The Mighty Chestnut Oak Tree

Discover Gorgeous & Hardy Chestnut Oak Trees Grown in Tennessee

Seeking stunning “chestnut trees for sale” that not only match your landscape vision but reliably produce edible nuts across seasons? As Middle Tennessee’s premier nut tree nursery for over 30 years, TN Nursery offers the region’s widest selection of American and Chinese chestnut trees, guaranteed to deliver on both form and function. Read on for an inside look at our diverse chestnut tree offerings, ready to plant in zones 6 and 7! 

Premium Chestnut Oak Trees For Sale 

From majestic towering specimens to compact ornamental varieties sporting brilliant red fall foliage, our chestnut tree nursery contains Tennessee's largest selection – all propagated onsite – including:

  • Blight-resistant American chestnut hybrids maximizing hardy nut production  
  • Stately Chinese chestnut trees yielding abundantly, perfect for residential yards
  • Compact, ornamental shrub forms like ‘Red Dwarf’ sporting gorgeous autumn coloring
  • Ultra cold-hardy Dunstan varieties specifically bred for Southern regions

We also carry related exotic chestnut species like enormous Seguin elm-leaf chestnuts and fragrant chinquapin chestnuts. With stock spanning across 100 nursery acres, possibilities for incorporating luscious chestnuts feel truly endless! We ship nationwide!

Chestnut Oak Trees For Sale - Thriving Trees  

All of the chestnut trees you find thriving across our nursery are grown right here in Tennessee soils optimized specifically for blight resistance, prolific flowering, and cold hardiness through Zone 6 winters.  

Leveraging insider knowledge of environmental factors influencing chestnut vigor and resilience, our experts hand-select parent stock from only the very best local specimen trees each season. The resulting seeds and seedlings get carefully nurtured using decades of regional propagation experience focusing on quality, health, and abundance.  

You’ll enjoy reliable flowering and nut production with less intensive care compared to imported nursery stock. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing your chestnut tree withstands common Midstate disease and climate challenges!

Passionate Care Standards for Quality Chestnut Oak Trees

At TN Nursery, growing vibrant, resilient chestnut trees motivates everything we do. Meticulous care regimens designed specifically for each chestnut variety encourage:  

  • Ideal canopy architecture through structural pruning for ample flowering and reliable nut production
  • Integrated pest solutions to overcome blights without excessive chemicals   
  • Custom soil amendments to balance nutrition based on individual tree needs  
  • Proactive preventatives enhancing natural disease resistance  
  • Winter protections developed through years of regional trial and error 

Our decades of perfecting chestnut tree care techniques culminate in specimens ready to create your own nut-producing woodland paradise!

Connect With TN Nursery’s Chestnut Tree Experts  

Ready to uncover chestnut trees bred specifically for Tennessee's growing success? Contact our team anytime to discuss adding beautiful and functional chestnut specimens perfectly suited to your growing zone!

Chestnut Oak Seedlings - TN Nursery

Chestnut Oak Seedlings

Chestnut Oak Seedlings are young trees characterized by their distinctive serrated leaves with rounded lobes and acorn-producing capabilities, typical of mature chestnut oak trees. They allow you to create an ideal landscape that has the potential to remain intact for generations to come. They can also help keep soil erosion to a minimum from planting, as they don't necessarily go dormant in the fall. The Chestnut Oak Seedlings Can Cover a Large Area They will grow into this type of tree if they grow to a tremendous height. A mature tree can grow to about 100 feet tall, with branches extending dozens of feet in all directions. More importantly, the tree's root system can produce as much as five times as large as the crown system. This means you can have effective root systems that cover acres of land with just a handful of trees. Chestnut Oak Seedlings Mature Quickly Typically, it takes this type of tree about 20 years to get close to its full height and maturity. However, some trees can start producing their acorns within three years. In addition to providing you with an easy source of free tree growth, you can begin to attract a variety of wildlife to the area. Chestnut Oak Seedlings Attracts Wildlife To Your They attract a variety of animals, including birds, squirrels, and rabbits. You'll also attract chipmunks and other creatures you'll enjoy watching from your deck or out the kitchen window. Squirrels are particularly desirable in your yard because they do a great job of dispersing acorns to areas where they can grow and thrive. This tree can also attract a wide variety of insects that can be used for fishing bait or admired throughout the year. The acorns produced by Chestnut Oak Seedlings can hold significant amounts of water within their shells. This means that they can help soak up extra moisture even before they start to develop their root systems.

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