NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Stop Soil Erosion with Vines

Some use retaining walls to stop soil erosion, but one of the best ways to solve the problem is to prevent soil erosion with vines. Stabilize steep banks with these plants. They hold soil tight and anchor it together. Ivy grows densely around some soil types rooting along with the soil, locking soil that would otherwise wash away.

People with homes sitting on hills and slanted areas to stop the erosion of their land for centuries have used Ivy. Thousands of acres of property wash away yearly, and damage to a home's foundation can be affected by this change in soil location. Plants offer a valuable asset in stopping the loss of soil. Vinca minor is a lovely plant that grows and clings to the earth. It is a running plant and holds the most excellent sand. This flowering plant is called Periwinkle. English ivy vines.

Vines that will help with soil erosion

English ivy vines are some of the prettiest. They are easy to grown and are seen on buildings everywhere. This plant is native to Europe and Asia but has become commonplace in many countries. They are beautiful but can overtake shrubbery. Hedges and trees can easily fall prey to English ivy. In established homes, you may see English ivy growing up walls at will. Seasoned gardeners know this is a beautiful way to stop soil erosion.

Stabilize steep banks with Periwinkle. English ivy is one of the easiest plants to grow. The can be rooted by merely placing the vines in water, and they take almost no nurturing. However, they will run wild if not trimmed.

Soil erosion is a severe problem of flood areas, on a hilly property and in areas of heavy rain. After years of soil, decay without some control a homeowner may find property damage in the thousands of dollars. Vinca minor is the easy way out. Plant English ivy, save money and your property will look great, offering your home a look of distinction.

Stabilize steep banks with this affordable easy-to-grow plant. It does not take an expert gardener to place these plants at strategic points. They are a lot less expensive than a new brick wall and a lot less work, and they may save you expensive property damage. Growing soil erosion is difficult to repair, and the damage to buildings and property drainage takes time and money to repair. Planting a running plant is convenient and takes only a little of your time. Vinca minor can be purchased online or at any garden shop. Periwinkle. English ivy vines are star-shaped and can be planted in heavy shade or placed in a sunny spot. That makes the plant easy to grow in any problem area you might have.

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