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Discover TN Nursery - Your Source of Trees Near Me!

TN Nursery has proudly offered exceptional trees to Middle Tennessee homeowners, landscapers, and plant retailers for 30+ years. As longtime experienced tree experts focused exclusively on selections optimized for Zone 6 and 7, our offerings represent the cream of the crop for healthy, vibrant trees genetically equipped to thrive in Tennessee’s climate. Read on to learn why we’re the trusted tress nursery for miles around!

Unrivaled Tree Selection and Variety

Across 100 sprawling acres, TN Nursery contains the Midstate’s most diverse trees inventory, including:  

  • Countless deciduous tree varieties like maple, oak, birch and more   
  • Flowering specimen tree options ideal for stunning springtime displays
  • Evergreen trees like spruce pine and cedar to maintain year-round landscape interest
  • Fruit tree choices yielding tasty backyard harvests of apples, peaches, and pears
  • Trees of all sizes, from saplings for upcoming coverage to towering established showstoppers
  • Hard-to-find and rare tree finds you won’t spot at big box or chain nurseries  

Expect fresh inspiration around every bend, whether dreaming up shade, an autumn foliage focal point, or a private tree buffer!

Regionally-Tailored Trees Selected for Peak Performance - Trees For Sale Online  

Through decades focused exclusively on growing trees for Zone 6 and 7 landscapes, our expert horticulturists understand the connection between trees and Tennessee’s variable climate, humidity, soil, and seasons. We leverage this insider perspective to:

 Select/breed trees capable of withstanding regional humidity extremes, summer heat waves, and winter cold snaps  

  • Amend soil recipes to balance pH and nutrients based on trees’ specific needs   
  • Time propagation and transplanting around normal rainfall patterns for strong establishment
  • Harden off trees before delivery to help withstand moisture fluctuations after planting

The result? Tree varieties are genetically equipped to thrive in Tennessee gardens year after year with less seasonal dieback and corrective care compared to imported nursery stock.

Healthy Trees For Sale Online from Ethical Nursery Practices 

At TN Nursery, growing vibrant, resilient trees motivates everything we do. Expect precision tree care, including:

  • Responsible pest management and integrated pest solutions
  • Structural pruning allows proper branch development     
  • Conservative fertilization aligning with trees’ nutritional demands
  • Daily monitoring for emerging issues, and prompt treatment when necessary 
  • Winter preparations and sheltering supports  

Our rigor promotes fuller foliage, abundant fruit or flowers, and peak landscape performance from the trees you plant for decades of enjoyment!  

Tap Into TN Nursery’s Trees For Sale Online With Tree Passion and Horticulture Expertise!

Ready to uncover healthy, locally-optimized trees from Middle Tennessee’s premier tree nursery? Contact our team anytime to discuss finding the perfect additions to your landscape!