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Wholesale Ecological Restoration & Habitat Restoration Plants Delivered At Low Prices - Bio-engineering

We sell thousands of plants for wetland , habitat restoration plantings and mitigation plantings. Everything from native grasses to live stakes for stream-bank eroding soil issues. We have a massive amount of products in our inventory, and we can supply most engineer's needs for volume orders on live stakes, native plants, wetland restoration seedlings, mitigation plants, aquatic plants, wildlife habitat plants and much more. We have been an industry leader in supplying the US Army Corp, Environmentalists and all types of Native Indian Reservations with plants to restore, rebuild and for soil erosion control areas. We also grow a vast supply of natives for reforestation projects and ideally to restore America, one plant at a time.

Mitigation Plants in Ecological Restoration Plantings For habitat Restoration


Ecological Restoration Plants are found in many different landscapes

We have seed sources from most zones in the US to meet the needs of everyone from California to Vermont and in between. We pride ourselves on growing natives by the thousands because we know that native plants are where the heart of America stands. In natural areas, to clean up wetland environments and also to restore what timber companies have destroyed. We too do large wildlife restoration plant growing for hunting clubs and all types of engineers, environmentalists, and architects. Please send your spec sheet or bid list to tnnurseryorders@gmail.com and allow Tammy to go over your specifications and project. She will in return work on your bid list and return the best possible wholesale prices to you anyone in the wholesale nursery industry can offer. We guarantee no one in any state can touch our rates or availability for grade A plants. Hands down, our 61 years in the nursery industry we will select plants from seed sources that will not only flourish in whatever zone you are planting them in but also give you the lowest prices and the best shipping rate of any other nursery in the United States.


Tn Nursery is located near the nursery capital of America, Mcminnville Tennessee. We have sources of other nurseries also to meet and accommodate any size quantity you need. Our plant availability is beyond what one could images. If you need 25000 cattails for a wildlife restoration lake plants, no problem. We should have them but if we don't, rest assured, we will get in contact with outwith other wholesale growers in our area and located your plants and have them delivered to you in no time.