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Full Sun Perennials are drought tolerant and low maintenance.

1. Buttercups

2. Evening Primrose

3. Phlox

4. Violets

5. Aster

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Are you looking to create a beautiful flower garden in your backyard? If so, you need to think about the flowers you will plant. Of course, you want a nice mix of colors; however, you also want your flowers to work well with the landscape you are trying to create. That is why you might be considering sun perennials. These are plants that are going to grow well in full sun conditions in your specific zone. What are a few examples of plants you may want to grow?

The Gorgeous Hepatica

If you are looking for concrete plants for your garden, you may want to consider the beautiful hepatica. This flower is also called liverwort. Four colors are available to choose from, allowing you to tailor your garden to meet your needs. Options include dark blue, pink, lavender, and white. You might even want to include them all. Because of the color choices, you can match these flowers to just about anything else you have in your home or office area. The petals open beautifully, putting on a display like nothing else around.

The Unique Creeping Phlox

If you are looking for a soft, floral ground cover, you may want to consider the creeping Phlox. This plant will grow well in a wide variety of zones. Therefore, it shouldn't take much for you to take care of this flower. Furthermore, it will grow in tight spaces because it does not need a lot of room for its root structure. It consists of green foliage resembling needles and flowers that look like stars. This plant also grows in various shades, including lavender, pink, and white. It will spread 1 to 2 ft and size.

The Curious Pokeweed Plant

You might also want to consider the curious Pokeweed Plant. Among sun perennials, there is nothing like it. This plant produces red stems that lead to dark blue or blackberries. They have a unique shape that will contrast beautifully with anything else you have in your garden. Furthermore, finding a plant that is the same color as Pokeweed isn't easy. If you want to use your garden to make a statement, you may consider including this plant. This will immediately grab the eyes of everyone who takes a look at your garden.

Full Sun Perennials in your garden 

At Tennessee Nursery, we provide a wide variety of flowers that will work well for your garden. Our team will work with you to find the right flowers for your needs. If you want to learn more about how we can help you, please get in touch with us today! We are confident we can pair you with the right flowers for your garden.

If you're looking to add a splash of color to the areas of your garden that are in full sun, then you've come to the right place. We've got a vast range of flowering perennials for full sun conditions in every US hardiness zone, so you're sure to find just what you need.

Full Sun Perennials are an enjoyable everyday sight for your Landscaping.

Few things rival the joy we humans get from stepping through our back doors and into an oasis of sun and flowers. So we can understand if you're looking for more flowering plants for sun locations in your garden. Thankfully, we have a vast range of sun plants that flower in every color, so we're sure you'll find something that tickles your fancy.

Pro tip:

Don't forget to mulch, or the hot sun will soon be stripped of vital moisture. We love underplanting perennials in full sun locations with sun-loving ground covers to create a living mulch.

So if you want to grab an excellent deal on perennials for total sunspots in your garden, we have a vast range of beautiful, flowering perennials for full sun conditions in every US zone. 

Full Sun Perennials

They can be planted in the sun and do very well, whereas others need to be planted in the shade to do well. Some Plants can add beauty to the collection of planted perennials. Many are a familiar sight in gardens and growing along the road or in yards. Some are the Black-eyed Susan, a giant yellow sunflower with a black center. These flowers can come in small, medium, and large sizes.


Another type is the famous yellow daffodil that is seen every springtime. Many types of lily flowers also require the sun to grow. There is the blackberry lily and the Jack Riley lily, to name a couple of the many lilies. There are a variety of plants, but the one that many people are familiar with is The Lily of the Valley flower. There is the goat's beard, the Jack in the Pulpit flower, and the Mayapple, to name a few of the many shade perennials available.


There are different varieties of sunflowers, fruits such as strawberries, boysenberries, farkleberry, deer berry plants, and black raspberry plants, to name a few of the Sun Plants that are available for the many gardens in many yards. These plants can also enhance the entrance to a home and are great for the bees. 


Some of the plants For Sale are the hydrangea which can produce different colored flowers depending on the soil they are planted in. The hibiscus is a beautiful flowering bush and bright red burning bush. The home or yard will look stunning with such a wide variety of Perennials For Sale.


The Beautiful Hepatica

If you are looking for some of the best and most beautiful Spring flowers, the hepatica, also known as "liverwort," is the choice for you.


The buttercup family is where they originate from and have anywhere from six to twenty sepals.


You talk about heartwarming; these flowers will take your breath away. The petals open to the fullest and put themselves on a glorious display for several weeks. Some of them are even speckled. At the base, the leaves are shaped like hearts. Three lobes are present as well. Fine hairs are on the stem. Pleasant delicate scents come from the flower as well.



The "Doctrine of Signatures" gives this plant its respect. It is good to know that health-wise, this plant can offer hope for some serious issues. You could easily fall in love with a particular plant. If you are looking to get your hands on this blooming colorful beauty, it's available. You can get them already bloomed or start your garden with seeds.


Whatever the choice, you will not be disappointed. The aromas are pleasing to the nose and can make a great fragrance for your home, depending on where you sit them. Have fun!!


Creeping Phlox - Phlox subulata

Gardeners looking for a soft floral groundcover will delight in the lovely pastels of Creeping Phlox. Hardy in zones 2-9, this perennial beauty is appreciated by landscapers for its ability to fill tight spaces year after year while being nearly carefree. 


Once established, these plants will produce thick mats of mildly fragrant blooms from mid-to-late spring year after year. Their woody vines stay firmly anchored in spots around rocks or garden walls and help make them resistant to damage from deer and other pests, while the blooms are known to attract a variety of colorful butterflies.


Creeping Phlox thrives in the full sun but can tolerate partial shade. It's drought-tolerant and grows in nearly any type of soil, making it a superb choice for areas where chalky or gravelly soil has proven unfriendly to other plants. Place them near rock features, garden walls, or fences to add rustic, cottage-style beauty to any area. Please take advantage of its salt-tolerant nature to dress up the areas near driveway entrances and beneath roadside mailboxes or lamp posts.

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