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Fragrant Plant Favorites

Many want a garden that's not only visually pleasing but aromatic as well. Fortunately, there are a host of gorgeous plants that accomplish both, providing us with a garden that gratifies multiple senses. Here are a few worth considering if you're a lover of fragrant plants.

Lily of the Valley Is Very Fragrant

Lily of the Valley 1 Fragrance Oil | Buy Wholesale From Bulk Apothecary

The lily of the valley is a delicate plant with small, gorgeous bell-shaped flowers that are sure to be as unforgettable as the sweet, fresh scent that emanates from the flowers themselves. Coming in white, pink, and sometimes blue hues, these flowers make for excellent groundcover, taking up most of the space they occupy and eliminating unwanted weeds. Lily of the valley blooms for around three to four weeks through the middle of spring to the early months of summer, and they're so hardy that they'll stick around once planted!

Daffodils Are Fragrant And Smell Like Butterscotch

Fragrant Daffodil Bulbs Mix, Narcissus Mix | High Country Gardens

With the scientific name Narcissus, it's very easy to see why we fall in love with daffodils. Boasting over 13 different varieties of medium-sized, trumpet-shaped flowers that encompass stunning colors ranging from deep yellows to delicate pinks, daffodils have a heady floral scent that can range from sweet to somewhat spicy depending on the type you plant in your space. Blooming for around six to eight weeks starting around early spring, daffodils are excellent aromatic plants to have on hand if you're looking to attract pollinators to your garden. Additionally, they spread quickly, which can serve to prevent erosion in the soil.

Larkspur Is Fragrant It Smells Like Roses

What will happen if Forking larkspur gets inadequate sunlight? - PictureThis

The larkspur is a flower that commands your attention. The larkspur flowers bloom in a cone shape, producing a stunning show of multiple small flowers that come together to enchant. Larkspur typically have a purple, white, or blue color to their petals, but there are varieties that feature pink, lavender, and even red and yellow. Larkspurs are best described as producing a clean, fresh scent, and they typically bloom for several weeks throughout the spring and summer, although they may rebloom later in the year. As with daffodils, the larkspur is an excellent attractor for pollinators, and it offers other benefits like self-seeding to make tending to these flowers easier on you.

Larkspur Delphenium - TN Nursery

Larkspur Delphenium

Larkspur Delphenium is a tall, graceful perennial plant with spikes of vibrant, spurred flowers in various shades of blue, pink, or white, ideal for adding vertical interest to garden borders and floral arrangements. It is a captivating blooming plant with various benefits when integrated into landscaping designs. Larkspur Delphenium If you want a stunning summertime flower, this Larkspur Delphenium Is an exceptionally beautiful choice. As a part of the Delphinium genus, this lovely plant is just one of 300 different flowers in the genus. This particular flower is known for its elegance and burst of color. The tall spikes are showy and easy to see, which makes them a favorite among gardeners. Larkspur Delphenium Offer Cut Flowers and Garden Beds This flower is commonly grown in flower beds and gardens. While its ornamental nature means you’ll commonly see it in gardening magazines, many home gardeners have excellent luck growing this plant. It can be used in beds, borders, and containers. In addition, it is commonly included as a cut flower in flower bouquets. Larkspur Delphenium Offers A Multitude of Colors Depending on the type you pick, you can enjoy a variety of different colors. Some of the most popular colors are purple, pink, blue, and white. Blue is especially vibrant, which is one of the reasons why you see this color the most. Larkspur Delphenium Is Stunning in Containers If you really want this flower to shine, you should try grouping it in a container with similar flowers. Because it can grow a couple of feet high, it tends to do best in the back of the container. From a location in the back, it forms a breathtaking backdrop for any flowers in front of it. Create A Wall of Flowers With Larkspur Delphenium Gardening magazines typically show this flower growing in lovely clusters. One of the most striking arrangements is to create a wall of blue or purple flowers along the back of your garden bed. Once the flowers grow, they form a low curtain that is incredibly pretty to see in the early spring to early summer. Known for being a drought-resistant plant, this flower requires very little maintenance. Each plant produces three to seven palmate leaves. This deep green foliage provides a backdrop to the flowers once they start to bloom in springtime. With care, it can provide an added brilliance to your summer barbecues and picnics.

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