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Planting Trees adds Value

Planting Trees adds Value

Posted by Tammy Sons on Aug 30 , 2012

Advantages of Planting Trees New construction often has an unfinished and bare atmosphere due to lack of landscaping plants. 

Installing ornamental plants is an efficient way to quickly provide a new home with a personalized and attractive ambiance. 

New homeowners can purchase quality trees from a variety of local retailers that can help give their residences a finished look as well as add value the property.

Most flowering trees produce their blooms during early spring months before they become covered with fresh new leaves. Cherries, plums, apple, pear, and magnolias are among the most popular flowering trees on the market. Many of these have foliage that is initially a dark red just following bud break, which makes a beautiful display when paired with pink or creamy white blossoms.

Shade trees are another popular choice among fledgling homeowners, mainly if their outdoor living space includes a patio or deck. It's important when selecting shade trees to keep in mind the cultural habits of specific species of trees. For instance, planting a gorgeous plum tree near a patio may not be so pleasant as the fruit ripens and begins to fall. It's best to choose a tree that doesn't bear fruit for planting next to areas that are used for recreation and entertainment.

Ornamental plants exist in such variety that it's easy to quickly create a unique yard with just a few trips to a retail nursery.

Source of Advantages of Tree Planting to Increase Property Value and Appearance