Mulberry Tree - TN Nursery
Mulberry Tree

Size: 1-2', Ships: Fall 2024, Package of: 1 Plant + Get 1 Free

Mulberry Tree - TN Nursery
Mulberry Tree - TN Nursery
Mulberry Tree - TN Nursery

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RJ Granda
quality plants

Planted the mulberry tree in a large pot for now. It came well packed and protected. Actually it was starting to push out tiny leaves so I know it was happy. The roots were packed with damp shreds of paper to hold moisture. I’m looking forward to getting it in the ground. Thank you

Michael Towey

Mulberry Tree

Cassie Snodgrass
Exactly as described. Extremely pleased.

I ordered 6 trees, 2 kinds of 3 different trees, during their buy one get one free sale on fruit trees. I knew they wouldn't ship immediately as stated on the website. I ordered what I wanted and several weeks later, once my area stopped getting below freezing, I messaged the company with an inquiry about my order and supplied my order number. They promptly returned my message. My Trees, 1-2' saplings, were shipped the next day and I received them the following day. They were packed well and had adequate moisture. I also received extra trees in my order which I am extremely grateful for. I will definitely be ordering again in the future. Very pleased with my experience. I have planted them & will see how they do in the coming months

Jonathan Weinberg
Great trees!

The trees arrived in good, bare root condition, very well packed. So well packed, if fact, that while preparing to plant the trees on April 18, I found a box that TN had shipped last November which had somehow gotten misplaced in my Pennsylvania garage, and upon opening this six month old box, I found the mulberry trees inside to still look pretty good. So I planted those too!

In my opinion, the company could stand to improve their communication a bit, but there's no quibbling with the quality of their products.

Tom Urban
Satisfied Customer

I found TN Nursery on the web, they had the bet prices and a BOGO. Order process great, I received one extra tree and they are all budding. They arrived as bare root stock and looked great. There was a few day delay in correspondence but I know they are busy in the spring. Would certainly buy again. I saw some comments on the web that this might possibly be a **** business, it certainly is not. Thank you TN Nursery! Tom