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Shrubs come in many different varieties 

Are you wondering where to buy high-quality, easy-to-grow, affordable shrubs online? You’ve come to the right place. We have a great range of easy-to-grow shrubs for every garden situation and every zone.

Shrubs that flower are beautiful

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Shrubs make a beautiful perennial border

Are you looking to buy productive, perennial plants for your edible garden? That's a great decision because growing perennial edibles is much less work than growing annuals. Now you just need to decide which edibles you'll grow.

Do you long for the taste of garden-fresh blueberries? Have you a hankering for elderflower wine? Maybe you want to make your own chokeberry juice? We sell all these edible shrubs and more.

Nowadays, the perennial border is such an integral part of every garden because perennials need so much less maintenance and care than annuals. But what will you plant in your perennial border? Well, that’s the million dollar question.

There are so many perennials that will work well in every zone regardless of your soil type and average rainfall. But every border needs to have plants of varying heights and most will contain a variety of shrubs.

You might choose a taller shrub as a focal point in your perennial border to add interest. Perhaps a brilliant red crepe myrtle or blue wisteria would suit your color scheme.

You’ll also probably choose a range of complementary shrubs that tickle your fancy. If you’re planting your perennial border along an actual border of your property, you might even include hedging shrubs like California privet or regal privet.

If you’re planting a perennial border in an edible portion of your garden you’ll enjoy our range of edible shrubs. Our berry plants are particularly popular for this purpose and you can even pair them with berry vines as ground covers.

And if you’re planting a native garden you can’t go past our range of native plants.

As you can see, the sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to what you can do with perennials in your garden and it all begins with choosing beautiful, easy-to-maintain shrubs. So don’t wait any longer, start adding shrubs to your shopping cart now.

Pro tip 1:

When planning your garden, start with the tallest plants you’re going to grow. Often this will be one or more trees.

Once you have them spaced the way you want, you can then start planning which shrubs you’ll plant and where you’ll position them. Shrubs come in all different sizes so be sure to place taller shrubs towards the back of garden beds and borders.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect shrubs for your garden you can then look for smaller perennials and annuals that perfectly complement your chosen trees and shrubs. And don’t forget to underplant with plenty of ground covers. Ground covers not only look great, they also act as a living mulch to keep moisture in and insulate the soil and plant roots.

Pro tip 2:

Most properties have areas of full sun and part-sun or dappled shade and many have areas of full shade as well. Study your property at different times of the day to determine how much light each area gets so you can pick the shrubs that best suit each area.

So if you’re looking for affordable, easy-to-grow shrubs that complement the trees and smaller plants you’ve chosen for your garden, we’ve got a wide range of easy-care shrubs that will do the trick. Buy yours today from just $10.99.