NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Decorating your yard is a fun and healthy way to make lasting memories and beautiful touch to your home. The question is, where to start? Do you stick to one type of plant, flower, or maybe even a garden of fruits and vegetables? It all depends on your taste and what needs you are trying to accomplish. Let's not forget budgeting. Spending can be limited and may lead you to change plans to adjust to your wallet.

An accessible and straightforward start to home landscaping is working with evergreens.

There are many types to choose from, not just evergreen trees but also shrubs that offer berries and an assortment of flowers. Being so popular is that most evergreens are low maintenance and can handle poor soil conditions.

Evergreen trees are a perfect way to help seclude you from bothersome neighbors, and they attract wildlife due to their ability to provide shelter and food.

Such as the evergreen conifers, the cones they produce are a fantastic food source for birds and small mammals alike. English Ivy looks excellent near evergreens because it's one too.

A few common evergreen conifers are white pine, spruce pine, fir, and hemlock. White pine is a must-have due to its semi-fire-resistant quality. In a healthy state, they usually have no branches on the lower part of the trunk. They were leaving space to decorate with smaller plants like Boxwood. If you're looking for a tree with more height, look into a spruce pine. They can reach an astonishing two hundred feet and are shade tolerant.

Now, who can go wrong with a Leyland cypress? A growing favorite among Christmas tree shoppers. A dark green color all year round, this tree is also a fast grower. The needles stay on the tree very well, and it's resistant to almost all diseases. Do you dislike chopping down a tree for Christmas? This tree is known for adapting well to transplant, making it a fun family event to plant the Christmas tree in the spring to let it grow and mature. Not to mention those pesky insects do not seem to be a problem for the Leyland cypress. For those with pollen allergies, this evergreen cypress hardly aggravates your sensitive eyes and nose. The Leyland cypress is a small tree compared to the pines, growing to an average height of forty-nine feet.

For a bit of color and sparkle, Azalea's are a beautiful touch to any yard. This evergreen shrub comes in many colors, from red, pink, white, to even a soft coral. Rhododendron shrubs are a cluster of flowers full of color. They make a great touch underneath the towering trees mentioned earlier at an average of just four feet tall. Even the classic Holly is an evergreen; this famous holiday decoration sports blue, green leaves all year round. Let's not forget the vibrant red berries, and at a full sun to partial shade planting guideline, it's not hard to find a spot perfect for this ten to fifteen-foot tall shrub.

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