Black-eyed Susan

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Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta)

Black-Eyed Susan: Rudbeckia hirta, which most people call Black Eyed Susan, is a North American native wildflower, originating in the upper mid-western states and the Great Plains.

From the original location, this hardy self-seeding perennial spread across the 48 contiguous states, thriving in almost all USDA growing zones. Today, you might see this wildflower growing in some of the harshest natural conditions. They thrive on ditch banks, along the sides of interstates, and in open meadows--all unattended, just basking in the sun. 

How the Black-Eyed Susan Gets Its Name

The Black-Eyed Susan perennial gets its name from the center of the flower--a black "eye." The pom-pom middle sets amid a circle of bright yellow petals. The contrast between the sunny petals and the black pom-pom is striking. 

Technically, Black-Eyed Susan Is a Biennial Species 

Black Eyed Susan is a profusely blooming, self-seeding flower. Although it does come back each year, it's technically a biennial.

What does biennial mean? 

A perennial plant is long-lived, re-emerging season after season without your help. However, the Black Eyed Susan is a biennial, meaning it completes an entire life cycle in two years. But don't worry--it will still come back without your help due to its vigorous self-seeding. 

The plant is drought-tolerant, heat-tolerant, and cold-hardy, even in the iciest climates. 

Black-Eyed Susan Is a Cheerful Wildflower 

Black-eyed Susan grows between three and four feet high, depending on your local growing zone.

Each tall, green stem supports a single yellow flower. Blooms generally measure about three inches across, with up to twenty sunny yellow disc-shaped rays of petals around the black pom-pom center. 

The lush green leaves have a serrated margin and an oval shape with a pronounced tip.

Order Your Black-Eyed Susan From TN Nursery Today 

Black-eyed Susan is a sun-loving flower. It is perfect for a cutting, rock, or water garden for late summer to early fall color. Order yours from TN Nursery today. 

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