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Easy Fern Choices To Grow

 Easy Ferns To Grow

Easy ferns to grow to create beautiful landscapes are favorites in both rural and urban settings. Their lush fronds and deep colors grace woodland gardens and backyard pathways with the soothing sense of a deep forest.

The lovely plants are prized for low maintenance as well as pest- and disease-resistance. Many varieties are as much at home inside the house as they are out in the yard. These three favorites are graceful examples of easy-to-grow ferns.

Dryopteris wallichiana - Wallich's Wood Fern (3.5" Pot) | Little Prince To  Go

New York Fern

New York fern grows well in all types of gardens. Its pale yellow-green fronds are soft and finely textured. The sharp taper of each frond's base and tip gives it a delicate appearance.

Encouraging the hardy fern to spread brings visual interest to ordinary outdoor spaces. This versatile perennial is also an excellent choice for containers.

Cyrtomium falcatum - Japanese Holly Fern (3.5" Pot) | Little Prince To Go

Hay Scented Fern

Hay scented fern lives up to its name. Its crushed fronds give off the fragrance of freshly mowed hay. With an average height of 2 feet and a spread of 3 to 7 feet, its blue-green foliage stays vibrant through the end of summer. By fall, its colors shift to soft yellows.

The fern is often planted as border edging, but it also works well as a luxurious ground cover. The perennial is both drought- and deer-resistant.

Creating a Stunning Fern Garden in a Shady Location

Lady Fern

Lady fern stands out as an elegant and colorful addition to the garden. Green, purple or red stalks feature vibrant feathery fronds. The first cold snap turns the lacy, bright green leaflets to a golden yellow.

This fern easily serves as inspiration for creating beautiful garden layouts as well as building lovely flower arrangements. The nutritious fiddleheads are edible and considered a nutritious ingredient in sautees, stir-fries and soups.

New York Fern - TN Nursery

New York Fern

The New York Fern is a native, deciduous species with delicate, lacy fronds and a distinctive appearance, commonly found in Eastern North American woodlands. These medium-sized, deciduous plants offer a delightful display of yellow-green fronds that carpet the forest floor. The appearance of this plant is that it is blade-shaped with triangular blades. The plant's blade is most comprehensive in the middle and tapers sharply at both ends. The New York Fern is a type of plant that grows well throughout the eastern part of North America, and it's found in large numbers throughout New York. This perennial might just be what you need to fill certain spaces in your yard that would benefit from greenery but might not as be as friendly towards some of the flowers that currently occupy your space. Let's see why this plant might be a good fit in your current landscape. New York Fern Reduces Soil Erosion and Weed Growth These plants are typically used as groundcover in areas where grass and other plants don't do as well. As a result, filling these spaces comes with some benefits. First, this plant takes root to prevent soil erosion in areas where soil isn't being kept in place by root systems. As an added benefit, the growth of this lush green plant throughout your yard makes it difficult for weeds to take root, preventing unwanted weed growth. New York Fern Can Improve the Air Quality Around You These plants are adept at capturing pollutants from the air and making it so that you can breathe a bit easier and enjoy your outdoor space. If you're someone who's constantly being bothered by dust or pollen, consider adding this plant to your landscape along with others that are known to improve air quality. The New York Fern Is a Good Cover for Wildlife Without the Risk of Being Eaten Biodiversity is important on any property, and you'll find that this plant is a friend to local wildlife. For example, this ground cover is known to serve as a great cover for certain animals like toads. The better news? It's not a plant that's typically sought after by larger animals like deer, which means that it will provide cover for other animals until the cold weather comes in. Grows Fast and Gets Thicker With Time This plant is a fast-growing plant that will quickly establish itself in your space, and trailing rhizomes will constantly be shooting up additional fronds that provide an even thicker look to your space. If you're looking for something that's hard to ruin and will start thriving in certain spaces almost immediately, this is the ground cover to go with.

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