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Shrubs are the backbone of fine gardening.

Tn Nurseries Best Selling Shrubs

1. Burning Bush

2. Hibiscus

3. Privets

4. Forsythia

5. Hydrangea

Shrubs are plants that are essential for a great home, but they can also be expensive to buy. Tn Nursery offers a wide selection of beautiful flowering plants on sale, like forsythia, hydrangea, and viburnum bushes, and shipped to your door affordably. This means you'll save money when buying the best plants available online!

Our wide variety of flowering plants will make any yard or garden look amazing with vibrant colors and exceptional beauty. All our flowering bushes are easy to grow in most climates, making them perfect for every gardener, no matter their level. Buy now while supplies last!

Shrubs add the perfect touch of interest to your landscape. Unfortunately, they can be expensive and hard to find

Tn Nursery offers plants on sale, so you don't have to worry about paying too much or going somewhere inconvenient for the plants you want. We'll deliver them right to your door!

Our collection includes wide varieties of hydrangea, viburnum, forsythia, lilac, and more in sizes ranging from 1-4feet tall! We also carry flowering trees, including dogwood, redbud trees, and ornamental grasses that will brighten up any yard during springtime. With our wide selection of plants at affordable prices, we're sure you'll find something perfect for your garden today!

Problem: You've always wanted to grow some flowers in your yard, but you don't know where to start. Tn Nursery has a great selection of plants that will make any garden beautiful and unique. We provide high-quality flowering plants at affordable prices for all budgets. Order from our catalog today! All the shrub varieties we offer are guaranteed healthy and ready for transplanting when they arrive on your doorstep.

Our experts have carefully selected each variety based on its beauty, hardiness, and adaptability so that you can have years of beauty after planting it in your yard or garden. When you order from us, you get fresh cuttings delivered straight to your door and access to our expert gardening advice 365 days a year! If there's one thing we love more than growing plants, it's helping people who want to grow their plants succeed because we know plants!

We can help with that! At Tn Nursery, we have a wide selection of flowering plants on sale, making your yard look great and adding value to it. Our plants are shipped directly from our nursery in TN, so they're guaranteed fresh and healthy when delivered to your door. Check out our online store today or call us at 1-931-692-7325 if you have any questions about our products or services!

These are an integral part of residential and sometimes commercial landscaping. They are perfect for sidewalks and are classifieds as border plants. Depending on the type of shrub used, they can be short or tall. Knowing the types of plants and how they thrive in their native habitat can assist in deciding the best option for you.

Types of Native Shrubs and Hedges

 There are three most used types of shrubs:

  1. Evergreens are beautiful year-round and don't usually lose their leaves. They look and feel different based on selection.
  2. Deciduous
  3. These drop their leaves during the fall and then grow back in the spring. These are intentionally designed plants.
  4. Flowering
  5. These types of bushes can be evergreen or deciduous. Some bloom, and then leaves appear; others can bloom anytime.

Did you know that hedges are just bushes put together in a wall? Hedges serve different purposes. When used for landscape aesthetics, they can be evergreen or deciduous but are used to offer different levels of privacy. Choosing the right plant is a process. It is crucial to figure out the shrub's climate to ensure it can stand over a long period.

How it will be used is something to consider. Is it privacy? Depending on where you live, a more wildlife base may be an excellent solution to provide berries and flowers to any animals in the area. The plants must be in the right conditions to thrive. It has its personality and requirements based on where its native habitat is. In optimal conditions, these native plants will thrive.

Features may also draw you to a particular plant, such as bushes with beautiful flowers or some with multiple features. Caring for these is a factor. Privet plants used to be popular. Although pretty, having to cut to keep up with it continuously may not work. A drought-tolerant option may be better suited to your needs.

Yes, bushes are Different from Trees. Adding different types of native plants is always a good idea for variety in the design. While they are great ideas, having a tree or two adds to the ecosystem. Here are the differences:

  1. A tree is considered to be a tall plant that has woody tissue.
  2. Trees grow two rings annually – one in the summer and one in the spring.
  3. Common trees in the U.S. include the loblolly pine.
  4. Shrubs are woody plants with a height of fewer than 18 feet and perennial stems. They can also be called bushes.
  5. Common shrubs in the U.S. include lilacs, forsythia, roses, and hibiscus.

While different, they work well together when landscaping. You can have a tall shrub and a small tree, which adds to the mix-up. Knowing how they can effectively work together makes a difference.

Shrub Maintenance Tips

 If you're going to plant bushes and possibly create hedges, it's essential to know how to care for them properly:

  1. Remove any diseased, dead, or broken branches. When shrubs are dormant, this is the best time for pruning. Certain plants require a little more care than others.
  2. Water them, especially during the first year, to ensure the soil is moist, and they can learn to stand independently. Ensure the water penetrates the internal system. Using a soaker hose to water all the plants would be helpful.
  3. While most bushes don't need fertilizer, the possibility of weeds affecting the garden is excellent. If the shrub turns yellow, test the soil and use fertilizer if necessary.
  4. There are a few ways to handle the shrubs during the winter months. Some shrubs may need to be wrapped, while others may need animal repellent spray.

For the best outcome when planning how to use your land or increase the aesthetic, consider the look and feel of what you want as your research. Incorporating shrubs and trees that can protect and create habitats, produce food, and provide. Planting shrubs and other native plants will provide a beautiful aesthetic to your home or commercial property. 

Are you ready to elevate the look and feel of your current property? Allow a landscaper to determine how we can help you. It can be overwhelming to hear about all the types of trees available, but our staff makes things easy. For more information, call now!

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