Tree Nursery

Welcome to TN Nursery - Your Source for Beautiful Trees and Shrubs

If you're looking to add some lush greenery to your landscape, TN Nursery has you covered. As a family-owned and operated tree nursery located right here in Tennessee, we specialize in growing and nurturing thousands of varieties of trees, shrubs, and plants that are perfectly suited to thrive in our climate. 

At Our Tree Nursery We Believe Healthy Plants Start from the Ground Up  

At TN Nursery, we understand that healthy plants start from the ground up. That's why we pay careful attention to our soil, ensuring it has the right balance of nutrients to help our trees and shrubs establish strong root systems and grow to their fullest potential. Over our 30+ years in business, we’ve perfected soil mixes specifically formulated for the wide variety of plant species we offer.  

In addition to nutrient-rich soil, we ensure all our nursery stock receives plenty of sunshine and the right amount of water and care by our experienced horticultural staff. We meticulously prune and shape plants for optimal form and strength. You can trust that any tree, shrub, or plant from our nursery will arrive on your property vigorous, healthy, and ready to thrive.  

We Offer Trees and Shrubs for Every Landscape - TN Tree Nursery

As a full-service tree nursery, we proudly offer an incredible selection of trees and shrubs guaranteed to match any landscape style or need. Whether you’re looking for privacy trees, evergreen shrubs for year-round structure and color, flowering varieties that blossom in vivid hues, or even hardy native plants adapted to Tennessee's climate, you’re sure to find it at our nursery. 

Some customer favorites include:

  • Gorgeous maple, oak, and elm shade trees, available in weeping, columnar, dwarf, and standard varieties
  • Flowering dogwood, redbud, and serviceberry trees
  • Robust evergreen shrubs like boxwood, holly, yew, and arborvitae in many cultivars 
  • Fast-growing privacy screens such as green giant arborvitae, skyrocket juniper, and leyland cypress
  • Colorful blooming azalea, hydrangea, forsythia, spirea, and more
  • Native shrubs and plants specially bred to flourish throughout Tennessee

No matter your landscaping needs, TN Nursery stands ready to provide you exceptional trees, shrubs, perennials, and nursery stock for creating your landscape vision.

We Make Planting Easy with Delivery and Care Tips  

We don’t just provide the plants - we’re here to set you up for landscaping success! After you’ve selected the perfect trees and shrubs for your property, rely on our delivery and planting services to get them into the ground stress-free. Our team will carefully deliver your nursery stock, prepare the planting holes, amend the soil, place the root balls, and water in the new additions. We’ll even offer tips and recommendations for caring for your new trees and shrubs after planting so they continue thriving for years to come.  

Additionally, you'll find a wealth of gardening resources on our website including interactive planting guides, plant finder tools to identify nursery stock, landscape design ideas, videos, and FAQs - because TN Nursery is about sharing our green thumb passion!