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How to Prune a Crape Myrtle Tree

Successful Pruning Tips For A Crepe Myrtle Tree

The dormant season is the perfect time to trim your crape myrtle trees. Dormancy means when there are no leaves on the tree, in the cold season. Trim the limbs back to the healthiest junction of where the branches meet on the tree trunk. To prevent "crape murder" never trim all the branches the same length. Slighty prune them to keep their size and height in early winter season to keep them from getting too large. 

Best Selling Crape Myrtle Trees

Natchez White Crape Myrtle

Red Crape Myrtle

Pink Crape myrtle

Purple Crape myrtle


Dreaming of vibrant summer flower color? Seeking stunning, low-maintenance crape myrtle trees. guaranteed to thrive in Tennessee’s heat while attracting pollinators? As the state’s leading crape myrtle nursery focused exclusively on Southern varieties for over 30 years, TN Nursery offers rare insider guidance so you can plant premium crape myrtles precisely matched to your landscape needs and regional environment – no frustrating trial and error required! 

Diverse Flowering Crape Myrtle Trees For Sale - Selection Optimized for Tennessee Gardens

Ranging from dwarf patio containers to 40-foot towering specimen trees, the crape myrtle offerings within our 100-acre nursery lead the state in terms of climate-matched selection, disease resilience, flower power, and form diversity, including:  

  • Compact crape myrtles are perfect for accenting entries without outgrowing small plots 
  • Improved hybrid varieties like Basham’s Party Pink bred specifically for lush blooms across Tennessee summers   
  • Standard mid-sized varieties bringing vibrant color to backyard borders and garden beds  
  • Towering tree forms ideal for providing summer shade while attracting hummingbirds
  • Unique leaf textures, fall colors, and multi-colored blooms perfect for garden focal points

With stock spanning across all dimensions and uses – let our experts recommend perfect crape myrtle additions to fulfill your specific garden goals!

Crape Myrtle Trees for Sale Optimized to Thrive in Tennessee Soils & Climate

All of the crape myrtle trees and shrubs within our inventory are propagated and nurtured onsite and then allowed to acclimate in Tennessee soils optimized specifically for prolific summer flowering, disease resistance, and peak garden beauty across seasons.  

Leveraging 50+ years of insider perspective into Tennessee's variable humidity, drought patterns, soil nutrition, and other environmental factors influencing crape myrtle vigor and resilience, our experts hand-select only the very best locally-adapted plants as parent stock when introducing new improved additions to inventory.  

You’ll enjoy reliable all-summer blooms with less intensive care compared to imported nursery stock. And have confidence your crape myrtle selections withstand Midstate-specific climate, fungal, and soil condition issues!

Passionate Care for Gorgeous Flowering Crape Myrtles

At TN Nursery, sharing our love of vibrant crape myrtles motivates everything we do. Expect precise propagation and care practices developed through Middle Tennessee-specific trials to yield:  

  • Ideal pruning timings and structural training for maximizing summer flower production  
  • Integrated pest solutions minimizing Asian ambrosia beetles without sacrificing floral displays
  • Custom soil nutrition amendments optimized to prevent leaf spotting 
  • Multi-season interest through fall foliage and winter form to complement prolific blooms  
  • Ongoing soil improvements and preventatives enhancing disease resistance  

Our passion culminates in peak-performing crape myrtle trees and shrubs, allowing you to sustainably infuse vibrant flower color into your garden year after year!  

Connect With TN Nursery’s Crape Myrtle Specialists 

Contact our team anytime online or at 931-692-4252 to discuss finding crape myrtles guaranteed to deliver unmatched beauty and low-maintenance enjoyment perfectly suited to your precise Zone 6 or 7 micro-climate. We look forward to helping you select regional superstar varieties!

Natchez Crepe Myrtle - TN Nursery

Natchez Crepe Myrtle

Natchez Crepe Myrtle is a tall, deciduous shrub or small tree with pristine white flowers, smooth, exfoliating bark, and attractive foliage, making it a popular choice for ornamental landscaping. They offer many benefits when integrated into landscaping designs, making them a highly sought-after choice for enhancing outdoor spaces. From stunning flower clusters to a beautiful curb appeal, Natchez Crepe Myrtle has it all. Once it blooms, you can enjoy having elegant flowers for the entire summer. The flowers are so dense that it looks like the tree is covered in snow. For a garden favorite that is sure to please, you don’t have to search any further. Natchez Crepe Myrtle Is a Lovely Focal Point Some plants were made to blend into the background, but not this tree. If you want a focal point for your yard, you can’t go wrong with this option. The lush green leaves look beautiful for most of the year. When autumn hits, this tree turns fiery red and orange. The leaves and flowers aren’t the only thing that stands out. If you look at the smooth bark, you’ll notice a lovely cinnamon color. During the summertime, this outer bark peels to reveal a beige bark underneath. Natchez Crepe Myrtle Is A Perfect Tree Height While some trees can extend 50 to 80 feet into the sky, this tree is known for attaining a reasonable height. Once it reaches full maturity, it will stand just 20 feet high. This makes it an ideal tree for your garden or backyard. Plus, it is known for growing quickly, which means you can plant it and enjoy its height in just a few years. Use Natchez Crepe Myrtle for Long-Lasting Blooms Where this plant really stands out is with its flower blooms. Many perennial plants only bloom for a couple of months or less. This tree blooms for up to five months a year. During spring and summer, the tree produces white flowers that grow in lovely clusters. As soon as the blooms stop, it is time for autumn and stunning red-orange leaves. Natchez Crepe Myrtle Is A Fast Growth for Instant Landscapes When you start working on your landscaping, you want it to look amazing right away. This tree can help because of its exceptionally fast growth. In fact, gardeners can expect this plant to grow 3 to 5 feet a year until it reaches maturity. This means that it only takes a year or two for the plant to start looking like a tree after you purchase it from a plant nursery. Before long, you will be able to relax under the shade of the green foliage as you enjoy its white flowers.

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Red Crepe Myrtle - TN Nursery

Red Crepe Myrtle

Red Crepe Myrtle has clusters of red flowers provide a burst of shade to the landscape and draw pollinators such as butterflies and bees, promoting a healthy ecosystem. As the seasons change, the plant's foliage transitions from green to shades of orange and red, adding further visual interest. A visually appealing ornamental shrub that offers numerous benefits when incorporated into landscaping designs. This plant adds aesthetic value to various outdoor spaces with its stunning clusters of vibrant red flowers, distinctive peeling bark, and compact growth habit. Beyond its visual appeal, it offers several practical advantages, making it a sought-after choice for landscaping projects. One of the critical benefits of the shrub is its ability to thrive in various climates and soil conditions. Red Crepe Myrtle is known for its adaptability to urban and suburban environments, making it an excellent choice for parks, gardens, and residential yards. Its moderate size, ranging from 6 to 15 feet tall depending on the variety, allows it to fit comfortably in various spaces, from small courtyards to more extensive open areas. Furthermore, it is prized for its long-lasting and profuse blooming period, typically during summer.  Another advantage is its relatively low maintenance requirements. Once established, it is drought-tolerant and requires minimal watering. Additionally, its resistance to pests and diseases contributes to its overall hardiness. Pruning is recommended during the dormant season to maintain its shape and encourage healthy growth, but the plant is forgiving and can tolerate a range of pruning styles. The distinctive peeling bark of mature it adds a unique texture to the landscape, particularly during winter when other plants might lack visual interest. This feature contributes to the plant's year-round appeal and enhances its role as a focal point or background element in landscaping designs. In conclusion, the red crepe myrtle offers many benefits for landscaping projects. Its adaptability, vibrant blooms, low maintenance requirements, and unique bark make it a valuable addition to various outdoor spaces. Whether used as a standalone specimen, a hedge, or part of a mixed planting scheme, this ornamental shrub brings beauty, versatility, and vitality to landscapes, enriching the overall aesthetic and ecological value of the environment.  Get your Red Crepe Myrtle at TN Nursery The Red Crepe Myrtle, scientifically known as Lagerstroemia indica, is a stunning ornamental flowering tree that graces gardens and landscapes with its breathtaking beauty. This deciduous tree is celebrated for its vibrant and prolific display of crimson-red blossoms during summer, making it a sought-after choice for horticultural enthusiasts and garden designers.  Standing at a moderate height of 10 to 20 feet and sporting a graceful, multi-stemmed canopy, the Red Crepe Myrtle exudes an air of elegance. Its slender branches extend outward, covered in lush, dark green leaves contrasting the fiery red flowers. The foliage transitions through the seasons, with leaves taking on shades of orange and red in the fall, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of colors.  The crepe-like texture of the blossoms adds an extra layer of charm to this tree. The intricate design of each flower is made up of numerous crinkled and delicate petals. When they burst open in large clusters, they produce a mesmerizing and enchanting sight that can leave anyone captivated and spellbound. These flowers can persist for an extended period, ensuring your garden remains awash in vivid red hues throughout the summer.  Red Crepe Myrtle Blooms For Weeks at a Time In Late Summer One of the standout features of them is its ability to thrive in a variety of climates. It is highly adaptable and capable of withstanding heat and drought problems, making it ideal for regions with scorching summers. Furthermore, this tree is relatively low-maintenance, requiring only periodic pruning to preserve its shape and encourage optimal blooming.  Whether planted as a solitary focal point in a garden or as part of a colorful landscape design, the Red Crepe Myrtle never fails to captivate onlookers with its breathtaking beauty. Its striking red blossoms, graceful form, and adaptability make it a beloved choice for gardeners seeking to add a hint of grace and liveliness to their outdoor spaces, creating a lasting impression that lingers long after the blossoms have faded.

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Pink Crepe Myrtle - TN Nursery

Pink Crepe Myrtle

Pink Crepe Myrtle is a deciduous shrub or small tree with vibrant, pink crepe-paper-like flowers and smooth, cinnamon-colored bark, often used for ornamental landscaping. With its captivating beauty and versatile characteristics, they offer many advantages when incorporated into landscaping endeavors. Its unique attributes provide a harmonious blend of aesthetic, ecological, and practical benefits, making it a cherished choice among landscape designers and homeowners. Aesthetically, this small tree or shrub adds a touch of enchantment to landscapes. Its vibrant pink flowers blooming in summer create a breathtaking display of color and charm. Pink Crepe Myrtle's clusters of crinkled petals resemble delicate crepe paper, giving rise to its name. These colorful blooms make a striking focal point in gardens and yards, enhancing the overall visual allure of outdoor spaces. Ecologically, it contributes to the local ecosystem. Its nectar-rich flowers attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, promoting biodiversity and supporting essential ecological interactions. Moreover, its dense branching structure provides refuge and bird nesting sites, fostering a diverse and thriving wildlife community. Functionally, it offers practical benefits as well. Its moderate size and ornamental appearance make it suitable for various landscaping applications, such as specimen planting, hedges, and borders. The tree's adaptable nature allows it to flourish in multiple soil types and climates, making it a versatile choice for diverse landscaping projects. Additionally, it's extended blooming period adds longevity to the visual interest it brings to the landscape. Its blossoms persist for several weeks, extending the vibrant color and beauty period. The tree's exfoliating bark further contributes to its visual appeal, with patches of smooth, cinnamon-colored bark revealing themselves as the outer layers peel away. In conclusion, the Pink Crepe Myrtle brings a spectrum of benefits to landscaping designs. From its captivating aesthetic charm and ecological support to its practical versatility and prolonged blooming period, this tree enriches outdoor environments. Its capacity to infuse landscapes with vibrant colors, attract pollinators, and provide aesthetic and ecological value cements its status as a cherished choice among those seeking to create visually appealing and ecologically conscious landscapes. Get your Pink Crepe Myrtle at TN Nursery The Pink Crepe Myrtle, scientifically known as Lagerstroemia indica, is a stunning and ornamental deciduous tree with its delicate beauty and vibrant display of pink blossoms. This tree has found its way into gardens and landscapes worldwide, enchanting all who behold its graceful presence. Standing at a height of up to 20 feet or more, it boasts a distinctive vase-like shape with a slender trunk, multiple branches, and a graceful canopy. Its bark is smooth and mottled, transitioning from light gray to soft cinnamon brown as the tree matures, contrasting the vivid pink flowers it bears. Pink Crepe Myrtle Has Stunning Blooms This tree transforms into a breathtaking spectacle during the summer as it bursts into bloom. Its flowers resemble delicate crepe paper due to their thin, crinkled petals, hence the name "Crepe Myrtle." Depending on the cultivar, the blossoms appear in large clusters, forming cascading panicles ranging from light to deep pink. These blooms attract bees and butterflies with their nectar-rich centers, creating a visually stunning focal point in any garden. As autumn approaches, it undergoes another transformation. Its lush, green foliage transitions to brilliant shades of orange and red, adding another layer of visual interest to the landscape. The tree's leaves eventually drop in winter, revealing its elegantly contorted branches and enhancing its architectural appeal. Pink Crepe Myrtle Is Hardy  It is prized for its adaptability and power to thrive in different soil varieties, making it a favorite among gardeners and landscapers. It requires full sunlight to produce its abundant blossoms and should be pruned in winter or spring to promote healthy growth and optimal flowering. In conclusion, the Pink Crepe Myrtle is a tree of remarkable elegance and charm. Its enchanting pink blooms, graceful form, and seasonal transitions make it a beloved addition to gardens and landscapes, providing a touch of natural artistry and a lasting impression on all who encounter its beauty.

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Muskogee Crepe Myrtle - TN Nursery

Muskogee Crepe Myrtle

Muskogee Crepe Myrtle is a striking deciduous shrub or small tree with vibrant lavender-pink flowers and smooth, cinnamon-colored bark, adding a burst of color and elegance to gardens and landscapes. A popular ornamental tree that offers many benefits when incorporated into landscaping designs. With its stunning visual appeal, adaptability, and ease of maintenance, it has become a favored choice for many landscapers and homeowners alike. Discover the Stunning Muskogee Crepe Myrtle The Muskogee Crepe Myrtle is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to add interest, texture, and color to their landscape. Each tree consists of smooth, brown stems that fan out into a vase shape. The branches contain even rows of oval leaves that are a beautiful deep green shade. These attractive colors and textures become even more exciting when this tree blooms with lavender flowers. Its vibrant look is sure to draw the eye wherever you plant this beautiful tree. The Beautiful Flowers and Berries of the Muskogee Crepe Myrtle Starting in spring, these trees begin to produce cone-shaped bunches of flowers. Each flower cluster consists of several small, individual, pinkish-purple petals with a crinkled appearance similar to tissue paper. After going through their flowering season, these trees produce clumps of berries that add even more visual interest to the tree. Clumps of small, round berries on the end of each branch gradually transform from shiny, green berries to brown, serrated seed pods. The flowering and berry-producing seasons of this tree can last for several months because it tends to produce new flowers on a regular basis. Explore the Many Ways to Garden With the Muskogee Crepe Myrtle These trees have endless purposes throughout the landscape. A tidy row of them can be a lovely way to border a walkway or fill in narrow strips of land. Standalone versions can be a focal point on a lawn and look great, bordered with other flowers or decorative grasses. You can even use clusters of these trees to create a hedge that provides privacy and shade. The Versatile and Appealing Shape of the Muskogee Crepe Myrtle It comes in many shapes and sizes. Some landscapers choose to keep it as a compact bush, while others let it soar to a height of 30 feet or more. Those who prefer a classic tree shape can choose a single-trunk variant, while people who like a denser look can select a multi-stem style. Whatever height and branch arrangement it has, this tree's crown tends to spread out into a horizontal, oval shape with densely packed leaves and branches.

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