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Nursery Fruit Trees

Discover Premium Fruit Trees from TN Nursery's Orchard Nursery  

Dreaming of growing a backyard orchard brimming with fresh fruit but don't know where to source viable “nursery fruit trees”? Luckily, TN Nursery offers decades of experience, specifically growing fruit trees for Tennessee planting zones 6 and 7. Browse our 100-acre nursery to discover hearty apples, pears, peaches, plums, and more selected for flavor, aesthetics, and cold resilience. Read on for an inside look at the advantages of our nursery fruit tree!

Premium Fruit Tree Variety and Selection

From summer peaches to crisp fall apples, our orchard nursery contains Tennessee's most expansive fruit tree selection, including:  

  • Heirloom apple varieties boasting sweet, complex flavor profiles
  • European pear trees yielding buttery smooth fruits ideal for eating fresh 
  • Peaches producing deliciously tender and juicy freestone varieties   
  • Cherry tree types bearing large, receptively sweet fruits with thin edible skins  
  • Plum trees with abundant oval stone fruits perfect for jams, desserts, and eating fresh  

Beyond delicious fruits, we also offer ornamental fruit tree varieties boasting spectacular blossom displays in spring before developing colorful fruits ideal for decorating. Expect inspiration around every corner!    

Fruit Trees Optimized for Tennessee Flavor and Performance

All of the fruit trees you find thriving across our 100-acre orchard nursery are propagated and grown right here in Tennessee for flavor and cold hardiness specifically suited to regional Zone 6 and 7 conditions. Through decades of breeding heritage fruit varieties, our horticulture experts possess a specialized understanding of environmental factors influencing fruit tree vigor, yield consistency, and resilience - from seasonal shifts to soil composition variability across the Midstate region.   

We leverage this insider Tennessee perspective to select, cross-breed, and nurture exceptional fruit trees genetically equipped to overcome heat waves, extreme cold snaps, and moisture fluctuations while producing abundant fruits boasting signature Southern flavor. You'll enjoy reliable harvests with less intensive care compared to imported nursery stock!  

Passionate Care for Exceptional Fruit Trees

At TN Nursery, growing vibrant, resilient fruit trees motivates everything we do. Meticulous care regimens designed specifically for each fruit variety encourage:  

  • Generous flowering and optimized pollination for reliable fruit set  
  • Ideal canopy architecture through structural pruning to allow ample sunlight exposure
  • Conservative fertilization aligning to nutritional demands of individual tree types   
  • Proactive pest solutions and preventative care for disease resistance
  • Winter preparation and protection support to maximize cold hardiness

Our decades of perfecting orchard care techniques culminate in bountiful, cold-hardy fruit trees ready to transform your backyard into a personal Eden!