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Shrubs, The Perfect Border Addition For Patios, Walkways or Against A Home

They provide small birds and animals refuge, create excellent privacy hedges and borders and also increases the value of a property. Shrubs usually do not exceed over 10 feet in height making them perfect for small border landscaping and adaptable to moist soils and climates. Shrubs come in fruiting, flowering, evergreen and native varieties. 

Shrub Varieties Are Evergreen, Flowering & Berry Producing

However, these can be as beautiful as they are useful when it comes to planning a landscape. For example, Rose of Sharon and Lilac shrubs are hardy plants that produce beautiful flowers and attract pollinators. Shrubs are defined as woody plants with many stems and a shorter height than a tree (though some species of plant may develop into either, depending on their growing conditions).


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Some shrubs are evergreen, and most are perennial, meaning you don't have to worry about digging them up and planting new ones each year. A topiary is a shrub that has been "groomed" into a particular shape. Many shrubs can be allowed to grow wild without trimming, but ones planted close to homes, or other structures may need regular shaping. Non-Ornamental Uses for Shrubs-Well-tended shrubs can be clustered or staggered to denote property borders, create privacy, or act as a windbreak. You might plant a row of bushes along one side of your yard to put some distance between you and your neighbors, for instance. Planting shrubs around your home can help insulate it from winter winds or provide shade through hot summers. If specific pests plague your garden, shrubs can help deter them.


You can also provide food and shelter for local birds with shrubs.

Burning bush, staghorn sumac  and privet shrubs are great plants to use. Privet plants are evergreen hedge shrubs. You can also incorporate topiary shrubs into your landscaping for increased curb appeal.

Maintenance - How much time do you want to spend on maintaining your landscape? Plants like the Virginia rose bush usually look their best with regular deadheading and pruning, while a butterfly bush only needs to be pruned down every spring to stimulate new growth. Hardiness Zone-Plants grow differently (or not at all) depending on the climate they're grown in. The butterfly bush mentioned above will form into a woody, tree-like shrub in warmer zones, but not in cooler ones. Make sure your shrubs will survive! Some may also prefer more acidic or basic soil, more or less sunlight, and so on. These are all important considerations when choosing a landscaping plant that will flourish and improve your property with its presence. Shrubs for sale online at Tn Nursery. We Ship to all states fast. Buy from a trusted online nursery.


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