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Red Maple Tree

Red Maple Tree

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Red Maple Tree - Acer Rubrum

The Red Maple tree is a versatile and aesthetically pleasing choice for landscaping, offering various benefits that enhance outdoor spaces. With its striking foliage, adaptable nature, and environmental contributions, this tree has become a popular option for residential and commercial landscaping projects.

This plant ships bare-root and dormant (no leaves or foliage) It will not green out until next spring.

Red Maple leaves transform into a stunning display of colors in autumn.

One of the key advantages of using them in landscaping is their vibrant foliage. During the fall season, their leaves create a visually appealing spectacle that adds warmth and depth to any landscape. This dramatic transformation can serve as a focal point or complement other elements within the outdoor design.

They are known for their adaptability to various soil types and moisture levels. This adaptability makes them suitable for multiple environments, from wetlands to upland areas. This resilience ensures these trees can thrive in diverse climates and landscapes, making them an excellent choice for regions with fluctuating weather conditions.

In landscaping, they also contribute to the environment by providing habitat and sustenance for wildlife. Their dense canopies offer shelter for birds and other small creatures, while their seeds and twigs serve as a food source. Property owners can foster biodiversity and create a more ecologically balanced outdoor space by incorporating these trees into landscaping projects.

Beyond their ecological benefits, they offer shade and cooling effects, which can be particularly valuable in urban areas. The wide canopy of these trees can help reduce the urban heat island effect, providing relief during hot summer months and potentially lowering cooling costs for nearby buildings.

In conclusion, their stunning foliage, adaptability, ecological contributions, and shading properties make them valuable in landscaping. Whether in a residential backyard or a public park, these trees have the potential to transform outdoor spaces

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Dawn Lafferty
Love this place

This place had gone above and beyond. Arbor day had my order for over two months and could not get me my order in time. I put an order online with TN Nursery and had chatted with them the urgency needed to be here on time. They went to the warehouse themselves and looked for a tree to get off for me. I received it in no time. My son's ashes was planted with the beautiful tree. I can't wait to see it bloom next year. I will definitely be ordering more through these guys. Thank you for everything

Debra Asmus
Red Maple Tree

Trees arrived well package and size as ordered in great condition. I can’t wait until they are big enough to leaf out in a brilliant read color. Can’t beat the price either.

Angie Cox
Great nursery to buy from!

Very well packaged and the trees were very healthy.

Gordon Hall

Arrived in great shape. Vigorous roots. Same quality specimen I’ve come to expect from TWN.

Scott Crawford

Red Maple Tree