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Hibiscus Laevis

Hibiscus Laevis

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02 , 2016

Posted on Thursday 3/25

Hibiscus Laevis 

Have you ever been on a boat on a lake and seen all the gorgeous flowers out in the water that has beautiful blooms on it. 

The plants are tall and slender which produce gorgeous white blooms with pink or red centers that look like bulls-eyes. 

These are called Hibiscus Laevis otherwise known as a water hibiscus which is a gorgeous water or wetland plant that needs to be enjoyed quickly because the blooms only last 1-2 days at the most before they wilt and fall off. The Hibiscus closes in the shade or at night then in the full sun opens up and produces a gorgeous bloom. Hibiscus laevis blooms in large colonies in marshy areas from late July to September. 

They are becoming harder to find out in the wild because they grow well in muddy, marshy areas where the mud settles and deposits which are being increasingly less due to overpopulation and people taking over areas with houses and other products. This perennial flower native to central and eastern North America has blooms that can open up to 15cm and need exposure to direct sunlight to open up to its full potential. The stems are hairless and frequently grow up to 2 m tall and sometimes even taller. 

The blooming period can occur from mid-summer to early fall and lasts about a month. The Hibiscus reseeds itself, and the stalks die down in the winter which allows them to grow back in the spring. The plant likes full or partial sun and very moist conditions; they like clay, sand, and wet soil. They grow well along ponds, streams, lakes and marshy areas. The Hibiscus seeds are eaten by waterfowl and Bobwhite quail, so they don’t just look pretty they are also a staple part of the environment. 

The Hibiscus Laevis is a wonderful plant especially if you live near water to give you some added color. It is a gorgeous plant that adds a tremendous touch of color when it is in bloom. We live near several lakes, and I love going down near the lake when the Hibiscus or water Hibiscus is in full bloom, I love watching them just hover there over the water and watch all the spring life of butterflies and dragonflies migrate to this gorgeous plant. I like to dig a little piece of the plant up and take it back to my home and plant it in a water container so I can watch it grow in my yard…it is breathtaking.

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