What Does a Persimmon Tree Look Like?

Discover Perfect Persimmon Trees 

Seeking gorgeous, reliably fruiting “persimmon trees for sale” suited specifically to Tennessee’s variable growing conditions? As the state’s leading persimmon tree nursery focused exclusively on cold-hardy Southern varieties for over 30 years, TN Nursery offers rare insider guidance so you can plant premium persimmon trees matched precisely to your landscape needs and regional environment - no frustrating trial and error required!


Persimmon Tree - A Old Fashioned Native Variety

Persimmon trees is a mid size tree with orange fruits. TN Nursery has 3 year odl persimmon trees for sale that will bear fruit soon.

Ranging from short compact garden varieties perfect for easy netting to towering 25-foot giants built for commercial harvests, the persimmon trees within our 100-acre orchard nursery lead the state in terms of cold-hardiness, quality, and range, including:

  • Seeded American persimmons naturally acclimated to Zone 6 cold snaps and humidity
  • Asian/American cross hybrid cultivars like ‘Meader bred specifically to withstand Southern summers  
  • Grafted persimmon trees bearing flavorful fruits within just 2-3 years after planting 
  • Small ornamental varieties ideal for backyard gardens; no ladders required!
  • Tree forms suited for every environment – from urban courtyard pots to rural acreage

With decades of experience focused exclusively on Southern specialty persimmon varieties, let our experts recommend the perfect additions to match your planting zone, space, and productivity goals!

Persimmon Trees For Sale Grown in TN 

All of the persimmon trees within our inventory are propagated or grafted onsite and then nurtured in Tennessee soils optimized specifically for abundant fruiting, cold resilience through Zone 6 winters, and vigor against regional disease and drought challenges.  

Leveraging 50+ years of insider perspective into Tennessee's unique climate fluctuations, humidity patterns, and other environmental stressors, our experts hand-select only the very best locally adapted persimmon trees as parent stock each year for new special variety additions. Expect exceptional fruiting reliability and tree health compared to imported national nursery stock!

Passionate Care for Productive Persimmon Trees

At TN Nursery, sharing our persimmon wisdom through vibrant, resilient trees motivates everything we do. Expect precise propagation and care practices developed through Midstate-specific trials to yield:  

  • Ample flowering and optimized pollination timing needed for the heaviest fruit set  
  • Conservative pruning and training tailoring growth into an open habit preventing disease
  • Integrated pest solutions minimizing pests without sacrificing flavor or yield
  • Custom nutrition amendments to avoid vigor/production imbalances  
  • Winter support systems developed through years of regional trial and error 

Our passion culminates in peak-performing persimmon trees, allowing you to grow bountiful backyard bounty sustainably!  

Connect With TN Nursery’s Persimmon Tree Specialists  

Contact our team anytime online or at 931-692-4252 to discuss finding persimmon trees guaranteed to deliver decades of delectable fruit perfectly suited to your precise Zone 6 or 7 micro-climate. We look forward to helping you grow deliciously!

Persimmon Tree - TN Nursery

Persimmon Tree

Persimmon trees produce reddish-brown, sweet, and astringent fruits, adding ornamental and edible value to landscapes. They are versatile and valuable additions to landscaping, offering a range of aesthetic, ecological, and functional benefits. Their unique characteristics make them a cherished choice among landscape architects and homeowners alike. Aesthetically, it brings beauty to any outdoor space. Its glossy green leaves that turn vibrant shades of orange and red in the fall provide a stunning display of seasonal foliage. The distinctive bark, featuring tessellated blocks that exude an attractive pattern, adds an interesting visual texture to the landscape year-round. They bloom with delicate, bell-shaped flowers during late spring and early summer, enhancing their appeal. Birds Love Persimmon The Tree Ecologically, it supports local wildlife, enhancing the area's biodiversity and promoting a healthy ecosystem. Additionally, it provides shelter and nesting sites for birds and small mammals, further contributing to the balance of local wildlife populations. Functionally, it offers practical advantages as well. Its shade canopy creates a cooling effect, making it an ideal shade type for patios, outdoor seating areas, and even residential buildings. This natural cooling property can help reduce energy consumption by providing relief from the sun's heat. The wood is also highly valued for woodworking due to its durability and attractive grain, making it a potential raw material for various projects. Furthermore, it is relatively low-maintenance, requiring minimal pruning and care once established. Its adaptability to various soil types and growing conditions makes it appealing as a landscaping choice. Whether used as a standalone specimen type or integrated into a larger landscape design, it brings its unique blend of visual allure, ecological contribution, and functional benefits. In conclusion, the plant stands as a testament to the many benefits it offers in landscaping beyond its ornamental value. From its striking aesthetics to its ecological support and functional advantages, it is a type that enhances the visual appeal of outdoor spaces and contributes to the broader health and sustainability of the environment.  Persimmon Tree Is Known For Its Fruit The Persimmon tree, scientifically known as Diospyros kaki, is a captivating and culturally significant type that has graced landscapes and provided nourishment for centuries. Native to China, this deciduous type is celebrated for its striking beauty, delicious fruits, and symbolic value.  With its elegant appearance, it typically stands between 20 and 30 feet tall. Its bark is dark gray and fissured, creating a visually appealing contrast with its glossy, elliptical foliage, which turns vibrant shades of orange, red, and purple during autumn. These autumnal transformations contribute to the plant's status as an ornamental gem in gardens and parks worldwide.  The Persimmon Tree Fruit Is Stunning  They are a wonder of nature, resembling tiny, round tomatoes. Depending on the type, they can range from golden yellow to deep orange when ripe. These fruits are prized for their sweet, honey-like flavor and smooth, custard-like texture. They are enjoyed fresh, dried, or used in various culinary delights, such as jams, pies, and salads.  Beyond its aesthetic and gastronomic attributes, the plant carries cultural significance. In many Asian cultures, it symbolizes good fortune, prosperity, and longevity. It is often featured in traditional art, literature, and festivals. In Japan, for instance, the plant is associated with the arrival of autumn and is a beloved motif in poetry and paintings.  In addition to its cultural significance, they play a role in environmental conservation. It provides shelter and sustenance for various wildlife, including birds and insects. The plant's deep roots significantly prevent soil erosion, rendering it a valuable inclusion in sustainable landscaping practices.  In conclusion, the Persimmon tree is a multifaceted wonder of nature. Its enchanting appearance, delectable fruits, cultural symbolism, and environmental benefits continue to be a beloved and cherished presence in gardens, orchards, and hearts worldwide.

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