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Old Fashioned Mulberry Tree

Old Fashioned Mulberry Tree

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Old Fashioned Mulberry Tree 

The Old Fashioned Mulberry Tree is a timeless and multifaceted addition to landscaping, bringing many benefits beyond its ornamental appeal. Its majestic stature and distinctive foliage make it an excellent choice for enhancing outdoor spaces, offering aesthetic and functional advantages.

This plant ships bare-root and dormant (no leaves or foliage) It will not green out until next spring.

In terms of aesthetics, it boasts a unique and elegant appearance that can complement various landscaping styles. Its broad canopy and lush green leaves provide ample shade and create a tranquil ambiance, making it an inviting spot for relaxation, gatherings, and outdoor activities.

Whether laden with juicy mulberries or not, the Old Fashioned Mulberry Tree's branches create an eye-catching focal point.

Its adaptability to different soil types and conditions ensures its suitability for various landscaping projects, making it a versatile choice for urban and rural settings.

Functionally, it offers numerous benefits. Its dense canopy provides adequate shade, helping to mitigate the harsh effects of sunlight and reducing temperatures in its vicinity. This feature creates a more comfortable outdoor environment and contributes to energy savings by lowering cooling demands for nearby buildings during hot seasons. Moreover, the Tree's roots help prevent soil erosion, stabilize the soil structure, and improve water retention, which is advantageous for preventing runoff and maintaining healthy soil conditions in landscaped areas.

The Tree also supports local wildlife by providing a valuable food source. Birds, such as robins and cedar waxwings, are particularly drawn to its fruit, enhancing biodiversity and creating a harmonious ecosystem within the landscape. Additionally, the Tree's leaves serve as food for certain caterpillars and insects, further contributing to the diversity of local fauna.

In conclusion, its role in landscaping transcends mere aesthetics. Its stature, shade provision, and positive environmental impact make it a valuable asset to any outdoor space. Combining its ornamental appeal with its practical benefits, this Tree is a testament to nature's ability to enhance our surroundings' beauty and functionality.

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Customer Reviews

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Larry McChesney
Remembering the Mulberry Tree

When I was a young feller, we moved around a lot, maybe every 6 weeks or so, we were in a new town, new school, new bully to face. Seems, tho that there was always a favorite tree to climb in every town. In Sherman, Texas, there was a mulberry tree out behind the garage, on the border of 3 different properties. No one knew, or cared about who owned it. It was a tree and therefore, something to be climbed. So I did! It was a fine place to view the world and that could be done with complete invisibility because the leaves were impenetrable from the street. Then came summer...and berries. Many afternoons, I came down from the tree near covered with unwashable purple stains, and I loved it! That tree gave me a certain independence, one that I **** have anywhere else. A lack of supervision, only interrupted when mom came out and called me in for dinner. SO...I was amazed and gratified when I saw another Mulberry tree advertised by TN nursery. I couldn't send in my order soon enough. Somewhat unhappy that it would not be shipped to me for several months, but it and one other tree arrived yesterday. I was overjoyed! They will both go in the ground today! Thank you, TN! In a few years, I plan to climb this tree and pretend I'm 7 or 8 years old again. Tough to do, about 70 years later, but imagination is a powerful thing and climbing is what ladders are all about!

Ricky Moye
Mulberry trees

Very pleasantly surprised at the product. I have bought products from other nurseries and sorely disappointed in them. Thought I better try someone new. These trees look to be very healthy. Very good root system .I am confident they will do well. I am well pleased with the trees I received.

Richard Sutton

Old Fashioned Mulberry Tree

matt burgin

Mulberry Tree

Susan D Jackson

I am pleased by the apparent health and good condition of the root stock.