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Adding Moss to Your Garden | TN Nursery

TN Nurseries best selling moss

1. Garden moss

2. sheet moss

3. peat moss

4. Cushion moss

5. Rock cap moss

Live Moss

Moss can be added to any garden to create an attractive, healthy bottom layer. It can build a more natural feel into a rock garden, add a counterpoint to a flower garden, or even form its whimsical moss garden, states Tammy Sons from Tn Nursery, a leading moss supplier from Tennessee. You can add different types of moss to the garden, and you can also buy moss in an online plant nursery.

The moss garden should start free of competition for plant life, such as grass, and be smooth enough to quickly spread the low-lying moss bed. If you wish to combine moss with perennials or other features, add those first before planting the live moss. Finally, it is essential to remember that moss grows very slowly. If you have a large area, buy a lot of moss to cover it, do not expect it to grow and take over quickly. Sheet moss and carpet moss sell by the square footage in places like an online plant nursery or a local gardening store.

When it is finished, a live moss garden looks natural and beautiful. A superficial layer of sheet moss will mingle easily with artificial garden features, too, so you can be as creative as your imagination and budget allow. When planted in the garden, it forms a thick carpet-like texture, with a smooth surface and only medium growth. Since it can cover soil, wood, or even rock, arrange those artfully across the garden and allow the live moss to create a lighter appearance of the untrammeled wilderness without the bother of thick weeds and heavy trees. Whether you use carpet or sheet moss, the results will be beautiful during preparation.

Add to your garden moss

Sphagnum moss, or peat moss, is often added to gardens without becoming the garden’s centerpiece. It has many properties that enhance an existing garden, such as gradually enabling the release of water or fertilizer to the other plants, allowing them to thrive on less. It also functions to improve soil type. Heavy clay soil is loosened to aid root growth, while the sandy soil is given extra body to help the soil maintain nutrients and water. Sphagnum moss also speeds up composting by helping break down organic matter, and its decay is prolonged, so it becomes an appropriate growth medium for other plants.

When you buy moss for your garden, you are making the right choice.

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