NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Easy Shrubs To Grow

Easy shrubs to plant. This category of plants shows you exactly what type of shrub is best for your landscape! From hydrangea bushes to Carolina allspice, we'll cover everything from location and light preferences to soil types and more. No matter where you live or what climate zone you're in, there's an easy plant that will thrive in your yard! We make it easy to pick out the best plants for your backyard, patio, or shade area with our plant database. Search by size, color, and more to find the suitable shrubs, flowers, and trees that are perfect for you. Our database is full of beautiful photos of each plant and detailed information on what they look like in different seasons and how big they will grow. You can even sort them based on bloom time, so you know when to expect your first showy blooms!

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Easy Shrubs To Grow


Shrubs are a necessity for any well-designed landscape. The middle layer between trees and ground plants is key to creating wildlife habitats. In addition to providing food, they can provide shelter for birds and other small animals to nest in. Shrubs can also create privacy and help block some noise if you live along a noisy road. Here are three easy-to-grow shrubs that can enhance your landscape. 


Forsythia Shrubs


 These bright, cheery shrubs are some of the earliest to bloom in the spring. Their bright yellow flowers attract birds and insects to bring your garden to life. Forsythia shrubs will adapt to almost any soil though they prefer to be planted in full sun. This shrub is very hardy and resistant to pests or funguses. The key to beautiful forsythias is to prune them back. Pruning should be done in the spring, right after the shrub has bloomed. Forsythia blooms on old wood, so whatever grows this year will bloom next year. 


Privet Hedges


 Privet shrubs are an excellent option to add privacy to your property. They are dense evergreen hedges that can grow into each other to create a border. Plant the shrubs spaced a foot apart in a trench two feet wide and two feet deep to create a border. These shrubs prefer direct sunlight and deep watering once per week when they are being established. They are very hardy and do well in most soil types as long as the soil does not get waterlogged. Once established, private hedges can be shaped to suit your needs. 


Hydrangea Shrubs


 Hydrangeas are a classically beautiful flowering shrub that can add a stunning splash of color to any yard. Hydrangea shrubs come in all sorts of colors and bloom sizes. They can be used in groups or alone to add a pop of color. They can even be used to create a border or grown alone in a container. Unlike the other two shrub options, hydrangeas prefer a little bit of shade to protect them from the heat of the midday sun. They do well in fertile, well-draining soil. Most hydrangeas should be pruned before August by cutting the oldest stems down to the base. Use mulch or straw to protect the plant over the winter. 


 These three shrub options are sure to bring life to your garden. Use them to create borders or add color and invite life into your garden.