Please watch the following video to see how your plants should look when they arrive, instructions on when your plants will green out and be beautiful and how to check to see if they are dead.

If you have received your plants and there is any problem, you must report the issue within 24 hours of receiving them;

to report dead plants, or if you have a problem with an order you just received, please fill out the below claim form:


Our Reasoning For Offering a 1 Year Warranty = "Spring Will Tell The Tale"

Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are shipped dormant, without greenery, foliage, or blooms. They should green out in Spring, within 1-2 weeks after other trees or shrubs in your yard green out.

For Perennials, Ferns, Vines or Groundcovers

 If anything planted below the surface of the soil is planted and temperatures are above 70 degrees, 1-5% may come in that spring or summer, but the majority of those will all come in the following spring. Please wait until your other plants come up and give your new plants a couple of extra weeks before you file a claim.

Other Terms of Warranty

 We only offer a one-time in-store credit or reshipment on any shortages reported within 24 hours.

 We are not responsible if you trash your plants and can not send us images for proof of dead plants.

Order refusals will not be credited or refunded. We ship bareroot plants, and by the time they are delivered back to us, they are dead. It takes 2-3 weeks sometimes for order refusals to arrive, and they are not salvageable

Order Cancellations

We can not cancel an order if it's been pre-dug and ready to ship out.

We ship dormant bare-root plants (how plants look in winter) with no leaves, foliage, or greenery, but they are alive. We only ship in the dormant season when it's safe. In the spring, they will be beautiful, leaf and green out.


Click on The Below Link For Instructions On How To Preform a Scratch Test



Why do we remove the tops from items planted under the soil's surface? This is for Perennials, Ferns and Vines

They often overheat in transit and we remove tops on all the above plants.