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Orange Daylily - TN Nursery
Orange Daylily

Ships: Now, Package of : 1 Plant + Get 1 Free

Orange Daylily - TN Nursery
Orange Daylily - TN Nursery
Orange Daylily - TN Nursery

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Francesco Buccieri
Great quality!

All 0f the 8 bare root orange daylilies looked good upon arrival and were planted as directed the same day and covered with mulch in the bed. Of course need to wait and see how they will grow by Spring!

Diane Televantos

Ordering and delivery was great. I don’t know yet because they were just planted. They looked healthy in arrival and I hope to see them grow.

Janice Healy
Standing Tall and Growing

This is the first year for these plants. They were droopy at first (normal, I think) but are now sitting up tall and healthy, making new leaves, growing bigger. I look forward to seeing them bloom.

debbie taylor

orange daylily

Jim Taubken
Great price!

My first time buying from TN Nursery. Not only because they are only 90 minutes away from me, but the daylillies are at a great price! They've only been in the ground for about 10 days, but showing signs of growth already. Looking forward to having different colors (red & orange) along with the standard yellow.