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Vinca Minor

Vinca Minor

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Vinca Minor

Vinca minor, known as periwinkle or creeping myrtle, is a versatile, attractive ground cover plant with numerous landscaping benefits. Its lush and evergreen foliage and delicate blue or white flowers make it a popular choice for various outdoor spaces. While its benefits extend beyond its use in herbalism, let's explore its landscaping advantages.

This plant ships bare-root and dormant (no leaves or foliage) It will not green out until next spring.

One of the standout features of vinca minor is its ability to create a dense, low-maintenance ground cover.

Its trailing stems form a thick mat that effectively suppresses weed growth, reducing the need for frequent weeding and minimizing soil erosion. This makes it an excellent solution for areas prone to weed infestations or soil erosion, such as slopes and under trees.

Furthermore, it is known for its adaptability to various light conditions. It can thrive in shade and partial sun, making it a versatile option for different landscaping environments. This adaptability allows it to fill spaces where other plants might struggle to grow, bringing life to underutilized or challenging areas in your garden.

Its evergreen nature ensures it remains visually appealing throughout the year. Its glossy leaves retain their vibrant green color even during the colder months, providing a reliable backdrop for other seasonal plants and flowers. This feature adds a touch of consistent beauty to your landscape, enhancing its visual and curb appeal.

As an added advantage, it is relatively low-maintenance once established. It requires minimal pruning and is generally resistant to pests and diseases, reducing the need for frequent intervention. This makes it ideal for homeowners who want an attractive landscape without investing excessive time and effort into upkeep.

In addition to its practical benefits, it also offers a sense of nostalgia and charm. Its traditional appearance and widespread use in landscapes give it a timeless appeal that can evoke feelings of familiarity and comfort.

In conclusion, it is a remarkable landscaping plant that offers a range of benefits beyond its herbal uses. Its ability to create a dense ground cover, adapt to various light conditions, provide year-round visual interest, and require minimal maintenance make it a valuable addition to any outdoor space. It is a versatile and attractive landscaping choice, whether used to control weeds, add visual appeal, or fill challenging areas.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Christi Grossman
Loving my Vinca!

I received my order of Vinca on 10/30, and planted it in the ground on 10/31. The order came with a generous amount of roots and stems, and I gladly spread them across the area that needed to be filled in. On the very next day, the rains started. Here in Washington, we get a lot of rain at this time of year, but it’s still fairly warm. I am sure this is a good thing to help my little plants start growing as soon as possible. I couldn’t be happier with my order and the fast, friendly service I received from the folks at TN Nursery.

Mary Caputo
Nice looking starters

small but healthy starters - we will see how they grow.

Larry T Behanna

Arrived promptly as advertised. Planted two days later. Growing and green as i write.

Alfa Ndiaye
Healthy cuttings

Prurchased 25 vinca minor cuttings at a discount. Received more that 25. Planted them in mid-May in zone 6A, in a shady spot, in good, well drained soil. Have watered lightly every other day. They thrive! Thank you, TN. John

Meriem Walton
They looked dead

They are growing beautiful!! Very by with purchase