Easy Moss to Grow

Mosses are charming plants that can add gentle allure and color to your garden while also contributing to the ecological health of the natural world. If you have a moist, shady garden and the right growing conditions, you can use moss as an alternative to grass.


Easy-to-grow mosses are low-maintenance, self-sufficient, and environmentally friendly once they take hold, and their vibrant green colors and soft textures look beautiful and full of life. In natural habitats, mosses commonly grow on forest floors, logs, trees, and stones. They are frequently home to a variety of insects, spiders, and other small animals, which can contribute to the biodiversity and health of the environment

Fern Moss

Fern moss has delicate, feathery fronds that look like miniature forest ferns. Their intricate stems can vary in color from light, bright green to brilliant viridian. A dense cover of this moss will have a velvety texture that can create a carpet-like ground cover. Fern moss is low-maintenance and needs only occasional watering to thrive.

Hair Cap Moss

Hair cap moss is a dark green moss made of tufted stems that can grow in loose or dense colonies. Its narrow red- or brown-tipped leaves, which radiate from upright stems, help characterize its natural-looking yet lush and carpet-like effect, which makes it an attractive ground cover. Hair cap moss is resilient, pest- and disease-resistant, and very easy to care for.

Lawn Moss

Lawn moss is an evergreen ground cover plant that can serve as a practical alternative to grass. Its small, leafy structures grow in densely packed colonies that can vary in color from bright emerald to more subtle olivine hues. The short foliage creates a turf-like outdoor surface that can thrive in difficult conditions once it’s established. Lawn moss is an adaptable plant that requires minimal attention to keep it looking healthy, and planting it can be a quick route to achieving a verdant garden.
Fern Moss - TN Nursery

Fern Moss

Fern Moss displays feathery, fern-like fronds and is often found in damp and shady environments. It resembles miniature forest ferns. This delightful and beneficial plant for landscaping projects belongs to the Bryophyte family and thrives in wet and shady environments, making it a perfect choice for various landscaping applications. It is known for its delicate appearance. These plants are widely distributed throughout North America and often add color and beauty to shady, humid gardens. Natural Habitat Of Fern Moss It forms lush, branching carpets on decomposing logs, rocks, and patches of damp soil. They can flourish in various moist, shady environments all year round. They are commonly found along mountain streams and river banks, on hillsides and ravines, underneath trees, and on forest floors. It has feathery triangular fronds arranged in a triple-pinnate structure, with central stems that grow up to 3½" long. The fronds consist of tiny, bumpy leaves that give the fern moss a slightly rough appearance and branch out to create a layered mat with a soft, plush texture. The fronds intertwine to create a colony with a three-dimensional profile. The leaves tend to open in humid air, but they contract against their parent stem or branch in dry air. It can display a spectrum of colors, changing from golden brown to dull yellow-green to bright, then deep green shade and moisture increase. To propagate themselves, they create sporophytes that mature and release spores that can grow into new plants. As they establish themselves, they grow fibrous rhizoids that attach to their new substrates. These thin, root-like rhizoids anchor the plants and pull nutrients and moisture into the fronds. Fern Moss Adds Graceful Charm It can create a tranquil aesthetic and lend a graceful charm to cultivated areas in your landscape. Gardeners often use it as a ground cover in tree-filled areas. This plant can add color and texture to rock gardens and shady regions while providing winter greenery patches. It is a beautiful choice if you're looking to create a microhabitat for small animals in your garden. Songbirds like swallows, vireos, juncos, robins, and warblers use the fronds in their nests to protect their hatchlings and conceal them from predators. Forest Up Your Garden with Fern Moss Adding Fern Moss to your garden is a lovely way to bring the freshness of the forest into your landscape and enhance your time outdoors.

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Haircap Moss - TN Nursery

Haircap Moss

Haircap moss is a common type of moss that forms dense, lush cushions of tiny, hair-like structures, giving it a distinctive appearance in damp woodland environments.It is a fascinating and beneficial plant with numerous advantages in landscaping projects. This species belongs to the Polytrichaceae family and is admired for its unique appearance and ecological contributions. The Looks Of Haircap Moss Haircap Moss has long, pointed, rigid leaves and resembles juniper springs. It forms a dense, verdant carpet that lush foliage blankets the ground. It works excellently with garden features such as rocks and statues, creating an aesthetically pleasing backdrop. Because it can thrive in shaded areas where other plants struggle, it can help bring life to dimly lit spaces. Its look resembles a forest floor, so gardeners gravitate toward a wooded ambiance. Haircap Moss Loves Shade It is an excellent option for shaded garden areas, as it doesn't need the sun to thrive, and its presence gives a woodsy vibe. Its gentle, verdant look promotes tranquility in any garden setting, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere reminiscent of a forest grove. It's an excellent option for spaces that will be used for relaxation and contemplation. It also offers a naturalistic ground cover that easily blends with other woodland plants and ferns. It can also help surrounding plants maintain proper hydration levels, as it retains moisture in the soil where it's planted. It grows densely like a mat, binding soil particles together, which also helps control soil erosion. The moist environment it creates provides an ideal habitat for all kinds of microorganisms and small, beneficial insects. Hence, it's perfect for any garden looking to add biodiversity. It can help promote the health of a garden's ecosystem by promoting a balanced moisture cycle, and it helps other moisture-loving plants grow in shaded areas. Haircap Moss Needs Little To No Care Haircap Moss requires minimal maintenance to thrive, so it's ideal for gardeners who don't want to exert much daily effort tending to their garden landscape. It's also hearty and long-lasting. It provides year-round thick greenery without the need for replanting. This plant can add natural outdoor charm if you have a terrarium or indoor plant display. It's also easy to propagate, allowing you to expand its coverage to new areas quickly.

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