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Lily Pads

Lily Pads

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Lily Pads

Lily pads are often associated with serene ponds and water gardens, they offer unique benefits when strategically incorporated into landscaping designs. Their aquatic nature, ability to create captivating reflections, contributions to ecosystem health, and role in enhancing the visual and sensory experience make them valuable to outdoor spaces.

This plant ships bare-root and dormant (no leaves or foliage) It will not green out until next spring.

One of the primary advantages of using them in landscaping is their ability to add a touch of natural beauty to water features.

Lily pads' broad, flat leaves and delicate flowers floating on the water's surface create a picturesque scene that evokes a sense of calm and tranquility.

This visual appeal can turn any body of water, from ponds and lakes to artificial water features, into a serene oasis that invites contemplation and relaxation.

They also play a vital role in the ecosystem of water gardens. They provide shade and shelter for aquatic life, such as fish and amphibians, helping to maintain a balanced and healthy ecosystem. The leaves of lily pads help regulate water temperature, preventing excessive sunlight from reaching the water and reducing algae growth. This ecological contribution supports the overall vitality of the water feature and encourages biodiversity.

Furthermore, their presence can create captivating reflections on the water's surface. Light dances on the leaves and flowers, creating mesmerizing patterns that add visual interest and depth to the landscape. This interaction between light and water enhances the dynamic quality of the outdoor environment, infusing it with movement and intrigue.

They also offer an opportunity for sensory engagement. The rustling sound of water gently interacting with the leaves, along with the delicate fragrance of the flowers, enriches the sensory experience of the garden. This multisensory engagement fosters a deeper connection to nature and contributes to the overall enjoyment of the outdoor space.

In conclusion, they benefit landscaping projects, particularly in water gardens and pond settings. Their natural beauty, contributions to ecosystem health, role in creating captivating reflections, and engagement of the senses make them valuable element that transforms water features into havens of serenity and wonder. Incorporating them into landscaping designs can elevate outdoor spaces' aesthetic and experiential dimensions, fostering a harmonious relationship between nature and design.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Madeleine Timbes
Water lilies

Waiting for spring! Just planted a couple of weeks ago.

Patricia Gentry Kaija
Lily pads.

I was very satisfied with the delivery time and condition of the bear root lily pad plants. I can't wait to see them bloom in the spring. I will highly recommend TN nursery.

Pam Gates
Lily pad

My lily pad is growing and producing pads. I’m very happy with it, and can’t wait to see flowers

Greg Gorodetsky

I just hope they will sprout and will grow up. As for now, four days after the grounding there’s still no any signs of growth. Continue hoping.

Norman Jarvis
Pond perfect

Lily pads are a great addition to my pond and doing well.