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Flowering Vine Benefits in Landscaping

Add Shade With Chocolate Flowering Vines

Chocolate vines produce aromatic blooms every spring. Their small flowers appear in clusters and are usually white and pink in color, or somewhat yellow and deep purple. Chocolate vines are great for creating shading since they spread vegetatively, both horizontally and vertically. They can grow as much as 40 feet each growing season. They thrive in shady environments as well as in areas exposed to lots of sunlight. During late summer, these vines produce edible fruit that looks somewhat like eggplants.


Attract Hummingbirds With Bougainvillea Flowering Vines

Bougainvillea vines bloom all year and are full of nectar. This attracts hummingbirds and encourages pollination. Bracts are the term for the plant's modified leaves, which look like flowers. These papery leaves conceal tiny, trumpet-shaped blooms. Bougainvillea vines can reach heights of up to 40 feet vertically and 20 feet horizontally.


Add Ground Cover With a Trumpet Flowering Vine

Trumpet vines grow fast, reaching their full height of up to 33 feet in the first six months of growth. They feature a vast number of rootline aerial stems, making them useful for holding the ground in place and giving them the nickname "devil's shoestrings." These vines bloom each year from June to September. Their three-inch-long flowers are usually yellow, orange and red in color and shaped like a trumpet.

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Make Your Garden Beautiful With a Wisteria Flowering Vine

Not many blooming vines can match the size and abundance of blossoms produced by wisteria plants. They bloom mid-spring after their third year of growth, producing aromatic mauve, pink, bluish-lavender and white blossoms. The young leaves of a Japanese wisteria plant tend to have a bronze or light green color, but they change to a yellow hue as the seasons change. Wisteria vines can grow up to 40 feet tall and 30 feet wide.

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