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Every gardener should invest in good quality basic tools that aid in maintaining the garden.

There are some of the standard tools that are essential for day to day garden activities.

They can help in accomplishing the tasks effectively, and you can get the desired results if you use the right kind of gardening tools.

Some of the standard tools that a home gardener should have are-

Pruning Shears:

Many plants need to be pruned regularly so that they maintain shape and do not get out of hands. The best tool that can be used for this purpose is Pruning Shears or Hand Pruners. This tool is very strong and can be used for cutting shrubs and branches that are up to 2 cm thick.


Loppers are also an important tool which can be used for pruning. Branches that are up to two inches thick can be pruned. It is best if you have trees and hedges planted in your garden that need regular pruning. This tool can be used to give different shapes to your hedges and trees. Good Loppers should have two sharp blades attached to strong wood or fiberglass handles.


This tool is mainly used for digging soil, shaping beds and making adjustments in the soil for planting a variety of plants. A good spade would be strong enough to last for many years, try looking for a spade with a handle made up of fiberglass, strong wood, and a proper footrest.

Hand Trowel:

A hand trowel happens to be suitable for removing weeds and unwanted plants. It is also used for digging soil not very deep to plant herbs, annuals, vegetables, etc. A good hand trowel can be of multiple uses depending on the quality you choose.


A proper rake can be used for removing leaves from your garden during autumn when the plants shed their leaves and create a mess in the garden with debris. Rake is available in many varieties some made up of plastic, bamboo, and steel. A good rake would help you to keep your garden clean during the autumn season.

Hand Cultivators:

Hand cultivators are used for planting small plants in your garden and also for removing weeds. A good quality hand cultivator would have a molded steel either attached to and handle made up of wood or a single piece made up of steel.

These are some of the tools you would require in gardening to maintain and keep your garden healthy. A well-maintained garden looks tidy and neat which results in a lot of attention from visitors.

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