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What Are Native Plants?

Native Plants 101

Native plants are those that grows wild in areas without being planted.  They are hardy, low maintenance and doesn't need alot of care like weeding or water. TN Nursery is a native plant nursery that specializes in natives like trees, shrubs, perennials, ferns, vines and mosses.

Seeking a reputable “native plant nursery near me”? Located just 10 miles outside McMinnville, TN Nursery specializes in growing native Tennessee plants that naturally thrive across the Midstate. For over 30 years, our family-owned nursery has studied regional ecosystems to offer gardeners the widest selection of native trees, shrubs, perennials, and woodland plants guaranteed to flourish in Middle Tennessee landscapes.

Expansive Offerings of Native Plant Varieties  

Across our 100-acre native plant nursery, we showcase wider native plant diversity than any regional competitor, including:

  • Wild native azaleas, dogwoods, elderberry, ferns, and more are ideal for woodland plantings
  • Native ornamental grasses like switch grass, purple love grass, and muhly grass
  • Native shrubs and bushes like elderberry, sumac, spicebush, and more  
  • Regional wildflowers and perennials that attract native butterflies and hummingbirds
  • Native evergreen trees and shrubs like eastern red cedar, inkberry, and bayberry

Our team continually experiments with growing little-known native gems to determine suitability before adding unique varieties to inventory. Expect fresh finds unavailable elsewhere!

Regional Plants Selected for Local Landscape Success - Native Plant Nursery Near Me

Rather than importing generic plants from afar, the native species at our nursery naturally grow wild locally in Tennessee forests and meadows. Through decades of studying native species and growing conditions, our horticulture experts possess a deep understanding of East and Middle Tennessee native ecosystems. We replicate key regional habitat conditions like:

  • Natural seasonal humidity fluctuations, rainfall patterns, and light exposure
  • The pH balance, mineral content, and microorganisms of Tennessee's varying soil compositions   
  • Temperature variations, weather shifts, and climate zone norms

The result? Native plants possess natural genetic resilience to overcome regional growing challenges in your garden or landscape year after year with minimal upkeep required!

Ethical Growing Practices for Healthy Native Plants - Native Plant Nursery Near Me

At TN Nursery, vibrant plant health guides everything we do. To encourage robust native plants, our practices include:

  • Responsible pest prevention and integrated pest management   
  • Pruning guidelines allowing proper structural development  
  • Handling protecting root zone integrity at all nursery stages
  • Conservative fertilization aligned to the needs of individual species  
  • Winter protection and seasonal preparations before the plant sale

Our focus culminates in native plants that establish faster, require less corrective care, and naturally withstand seasonal shifts once planted in your landscape.

Tap Into TN Nursery's Native Plant Passion and Expertise!

Ready to explore native plant offerings directly from a passionate regional native plant nursery? Contact our experts at TN Nursery to chat with native plants or schedule a private guided nursery tour!

6 Pack - Purple Love Grass - TN Nursery

6 Pack - Purple Love Grass

Purple Love Grass is a versatile and visually appealing ornamental grass that has gained popularity in landscaping due to its unique attributes. Native to North America, this perennial grass is well-suited for various landscape designs and can provide numerous benefits when incorporated into gardens and outdoor spaces. SOLD IN 6 PACK CELL TRAYS Purple love grass, also spelled purple lovegrass, is scientifically known as Eragrostis Spectabilis. Although, garden lovers commonly refer to it as tumble grass. It is an ornamental plant that is native to eastern and central North America. This ornamental grass is well-known and famous due to its use by Piet Oudolf as well as the Green Thumb Award it earned in 2013 from the Direct Gardening Association. Purple Love Grass Garden Designer Approved Eragrostis Spectabilis is loved and used by many professional gardeners and was listed in Gardens Illustrated as a top 100 plant to have in your garden. It was also extensively used in Chicago's Lurie Garden and in New York City's Highline. Ornamental Grass Known for Its Color Changes Eragrostis Spectabilis is known and revered for its seasonal color changes. In the spring, the blades have a blue-green hue. In the summer, this ornamental plant grows purple spikelets. When those spikelets mature, they fall off the plant and are blown away, which is what earned it the nickname tumble. In the fall, gardeners can watch the leaves develop a bronze-red hue. A Gorgeous Addition to Home Gardens It can be used in a variety of ways, including as ground cover or an accent. It can also be mass-planted or planted as a group. It typically attains a height and width of two feet. The blades grow up to 10 inches long and have a width of about a quarter inch. It pairs well with white wood aster, purple poppy mallow, Pennsylvania sedge, and spotted beebalm. TN Nursery Is Environmentally Friendly If you're looking to make your home more environmentally friendly, planting it may help you on your quest. Eragrostis Spectabilis can be used to control soil erosion, and it's considered water-wise, which means if you're planting a drought-tolerant yard, you could include tumble grass in your landscaping. It can also be used as a green or living roof. It is a famous, hardy, and versatile ornamental grass. It makes a beautiful addition to any home garden or landscaping project, and it may even help you lower your carbon footprint.

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