats include the edges of forests, soil-covered sandstone ledges, and canyons. Despite its harsh environment, it attracts other plants and seeds. It can surpass your expectations as a ground cover plant, even in a fully shaded part of your yard or garden.  TN Nursery offers gardeners some of the most striking haircap moss in the marketplace today.  Haircap Moss Lends Makes a Striking Appearance in Any Garden Haircap moss features sheathed stems in dark and glossy green. The stems and branches might appear delicate but looks can be deceiving. Traditional basketweavers have used haircap moss in their craft for centuries--it is more robust than you can imagine!  Haircap moss displays leaves with softly pointed tips. The color is an eye-pleasing bright hue of green. In groups, the Polytrichum commune can look like miniature conifer forests. The moss' name, Polytrichum, means "many hairs." It earns that name from the hairy appearance of the crisp green leaves.   Where Can You Plant Haircap Moss?  Despite its feathery appearance, haircap moss is tough and resilient. You can grow this moss in either full shade or partial shade. With sufficient watering, you can also place this hardy little plant in the full sun--it will adapt.  Plan to use haircap moss as a ground cover plant in rocky soil or a shade garden. It spreads over a few seasons. As it fills in, it helps to minimize soil erosion and to prevent flooding.  Do you need a ground cover slightly above your other mossy plants? Then haircap moss might be the solution to your problem. That's because the Polytrichum commune is one of the tallest mosses, reaching four inches in height at maturity.   Order Your Polytrichum commune Today From TN Nursery The experts at TN Nursery will be pleased to fill your order--give haircap moss a try! You won't be disappointed.  Haircap Moss Is A Great Way To Add Depth To Any Garden 
Peat Moss - 5 Square Feet
Peat Moss (Sphagnum centrale) Peat Moss: Many gardeners, even those with years of experience, often express surprise when they learn how easy it is to grow peat moss (Sphagnum centrale) in their backyards. This favorite potting medium enjoys popularity when planting tomatoes, berries, orchids, and other acid-loving plants. But somehow, gardeners rarely consider growing it themselves! Peat moss is a ground cover that expands quickly to form a dense mat in locations considered too shady for other plants. However, it also displays bright green foliage, making the area more lively and attractive. Peat Moss Can Enliven Your Yard Do you have areas of partial to heavy shade? If you have tried growing grass or other plants without any luck, you may have nutrient-depleted soil, too little rainfall, or too little sunshine. You might even have a combination of all three of those factors. Peat moss can help resolve that problem. First, it is a ground cover moss that will revitalize the area with its joyful green hues. Second, peat moss can bring life back to that barren part of your yard. It grows in the shadiest of spots, requiring only filtered sun. Moreover, its growth process can add moisture and nutrition back to your depleted soil. The barrel-shaped plant has spongy cells that wick in magnesium, calcium, and rainfall like a magnet. It then expels the water back to its immediate area. As the plants die, they compost on the ground, releasing the minerals and helping to lock in moisture. Consequently, the life cycle of peat moss helps to correct the deficiencies and bring your shady yard back to life. Peat Moss Makes a Wonderful Ground Cover or Companion Plant Because of the moisture-adding cycle described above, peat moss is a beautiful ground cover plant, and it's perfect as a companion plant near your vegetable, herb, or flower garden. Its life cycle will naturally fertilize your garden, making it more sustainable by minimizing your need for chemical additives to your garden. Order Your Peat Moss from TN Nursery Today Are you ready to revitalize your garden? Order peat moss from TN Nursery; we are here to dig your Sphagnum centrale and ship it to your door.
Thuidium Moss - 5 Square Feet
Thuidium Moss  Thuidium moss Thuidium delicatulum is a plant that forms mats in grassy places and on dirt, rocks, logs, and tree roots all over the Northern Hemisphere. These plants have a variety of species. These species have variations among themselves on different bases. Only around ten of the seventy-three species are indigenous to North America. It is found in a variety of locations. However, it prefers moist grasslands, forests, and shaded rocky regions. When people put it inside a terrarium, it forms a dense covering because it's a pleurocarpous plant. This plant prefers to be in an area with a lot of wetness. In a closed terrarium, it will thrive, and in an open terrarium, it requires constant misting. It is a beautiful texture variety of plants that, as the name implies, resembles a little fern. This moss species features fernlike branches and cylindrical, curving spore capsules that mature during late summer or Autumn. However, not all miniatures are created equal. Thuidium Moss can grow pretty huge. The leaves of these plants have the same axis (orientation) with their respective core stems. But when they are wet, the leaves diverge somewhat from them. The leaves are more appressed and constricted against the primary stem or branches when dry. Thuidium  Fern Moss spreads slowly at first, but it forms a thick carpet in the end It grows either by spores or when planted in new locations by small insects. It can, however, be spread using the division approach. The parent plant can be gently torn off and transplanted into new locations. After that, firmly press the pieces against the damp substrate. The plant spreads slowly at first but forms a thick carpet in the end. It's usually easy to care for, so give it some time, and the terrarium will have a healthy moss coating. Delicate plants grow into a carpet and spread quickly once established. Another fascinating feature about the Thuidium Moss species is that it is frequently utilized as nesting material by birds. Its vast size and ability to carpet densely make it an excellent protective cover for small vertebrate animals and critters found in woodlands. In a shaded setting, Thuidium delicatulum thrives. It can handle indirect sunshine but avoid direct sunlight to prevent leaf burn. This plant is a low-maintenance moss that is pretty low-maintenance. This plant species is ideal for terrariums with a woodland or forest theme. People buy this plant because they want to beautify their gardens. Because of their delicate structure, it is people's favorite. This plant is resistant to diseases, pests, and insects. Thuidium  Fern Moss is for sale online at TN Nursery