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Native Plant Nursery

TN Nursery: Your Source for Native Plants

Searching for the ideal “native plant nursery”? TN Nursery specializes in offering Tennessee gardeners the widest selection of vibrant native plants, trees, shrubs, and perennials guaranteed to naturally thrive across Middle Tennessee. As a family-owned nursery focused exclusively on regional flora for over 30 years, we possess intimate expertise in the intricate ecosystem connections enabling native species to flourish here. 

Native Plant Nursery - Expansive Selection of Native Plant Species

Unlike transplanting generic ornamentals from afar and hoping they survive, our native plant nursery allows discovering Tennessee species naturally occurring across the state, including:  

  • Wild native azaleas, dogwood, redbud, hydrangea, sumac, and more are ideal for woodland plantings
  • Ornamental native grasses like switch grass, purple love grass, and fluffy muhly grass
  • Brilliant native perennials attracting pollinators like a blazing star, goldenrod, and bee balm
  • Flowering native shrubs like elderberry, spicebush, beautyberry, and others
  • Cold-hardy native evergreens like red cedar, inkberry holly, bayberry, and more

Expect incredible diversity across 100 lush acres as we continually expand offerings by studying Tennessee’s forests and meadows to uncover little-known gems. New native finds get tested onsite to confirm regional suitability before adding inventory.

Native Plants Selected for Local Ecosystem Compatibility  

Rather than forcing foreign plants to (hopefully) adapt, our native plant nursery inventory naturally thrives right here in Tennessee. Through studying native species in forests and meadows, our horticulture experts possess a deep understanding of East and Middle Tennessee native ecosystems – the intricate connections between plants, regional humidity patterns, variable soil compositions, temperature shifts, and seasonal rain or drought.   

By replicating native growing conditions, we produce plants with natural genetic resilience to flourish in your landscape. Expect healthier native plants requiring less amendments and maintenance compared to imported varieties over the long term.

Passion for Growing Robust Native Plants  

At TN Nursery, vibrant plant health motivates everything we do. You’ll find our commitment reflected in native plant care tailored specifically to the needs of individual species, including:

  • Integrated pest management aligning to species susceptibility  
  • Pruning allows proper structural branch and root development
  • Handling and protecting delicate root systems  
  • Soil amendments matching natural habitat compositions
  • Sheltering and seasonal protections before allowing plants to go dormant  

Our focus results in hardy native plants that establish quicker and withstand seasonal changes better once incorporated into your garden.

Connect to TN Nursery’s Native Plant Passion and Insider Expertise!  

Ready to explore native plant offerings directly from passionate regional experts focused exclusively on Tennessee flora? Contact TN Nursery to chat about native plants or schedule a private guided nursery tour!