Perennials Have Many Environmental Uses

Perennials are not only beautiful, but they are earth friendly

Perennial Plants have many environmental uses. They improve the soil. They clean toxins from the soil. Low maintenance, and they never have to be taken up for harsh winter weather. Perennials come in an array and variety of shapes and sizes. They are bioindicators and seldom need lots of maintenance or fertilizers.


Best Choices For Perennials In Drought Areas

Perennials cannot only survive in drought areas, but some are highly drought tolerant. Below is a list of perennials that can withstand drought. They are resilient and cold-hardy as well. At TN Nursery, we ship our dormant perennials. You never have to worry about spring or fall planting. When you buy dormant plants, they are ready to plant anything. From our farm fresh to you, we deliver our plants to your home or office.

Fan Clubmoss

Christmas Ferns

Rozanne Geranium

New York Ferns

Sheet Moss

Wild Ginger Plant

Hay Scented Ferns

Lady Ferns

Creeping Phlox

Fiddlehead Fern

Maidenhair Fern

Milkweed Plants

Black-Eyed Susan Plants

Virginia Bluebell Plant

Partridgeberry Plant

Vinca Minor

Periwinkle Plant

Carpet Moss

Perennial Lifespan and Ability to Reproduce

Perennials have a long lifespan of near a decade or longer, depending on the species and variety. They also reseed and reproduced themselves to make more plants from a single plant. They are mostly spring or early summer bloomers and offer your favorite flower or garden bed years of beauty. Best of all, they are super low maintenance.