10 Summertime Sleeping Porches for your house,

10 Summertime Sleeping Porches for your house,

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02 , 2016

Summertime Porches

Do you like the look of old-fashioned wraparound porches? Or, maybe a simpler screened in version? Have you ever taken a nap on a porch swing? Or drank iced tea on a glider? What if you don't have a large porch? What can you do to have a nice outdoor environment still?

You can outfit an apartment balcony strategically with just enough to create a very nice visiting or relaxing area. 

Can you fit a small bench? Or, a single chair and stool that can double as a chair when needed? Can you put up a trellis to add not only privacy but to shade the area with nice smelling, flowering vines? You may not have an old-fashioned porch, but with a little ingenuity, you can turn any area you do have a special place just for you .Honeysuckle is easy to grow vine that will provide shade, beauty and a nice smelling flower. It can give a lot of bang for your buck in a small area. Find it in our plant nursery.

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