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What is a Tree and How Do They Fit in Landscaping?

What is a tree and Where to plant them at In Landscaping

A tree is a woody plant with one trunk and multiple limbs. Trees grow to towering heights and some reaches heights near 100 feet at maturity. Some trees like the mighty oak trees has a longer lifespan than humans, living as long as 200 years. Trees are the staple or backbone in landscaping. They are planted as focal points in a lawn, away from power lines, other trees and not near sidewalks or windows.

5 Best Selling Trees

1. Weeping Willow

2. Red Maple

3. Redbud

4. Pine Trees

5. Tulip Poplar

Searching for the perfect “family tree nursery” to help manifest your landscape dreams? While countless online nurseries promise convenience, TN Nursery proves that a family-run tree nursery offers unique benefits for clients seeking exceptional quality, service, and value. 

As a small family business in Middle Tennessee, our tree nursery passion has been passed down across three generations over 35 years. This article explores key reasons to choose a family-oriented nursery like TN Nursery for your next trees and shrubs!

#1 - A Legacy of Plant Expertise and Insider Knowledge in the Tree Industry

While faceless chain nurseries come and go, TN Nursery has steadily built regional plant expertise since 1969, when Roy and Faye Wiley first started a modest backyard propagation operation. Alongside raising their five children, this hands-on couple experimented with cuttings and grafting to gradually transform the family homestead into a booming nursery. 

Now spanning over 100 acres, TN Nursery constitutes a living legacy carrying forward the Wileys’ experimentation and insider knowledge through daughter Donna and husband Steve Powell. Specializing in growing trees optimized for Midstate climate, seasonal shifts, and soil for 35+ years gives us an unrivaled perspective on helping your landscape thrive for generations to come!

#2 - A Culture of Customer Relationships & Service  

As a family team interacting personally with clients every day for decades, providing exemplary service feels like helping extended family to us! You’ll find this woven into:

  • Landscape consultations tailored specifically to your needs, environment, and preferences  
  • Ongoing guidance and troubleshooting years after purchase   
  • Flexible solutions to meet project requirements and budgets
  • Heartfelt connection and community, unlike distant corporate nurseries  

We strive to build relationships spanning years beyond any individual plant transaction. Count on personalized care advocating for your landscape success from start to finish!  

#3 - Responsible, Sustainable Growing Practices

As nursery owners who also call Middle Tennessee home, we have a vested interest in environmentally-conscious growing practices sustaining regional beauty for all families. Our processes promote:

  • Integrated pest management, minimizing chemical interventions
  • Custom propagating to prevent overharvesting of local flora   
  • Composting and soil conservation methods  
  • Water conservation through the collection and smart irrigation  

Our family feels a deep sense of environmental stewardship. We take pride in growing lush gardens and orchards without depleting regional ecological resources long-term. Expect vibrant plants grown through ethical approaches.

Choose a Passionate Family Tree Nursery – Choose TN Nursery! 

Contact our three-generation Middle Tennessee nursery family anytime to discover tree and shrub varieties specifically developed to flourish across your regional landscape. We look forward to welcoming you as part of our extended nursery family!

weeping willow tree

Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow is a towering and graceful deciduous tree known for its long, weeping branches that sweep downward, creating a weeping and elegant appearance commonly found near water bodies. It is a stunning deciduous tree renowned for its graceful, drooping branches that create a cascading effect, making it an excellent addition to any landscape. Here are several attributes that make it a popular choice for landscaping: The weeping willow's elegant, drooping branches create a unique and picturesque silhouette. Aesthetic appeal: Its arching form provides a dramatic focal point in any landscape, adding a touch of tranquility and charm to the surroundings. Shade and cooling: This tree provides ample shade during the hot summer months with its dense canopy. Placing this tree strategically can help reduce temperatures nearby, making it a perfect choice for creating shady spots to relax or enjoy outdoor activities. Water feature enhancement: This tree thrives in moist or wet soils, making it ideal for planting near ponds, lakes, or water features. Its branches elegantly drape over the water, adding a mesmerizing reflection and soothing atmosphere. Soil erosion prevention: The extensive root system helps stabilize the soil, effectively preventing erosion along riverbanks, lake shores, or areas with water runoff issues. Wildlife attraction: These trees produce catkins as an early spring food source for bees and other pollinators. The tree's branches also provide shelter and nesting sites for birds and small mammals. Low maintenance: Once established, they are relatively low maintenance, requiring minimal pruning. However, occasional trimming of dead or diseased branches can enhance their appearance and health. Fast growth: These trees are known for their rapid growth rate, quickly establishing themselves as prominent features in the landscape. Versatility: This tree can adapt to various soil types, including clay and loam, and tolerate occasional flooding. It can also endure different light conditions, although it thrives best in full sun. Cultural significance: They carry historical and cultural importance, symbolizing sorrow, resilience, and healing in various traditions. Its presence can evoke a sense of nostalgia and emotional connection. In conclusion, the weeping willow tree's aesthetic appeal, shade provision, soil stabilization, wildlife attraction, and adaptability make it a highly valued and beautiful addition to any landscape design. Its unique appearance and meaningful symbolism make it a significant choice for creating an enchanting outdoor environment. Order your weeping willow tree at TN Nursery. The Weeping Willow is a majestic and iconic tree that captivates the imagination with its unique, graceful appearance and rich symbolism. This tree, native to northern China, has found its way into the hearts and landscapes of people worldwide, adorning parks, gardens, and riverbanks with its ethereal beauty. Standing up to 50 feet or more tall, the tree boasts a distinctive, sweeping canopy of long, slender branches that gracefully drape downward, forming a cascading curtain of delicate, drooping foliage. The thin, lance-shaped leaves are a vibrant shade of green, which shimmers and rustles in the gentlest breezes, creating an enchanting and soothing atmosphere. During the spring, the tree comes alive with tiny, delicate yellow-green catkins that sway in the wind, adding to its captivating allure. Weeping Willow Is An Exotic Tree One of the most enchanting aspects of the tree is its ability to evoke a sense of melancholy and serenity. The drooping branches seem to weep, lending the tree its evocative name. This melancholic aspect has made it a symbol of contemplation and reflection in various cultures and art forms throughout history. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the tree also plays an essential ecological role. This plant helps stabilize riverbanks and prevent erosion. It also provides a home and food source for birds and insects, making it vital to maintaining a diverse ecosystem. Weeping Willow Loves Water Sitting beneath the sheltering canopy of a mature Weeping Willow can transport you to a world of peace and tranquility, where the gentle rustling of the foliage and the dappled sunlight filtering through its branches create a serene haven. This iconic tree is a symbol of grace and beauty and a living testament to the profound connection between nature and the human spirit, offering solace and inspiration to all who encounter its elegant presence.

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Red Maple Tree - TN Nursery

Red Maple Tree

Red Maple is native to North America, known for its striking spring red flowers, brilliant fall foliage, and distinctive twigs and leaf stems. It is a versatile and aesthetically pleasing choice for landscaping, offering various benefits that enhance outdoor spaces. With its striking foliage, adaptable nature, and environmental contributions, it has become a popular option for residential and commercial landscaping projects. Red Maple Tree is native to North America and is known for its striking spring red flowers, brilliant fall foliage, and distinctive twigs and leaf stems. It is a versatile and aesthetically pleasing choice for landscaping, offering various benefits that enhance outdoor spaces. With its striking foliage, adaptable nature, and environmental contributions, it has become a popular option for residential and commercial landscaping projects. Red Maple Tree: Bringing in Autumn With Style The temperatures cool, transforming the season into one of pumpkin spice lattes, hoodies, and gorgeous colors. It encapsulates everything you love about autumn. Its attractive foliage brightens any day, especially during the autumn. It goes from red to orange to yellow as the season changes. They can brighten any environment, as they thrive in different climates and landscapes. Red Maple Tree Gives You Plenty Of Shade Whether you're experiencing an early winter or Indian summer, they will stand tall. Plus, it provides shade if it doesn't feel quite like autumn. It may help with your cooling bills during the summer. Birds, small animals, and other friends will also love this plant. However, pests and diseases will not, as they are resistant to those. They stand tall on their own, but you can also make a little forest of them! Red Maple Tree Is Easy To Care For Caring for them is also easier than other trees. It does not require too much fertilization, provided your soil is fertile. While you should keep the soil moist, they can hold on its own during drought periods. TN Nursery Has Your Red Maple Tree They are stunning and can benefit most yards. We have your back if you need a red maple tree to make your autumn even better. We ship them to most states. So make an order and enjoy your autumn day with a nice cup of coffee.

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Redbud Tree - TN Nursery

Redbud Tree

Redbud Tree has heart-shaped leaves and delicate purple-lilac colored blooms in early Spring, making this a family favorite. They are hardy in most areas and can tolerate sun or shade. It is a beloved and visually captivating addition to landscaping due to its remarkable aesthetic appeal and various benefits. Native to North America, this deciduous tree is often sought after for its ornamental attributes, making it a popular choice for homeowners, urban planners, and landscape designers. One of the most prominent benefits of incorporating them into landscaping is their stunning display of flowers. Redbud's branches are adorned with vibrant pink or purple flower clusters in early spring. The tree's heart-shaped leaves provide additional visual interest throughout the growing season. These leaves cast a delicate and appealing green shade, creating a soothing and refreshing ambiance in outdoor spaces. Moreover, their size and shape allow dappled sunlight to filter through, creating an interplay of light and shadow that adds to the overall aesthetic appeal. Beyond their visual allure, they also offer practical benefits. They are known for their adaptability to various soil types and conditions, making them relatively easy to cultivate. Their moderate size, ranging from 20 to 30 feet in height, makes them suitable for both more significant landscapes and smaller garden settings. The redbud tree's canopy provides moderate shade, making it an excellent choice for areas where partial shade is desired. In fall, they transition into another visual spectacle as their heart-shaped leaves turn shades of yellow or gold, adding warmth to the landscape before they drop for the winter. The interesting branching structure of mature Redbud trees adds a sculptural element to the landscape, even during the colder months when the tree is bare. Overall, their contribution to landscaping goes well beyond its ornamental beauty. Its visual appeal, adaptability, and ecological benefits make it an adaptable and beneficial addition to a wide range of outdoor settings, from private gardens to public parks, enriching the environment and enhancing the overall aesthetics of any space. Buy your Redbud Tree from TN Nursery! The Redbud tree, scientifically known as Cercis canadensis, is a breathtaking deciduous tree that belongs to the Fabaceae family and is renowned for its ornamental beauty. With its delicate yet vibrant blossoms and distinctive heart-shaped leaves, the Redbud is a beloved and iconic tree of North American landscapes, celebrated for its aesthetic contributions to natural and cultivated settings. Redbud Tree Has Striking Purple Blooms Standing as a symbol of early spring's arrival, it bursts into a profusion of striking, rosy-pink to lavender-purple flowers before its foliage emerges, creating a captivating contrast against the backdrop of awakening forests and gardens. These blossoms are borne in clusters along the branches, creating a picturesque spectacle that attracts not only humans but many pollinators like bees and butterflies. Redbud Tree Has Stunning Gray Bark Its foliage is another captivating feature, characterized by its heart-shaped leaves that unfurl in vibrant shades of green. As the seasons progress, these leaves transition to yellow in the fall, providing a warm and inviting farewell to the growing season. The bark of the Redbud is smooth and silvery-gray when young, eventually developing a more textured and darker appearance as the tree matures. This deciduous tree typically reaches 20 to 30 feet, forming a graceful, rounded canopy that offers welcome shade during hot summer. Its relatively small size makes it an excellent choice for urban and suburban landscapes, where it can serve as an eye-catching specimen tree or be incorporated into mixed plantings. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it also plays a crucial ecological role by providing habitat and sustenance for various wildlife species, including birds and insects. Its seeds are a valuable food source, supporting the local ecosystem. The Redbud tree symbolizes spring's beauty, a beacon of hope after the long winter, and a beloved addition to gardens and natural landscapes. Its stunning blossoms, heart-shaped leaves, and ecological contributions make it a cherished and timeless presence in North American environments.

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Pine Trees - TN Nursery

Pine Trees

Pine trees are evergreen conifers are characterized by needle-like leaves, conical or irregular shapes, and the production of pine cones, found in various species and widely distributed across the world's forests. Their timeless charm and versatile characteristics offer many advantages in landscaping projects. Their unique features provide a harmonious blend of aesthetic, ecological, and functional benefits, making them a preferred choice among landscape designers and homeowners. Aesthetically, these trees contribute a sense of natural elegance to landscapes. Their evergreen foliage, characterized by slender needles or clusters of leaves, maintains its vibrant color throughout the year. The enduring greenery of pine trees provides a consistent backdrop and a visually appealing landscape even during colder months. The graceful form of these trees, ranging from tall and stately to compact and bushy, adds depth and character to outdoor spaces. Ecologically, they play a vital role in supporting local ecosystems. Their cones offer a reliable food source for various wildlife species, including birds and squirrels. The trees' dense branches provide refuge and nesting sites for birds and small mammals, contributing to the overall health and biodiversity of the area. Furthermore, pine needles that fall to the ground form a natural mulch, enhancing soil quality and moisture retention while suppressing weed growth. Functionally, these trees offer practical benefits as well. Their dense canopy creates valuable shade, making them an excellent choice for shading patios, outdoor seating areas, and even homes. This shading effect helps reduce temperatures and energy consumption during hot seasons, contributing to energy efficiency and comfort. Their adaptability to various soil conditions and climates makes them versatile for multiple landscaping projects. In addition, the aromatic scent of their needles adds a sensory dimension to outdoor spaces, promoting relaxation and a connection to nature. Their durability and resilience in various weather conditions make these trees a low-maintenance landscaping choice, requiring minimal care once established. In conclusion, pine trees benefit landscaping designs. From their enduring aesthetic appeal and ecological contributions to their practical advantages in providing shade and enhancing soil quality, these trees enrich outdoor environments. Their ability to create visually pleasing, ecologically supportive, and functional landscapes makes them a timeless and sought-after element in landscaping. Get your Pine Trees at TN Nursery Pine trees, or Pinus genus, are among the most iconic and beloved species globally. Revered for their majestic presence, these evergreen conifers are renowned for their tall, straight trunks, distinctive needle-like leaves, and enduring symbolism in various cultures and traditions. Pine Trees Are Very Hardy One of the most captivating aspects of pine trees is their remarkable resilience. These hardy trees are well-adapted to diverse ecosystems, from the frigid Arctic tundra to the temperate forests and mountainous terrain. They stand as sentinels of endurance, their branches gracefully reaching toward the sky, unfazed by the harshest of weather conditions. The needles of the trees are a defining feature, often arranged in clusters known as fascicles. These needles vary in length and color, ranging from vibrant shades of green to silvery blue. Pine needles possess a unique blend of flexibility and toughness, helping the trees conserve water and thrive in arid climates. Additionally, they produce a distinct, earthy fragrance when crushed, a scent that evokes the tranquility of pine forests. Pine Trees Produce Beautiful Pine Cones Pine cones, another hallmark of these trees, are an intricate marvel of nature. These woody structures shelter the seeds of the pine tree and come in various shapes and sizes, from the delicate cones of the Eastern White Pine to the robust, scaled cones of the Ponderosa Pine. Pine cones, often associated with regeneration and growth, have found their way into symbolism in many cultures, representing wisdom, enlightenment, and renewal. Furthermore, the wood of the trees is prized for its versatility. Renowned for its light color, straight grain, and workability, pine lumber has been used for centuries in construction, furniture-making, and crafting. Its warmth and character add a touch of natural beauty to both rustic and modern designs. In natural settings, the trees create enchanting vistas. Forests dominated by these trees are tranquil, their canopies providing a soothing shade. The swaying of the pine needles in the wind is a gentle lullaby that has captured the hearts of poets, artists, and nature enthusiasts throughout history. Pine trees stand as enduring symbols of strength, adaptability, and the timeless beauty of nature. They remind us of the interconnectedness of all life on Earth and inspire a sense of wonder and reverence for the natural world.

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Tulip Tree - TN Nursery

Tulip Tree

The Tulip tree is recognized for its distinctive tulip-shaped leaves, vibrant yellow-green flowers, and straight trunk, making it a valuable timber and ornamental plant. It is magnificent and versatile, with numerous landscaping benefits. Its striking appearance, rapid growth, and adaptability to different soil types make it a popular choice for homeowners, parks, and public spaces. One of its most noticeable benefits is its aesthetic appeal. The Tulip Tree Will Make Spring Even More Colorful It's springtime, and the flowers are blooming. One place to enjoy the flowers could be in your backyard, where this tree will bloom. It has greenish-yellow flowers with a bit of orange on them. These flowers have a sweet fragrance that you or your children will love. In the fall, they turn completely yellow, adding to the beauty of an already gorgeous season. They will spruce up any yard. It's highly adaptable to different soil types as long as it drains water well. Whether your spring is cold or hot, they will provide fun for the whole family and for animals as well. Animals love the seeds, helping to make your yard more biodegradable. Are you an impatient grower? No problem! It grows fast, from a sapling to a mighty tree in a surprising time. It can grow up to 25 inches taller every year. Soon, you'll have a dominant force in your yard! They also live up to 300 years, meaning you'll have a tree for life. And so will your kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, and so on. The Tulip Tree is Tall! Besides being fast-growing, they are one of the tallest hardwood trees North America has to offer. It can reach 150 feet and has a trunk that is several feet long. In other words, while they can be a great benefit for your home, you should make sure that they will fit in your yard! It's not recommended for smaller yards or urbanized areas. More About the Ecological Benefits of the Tulip Tree If you love Mother Nature, you'll want this plant. Birds and squirrels will make homes in the tulip tree, and deer may use the tree for food. If you need to cut it down, its wood can make some great furniture. They have a storied history, including being used by indigenous tribes and early settlers. It's been trusted for centuries for a reason. TN Nursery Has the Tulip Tree Overall, they are fantastic for any time of year, growing in any environment. It's fast-growing, resilient, and gorgeous. TN Nursery can ship to most states if you want one in your yard. So bring home one today, and get ready to see and smell the spring like never before.

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