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Best Sellers- Shrubs

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Our Best Selling Shrubs

 Shrubs are one of the most important elements of any landscape. Offering texture, color and year-round visual interest, these are our most popular shrubs. 

Burning Bushes 

Burning bushes are known for their extremely showy foliage that turns fiery red in fall. Dense and deciduous, these flat-topped favorites thrive in most growing conditions and are easy to transplant. 


Lilacs are a garden classic thanks to their sweet fragrance. Suitable as attention-grabbing centerpieces or as border shrubs, these perennials produce blooms in purple, pink, blue, red, white or yellow in spring and attract butterflies and hummingbirds throughout the season. 

Hydrangea Shrubs 

Vigorous and vibrant, hydrangea shrubs are a favorite due to their large rounded flower clusters in pink, blue, cream and purple. The easy-to-grow shrubs can flourish in shade or sun, bringing beauty to your garden or yard from summer to autumn. 

Privet Shrubs 

This traditional favorite is often planted as a “living fence.” A fixture in classic suburban landscapes, privet shrubs grow quickly and may be trimmed to neat geometric perfection or left to grow a bit wilder. 


Offering something for every gardener and plant lover, viburnums are popular for their colorful berries, sweet fragrance, showy flowers and brilliant foliage. Versatile and appealing to birds and butterflies, this shrub is also adaptable and easy to grow. 

Button Bush Shrubs 

Button bush shrubs are named for the rounded, button-like appearance of their flowers, but they are prized for their intense sweet scent. Blooms of pale pink or creamy white entice butterflies, and gardeners are attracted to the plant’s height. 

Spice Bush 

This native American shrub produces aromatic, showy yellow flowers in the early months of spring, followed by small, glossy crimson fruits in fall. Growing up to eight feet tall, the spice bush thrives in partial sun to light shade.