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White Princess Dogwood Tree

White Princess Dogwood Tree

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White Princess Dogwood Tree - Cornus Florida

White dogwood trees are cherished for their elegant beauty and numerous positive attributes in landscaping. These deciduous trees, native to North America, are highly regarded for their stunning spring blossoms, colorful fall foliage, and year-round interest. Their positive attributes make them popular among homeowners, gardeners, and landscape designers.

White Princess dogwood trees provide a breathtaking spring display

It's one of the most captivating features! The tree is covered in a profusion of large, showy white or pinkish flowers in early spring before the leaves emerge. These blossoms not only attract pollinators like bees and butterflies but also add a touch of charm and elegance to any landscape. The vibrant spring flowering can create a stunning enhancement to the overall aesthetic of a garden.

Another notable positive attribute is their attractive fall foliage. As the summer draws to a close, the leaves transform into shades of reddish-purple, scarlet, and burgundy. This stunning fall color provides a striking contrast against other greenery and makes the tree a standout element in any autumn landscape design.

Furthermore, they offer year-round interest, even during winter. The distinctive branching pattern, characterized by a flat-topped crown and horizontally layered branches, creates a unique silhouette against the winter sky. Moreover, the tree's red berries, which appear in late summer and persist into winter, serve as a valuable food source for various birds and wildlife, adding to its ecological significance.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, white dogwood trees also contribute to the ecosystem. They provide shelter and nesting  for birds, support various pollinators, and contribute to biodiversity. Additionally, the tree's dense canopy offers shade and helps reduce soil erosion, making it environmentally beneficial.

In conclusion, these trees are prized for their stunning spring blossoms, colorful fall foliage, year-round interest, and adaptability in landscaping. Their beauty, ecological significance, and ability to complement various design styles make them valuable to any outdoor space. Whether used as focal points, naturalistic borders, or wildlife-friendly features, these trees add a touch of elegance and charm to any landscape.

Buy Your White Princess Dogwood Tree at TN Nursery

White Dogwood Tree continues to rank among the most prized by property owners and landscape professionals. Its glorious white flowers contrast with deep green leaves while offering a graceful ornamental element to its properties. But this Tree also continues to deliver sustained beauty for all four seasons. Its dark leaves contrast the silver-gray bark when not in full bloom, and its red fruits bring winter birds chirping. But the Tree also possesses robust purplish-red fall foliage that distinguishes it from many other ornamental assets.

Customer Reviews

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Windi harrison
White Princess Dogwood trees

So happy with TN nursery.... Very fast shipment and very good price with a free tree included when I open the box I found there were actually three trees! So I will put it and give it to a friend 🥰

Brenda Connolly

Trees were in great condition. Looking forward to Spring.

Steve Williams
Very Pleased So Far

i' got my tree and planted. Will not know until spring how well it will work out.

Robert Echtle

I was very pleased with the order. The trees were of an expected height, with a very good root structure. They were well tagged and the packaging was exceptional. Roots were still moist. Overall, I was very pleased with the experience.

Judith W
Nice trees

your trees are very sturdy,alive and well rooted and the size expected. Thank you for sending them on just in time for rain. Hope to get more indigenous trees from Tenn.