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Seeking a quality "tree and shrub nursery near me"? Located just 10 miles outside McMinnville, TN, Nursery has proudly offered exceptional trees and shrubs to Middle Tennessee homeowners, landscapers, and plant retailers for over 30 years. As longtime Zone 6 and 7 plant experts focused exclusively on regional selections, our offerings represent the cream of the crop for healthy trees and shrubs genetically equipped to thrive in Tennessee's variable climate. Read on to learn why we're the trusted tree and shrub nursery for miles around!

Unrivaled Trees and Shrubs Selection - Tree and Shrub Nursery Near Me

Across 100 lush acres, TN Nursery contains the Midstate's most diverse inventory, including:


  • Flowering orchard trees, shade trees, privacy trees, and more!
  • Deciduous and evergreen varieties for year-round landscape structure
  • Saplings to towering 20-footers for upcoming and instant impact


  • Flowering shrubs for vibrant hydrangeas, azaleas, roses and springtime blooms
  • Fruiting shrub options like blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry bushes
  • Broadleaf and needled evergreen shrubs for persistent landscape texture

Expect fresh inspiration, whether dreaming up colorful focal points, an edible landscape or building evergreen structures!

Tree and Shrub Nursery Near Me

Through decades focused exclusively on regional growing conditions, our expert horticulturists have intimately understood local climate, humidity, and soil. We leverage this insider perspective to:

  • Select/breed plants capable of handling humidity extremes and seasonal storms
  • Amend soil recipes catering to individual plants' nutritional needs
  • Time propagation and transplanting around normal rainfall patterns
  • Harden off plants before delivery for moisture fluctuation resilience

The result? Tree and shrub varieties are genetically equipped to thrive across Tennessee gardens with less upkeep than imported nursery varieties.

Vibrant Care Standards for Quality Trees and Shrubs

At TN Nursery, growing healthy, resilient plants motivates everything we do. You'll find our passion evident across the nursery through:

  • Integrated pest management emphasizing prevention
  • Structural pruning for desirable growth patterns over time
  • Customized soil mixes and fertilization selected plant-by-plant
  • Protection from temperature extremes in enclosed shelters
  • Careful handling and transportation to avoid root damage

Our rigor produces fuller foliage, prolific blooms, and peak performance in your garden for years on end!

Tap into Decades of Local Tree and Shrub Expertise!

Contact our team anytime to explore finding the perfect trees and shrubs among TN Nursery's vibrant offerings, specially nurtured for regional landscape success by local planting pros!

Wild Blackberry - TN Nursery

Wild Blackberry

Wild Blackberry is a thorny, woody shrub that produces small, sweet, and black or dark purple berries, often found in various habitats, including woodlands, fields, and along roadsides. They are delightful additions to any garden or natural landscape, offering many benefits beyond their fruits. These hardy and versatile plants display various attributes that make them desirable for planting and cultivating. One notable attribute is their adaptability to various environmental conditions. They are commonly found in temperate and subtropical regions, thriving in diverse soil types ranging from sandy loam to clay. Additionally, they can tolerate almost anywhere planted, making them an ideal choice for many different garden settings. Aesthetic Value Of Wild Blackberry Another appealing feature of these plants is their aesthetic value. These bushes sport lush green foliage that turns shades of red and orange in the fall, creating a stunning display of colors as the seasons change. The plants produce beautiful white or pink flowers in spring, adding further charm to the landscape. With their graceful arching canes, they also serve as excellent natural barriers or hedgerows, enhancing privacy and providing habitat for wildlife.  Wild Blackberries Play A Vital Role In Supporting Wildlife Beyond their ornamental value, they have ecological importance. They provide for various animals, birds, and insects. The dense thickets they form offer nesting sites for birds, while the berries serve as a crucial source for small mammals, such as chipmunks and raccoons, as well as pollinators like bees and butterflies. Moreover, these plants contribute to soil conservation. Their extensive root systems help prevent erosion by stabilizing the soil and minimizing the risk of water runoff. Their capacity to colonize disturbed areas also aids in ecological restoration efforts, as they can help reclaim damaged landscapes. Wild Blackberry Attracts Wildlife These plants can be part of a carefully planned wildlife garden for gardeners looking to attract wildlife. Their ability to draw in birds and insects provides a rewarding experience for nature enthusiasts, fostering a connection with the local ecosystem. In conclusion, plants possess various attributes that make them desirable for planting. From their adaptability to different environments and aesthetic appeal to their ecological significance and soil-conserving properties, these plants offer numerous benefits to both gardeners and the environment. By incorporating wild blackberries into landscaping or wildlife gardens, individuals can create vibrant, biodiverse spaces that celebrate the beauty and functionality of nature. The Wild Blackberry shrub, scientifically known as Rubus fruticosus, is a captivating and ubiquitous plant that thrives in various natural landscapes across North America and many other parts of the world. This resilient perennial shrub belongs to the Rubus genus within the Rosaceae family and is celebrated for its profound connection to the untamed beauty of the wilderness. At 3 to 10 feet tall, the shrub boasts an intricately woven network of arching canes adorned with thorny stems. These thorns, though formidable, serve as a natural defense mechanism for the plant against herbivores and provide an added layer of complexity to its appearance. The foliage features lush, dark green leaves with serrated edges, lending the plant a dense and inviting texture. One of the shrub's most captivating aspects is its seasonal metamorphosis. In spring, delicate white to pale pink blossoms adorn the canes, exuding a sweet, subtle fragrance that attracts an array of pollinators, from bees to butterflies. As the seasons progress, these blossoms give way to the formation of tiny, green berries that gradually ripen into rich, glossy black orbs of natural bounty. Though not the focus here, the mature blackberries are a testament to the plant's role in providing sustenance to wildlife and humans. In the wild, the Wild Blackberry shrub symbolizes untamed beauty and tenacity. It thrives in various habitats, from open meadows to forested slopes, and can often be found alongside hiking trails, where its canes create natural barriers. Its presence is a reminder of nature's ability to flourish and adapt in diverse environments and an invitation to research the marvels of the natural world. With its thorny canes and fragrant blooms, the shrub stands as a testament to the intricate web of life in the wild, where every element plays a vital role in the ecosystem.

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