Seedlings For Zone 6

Tree Seedlings

White Dogwood Seedlings
White dogwood trees are an excellent way to give color to your yard or garden during all four seasons. Starting in the spring, beautiful white blossoms appear. In the autumn, the colors shift as the leaves of the white dogwood turn to brilliant reds and purples. Finally, in the winter the dogwood produces red fruits which are beautiful for both their bright color and glossy texture. As an additional flourish of life to your garden, these fruits often attract beautiful songbirds!

The white dogwood has a hardiness zone which ranges from five to nine and can grow one to two feet per year in full sunlight or partial shade. Also, this versatile and hardy tree can thrive in many different soil types, which include loamy, moist, sandy or clay soils. At maturity, this stunning tree can be expected to reach a height of twenty-five feet, with its rounded crown reaching outward the same distance.

With abundant green and glossy leaves, beautiful white flowers from April through May, vibrant fall colors and bright red fruits in the winter, the white dogwood is a perfect choice to compliment and enrich any landscape year round.

Pin Oak Seedlings
Pin oak trees are botanically known as Quercus palustris and often referred to as small leafed red oaks. The pin oak seedlings grew into a tree with pointed lobes on the green leaves and pointed lower limbs that will self-prune. The green leaves will turn bright shades of russet and bronze in the fall before falling from the tree. They are a fast-growing tree that has a symmetrical pyramid shape and changes to an oval as the tree matures. The tree does best in sunny spots and can reach 70 feet with a 40-foot spread. The lower branches of the tree can be trimmed when it is young if necessary as they may be droopy though it is not harmful to the tree and can be left on it. The pin oak seedlings do well when transplanted and grows in almost every zone. It is a hearty tree that will adapt to most soil conditions and weather conditions. This is a tree tolerant of drought, poor drainage and has few pest or disease problems. Pin oaks need little care or maintenance, though the first few years they will get deeper roots and have faster growth if fertilized though this will happen naturally in the right planting soil and sun.